Unforgettable Defining Moments In QNET History

QNET History is on our mind as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary! What a milestone! As we reminisce on our journey, we can’t help but gush at the moments that have come to define us. These moments are a testament to the power of our Founders’ dreams and vision for us as a successful direct selling company. Here are some of the unforgettable and extremely important moments in QNET History.

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This is the year where our QNET History begins. On 8 September, a small group of people turned their significant vision into reality, launching the direct selling company now known and cherished as QNET. Today, we take pride in having millions of delighted and contented customers across more than 100 countries.


Y2K went off to a great start, marking the beginning of an era of innovation and rapid growth. We launched the Gandhi Coin and Watch, a tribute to our corporate icon. It was the perfect memento to introduce our partnership with a company so rich in heritage and renowned worldwide – Mayer Mint.


As our QNET family continued to grow, we got to showcase our passion for sports through the launch of coins exclusively created for the FIFA World Cup. As direct selling and sports share the same core values of leadership, teamwork, resilience and hard work, this project was very close to our hearts. The coins were part of the Korea/Japan Coin Programme.


QNET distributed an official coin set for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece


Joining our lineup of world-class products was the HomePure 7-Stage filtration system. The bestselling water filter not only brought safe and clean water to our customer’s homes, it also delivered Pi Water for their overall well-being.


QNET India signs up Chetan Korada as brand ambassador, the first Indian car racing driver who holds the distinction to win a race using synthetic feet, with no technical modifications in the racing car.


This year, we continued to spread our wings. And how! 2012 marked the grand opening of our office in Dubai, UAE.


QNET revealed our grand goal of Touching A Billion Hearts in 2013. It was a promise to uphold the values of RYTHM, and help change lives for the better in every community we worked in. We feel so passionately about making a difference that RYTHM inspires everything we do.


Who can forget the start of our partnership with the four-time Premier League Champions – Manchester City Football Club! 2014 was the year #QNETCITY was born. We signed on to become their Official Direct Selling Partner, and there has been no looking back!


QNET signs Martina Hingis as Brand Ambassador (former Women’s Number One World Tennis Champion – winner of five Grand Slam singles titles).


QNET Sponsors the 4th Asian Men’s Champions Trophy for Hockey.


Strategic business partnership! QNET India joins hands with KENT RO Systems to market the next-gen water purifier – Smart KENT-QNET with alkaline water producing and essential mineral retention capability.


QNET India signs up Arunima Sinha as India brand ambassador, first female amputee in the world to have scaled the Mt. Everest, and the only woman amputee to scale seven peaks.


QNET India partners with Dankotuwa Plc, world class manufacturer of porcelain tableware from Sri Lanka to market ORITSU.


While the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in the works, we’ve learnt that NOTHING can stop our QNET Distributors who have worked harder than ever. We had broken many records during lockdown all thanks to your hard work, loyalty, love and support. Even though we couldn’t see each other face to face, we were able to celebrate our achievements through V-Convention Connect 2020.


Premium Swiss watch launch! QNET introduces state-of-the-art iconic Swiss watch brand - Mugnier in India.


While the pandemic changed how we do business and interact with each other, it also fueled QNET’s creativity! As other traditional means of engaging with our customers came to a grinding halt, we turned to social media and digital tools to communicate and engage with our distributors.

Our digital campaigns targeted at supporting you in your journey as a distributor would be recognised at a global stage. QNET’s award streak began in 2021 with 33 wins and has continued to blaze a trail well into 2022. We still have a few more months to go, and we are already at 31 trophies!


As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we reflect on our history, and look towards the future. QNET has a rich heritage of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Throughout the years, together we have made a significant impact on the lives of our customers, employees, and community. Discover more of QNET's legacy and impact, and join us on our journey towards an even brighter future.

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We can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve in time for our next anniversary. We know that with you, QNET History will always stay interesting, joyful and full of achievement. What are you celebrating this anniversary? What is your favourite milestone in QNET History? Leave us a comment.

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