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How to start a Sugar-Free Diet with Nutriplus Natose by QNET India?

Sugar is common in every household, and it is used in most…

10 Min Read

How to Beat the Sweet Temptation of Sugar

Do you find it difficult to resist the temptation of sweet treats…

4 Min Read

Scientists Discover How Stevia Controls Blood Sugar

We’ve been talking about Stevia quite a bit here at QNet. It’s…

4 Min Read

The Sugar Debate: Harmful or an Exaggeration?

Many argue that sugar in moderation is harmless. But this theory has…

4 Min Read

Diabetes — Top 5 Myths busted

We acknowledge that Diabetes is a growing epidemic in India, which is…

4 Min Read

Bin the Sugar, Eat the Leaf!

Sugar intake is impacting the health of millions of Indians. Switch to…

5 Min Read
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