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Celebrate World Diabetes Day with Nutriplus DiabaHealth by QNET

Diabetes mellitus is a serious disorder that occurs due to high blood glucose levels. The blood glucose levels or sugar levels increase when our body doesn’t make enough insulin or becomes insulin resistant.

Diabetes has become extremely prevalent in India. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that 72.9 million adults in India were living with diabetes in 2017. Among those, close to 8.7% of the diabetic population were in the age group of 20 to 70 years old.

During this pandemic, people with diabetes are more vulnerable to the Coronavirus. So, individuals with diabetes need to take precautions and follow important measures to prevent the virus.

While there is no permanent cure for diabetes, an individual can manage the condition with active measures. So, on this World Diabetes Day, QNET provides an active solution for managing diabetes with Nutriplus DiabaHealth.

Before we delve into the benefits of Nutriplus DiabaHealth, let’s understand a little bit more about diabetes and its causes.

Diabetes: Types, Causes and Symptoms

Diabetes is a health condition that can be difficult to spot. According to studies, 4 out of 5 people with diabetes are unable to diagnose it in the initial stages. So, to understand diabetes better and diagnose it in the initial stages, here are some common causes and symptoms.

Type 1 diabetes is common among younger people. It generally occurs due to genetics affecting the immune system. It is an autoimmune disease where the immune system accidentally destroys insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. As a result, this causes blood sugar levels to rise.

A few common symptoms of Type 1 diabetes include extreme hunger, thirst, frequent urination, blurry vision and tiredness.

A young woman testing her blood sugar levels at homeType 2 diabetes can occur due to both genetics and lifestyle choices. Unhealthy lifestyle choices like being sedentary or having a poor diet can cause the body to become overweight.

Being overweight or unhealthy can cause a resistance to insulin and further an increase in blood sugar levels. General symptoms of Type 2 diabetes include increased hunger, thirst, urination, blurry vision, tiredness.

Gestational diabetes occurs when the placenta releases insulin-blocking hormones during pregnancy. These hormones make pregnant women’s cells less sensitive to insulin and increase blood sugar levels.

There are no symptoms of gestational diabetes. However, women can experience an increase in thirst or urination during gestational diabetes.

Overall, diabetes is a health condition that can occur to any individual, whether they are young or old. Over the years, there have been various initiatives that have spread awareness about the prevalence of diabetes.

World Diabetes Day is one such significant initiative to increase awareness and support people suffering from diabetes.

World Diabetes Day 2021: Access to Diabetes care 

Every year on the 14th of November, the world celebrates World Diabetes Day. Over the years, it has become a movement to bring a change by supporting individuals facing health concerns due to diabetes. It was first recognised as an official day in 2006 by the United Nations as a response to escalating health threat of diabetes.

World Diabetes Day conducts one of the largest campaigns for diabetes awareness, reaching people in over 160 countries. It is an initiative drawing attention to issues of paramount importance to the diabetes world and keeps diabetes firmly in the public and political spotlight.

A doctor testing the blood sugar levels of a woman to ensure diabetes care on World Diabetes Day 2021The theme of World Diabetes Day 2021 is ‘Access to diabetes care’. A majority of the diabetic population do not have access to proper diabetes care. So, this year’s initiative aims to spread awareness, especially during the times of the pandemic.

In essence, the campaign provides a platform to aid individuals around the globe. However, people suffering from diabetes can themselves take active measures for managing it. Here is an understanding of how they can control blood sugar levels and manage diabetes.

Active measures to ensure diabetes care

Diabetes poses major health concerns due to its effect on overall health. While there is no permanent cure, an individual can take certain measures to manage blood sugar levels and reduce the risks of the condition.

An Indian diabetic woman adopting a healthy lifestyle by exercising outdoors

One such measure is to adopt an active lifestyle. During the pandemic, working from home has become a common norm. Being sedentary poses a risk of becoming overweight and developing insulin resistance. So, individuals with diabetes must exercise or practice yoga every day.

Following a diet plan is yet another positive step for managing diabetes. Most often, individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes need to moderate their diet. This includes reducing eating food items that increase blood sugar levels.

Along with diet regulation, taking proper medications on time is important. Ensuring proper diabetic care is necessary to reduce the effects of the condition.

Another active measure for an individual is to consume supplements that help in controlling blood sugar levels. So, on this World Diabetes Day, QNET paves the way to ensure diabetes care with Nutriplus DiabaHealth.

Nutriplus DiabaHealth ensures effective blood sugar management

An Indian couple standing outdoors on World Diabetes Day with Nutriplus DiabaHealth in the frame

Nutriplus DiabaHealth by QNET is nature’s shield for healthy blood sugar management. DiabaHealth is a combination of vital herbs and plant extracts proven to be effective in controlling diabetes.

The composition of Nutriplus DiabaHealth includes a proprietary blend of ten ingredients. The ingredients are Malabar Kino, Bitter gourd, Gurmari (Gymnema), Jambul (Java Plum), Tejpat (Bay leaf), Methi (Fenugreek), Tulsi, Neem, Makhamal sem (Velvet beans) and Kutaki (Yellow gentian).

The key ingredient, Kino (Malabar kino), contains a bioactive compound called ‘Epicatechin’, a natural insulin-mimetic (NAISUMI). It aids in the absorption of sugar from the blood into the cell. Furthermore, being effective in managing blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

A few more health benefits of Nutriplus DiabaHealth includes support in insulin secretion, digestion and reduction of spikes in blood sugar in response to a meal. It also reduces sweet cravings and aids weight management.

The preparation of DiabaHealth is through a novel Bioplantex technology that ensures superior bioactivity of the plant extracts. Moreover, it contains natural ingredients with no additives, no preservatives and no artificial colours. Also, it is clinically proven for its efficacy without any form of side effects.

In essence, Nutriplus DiabaHealth is an effective anti-diabetic to ensure diabetes care and benefits overall health.

Nutriplus DiabaHealth for health and wellness

QNET’s Nutriplus DiabaHealth pack in the frameDiabetes can be an overwhelming health condition. However, with an active lifestyle and proper diabetes care, individuals can control the effects of diabetes on their health.

On World Diabetes Day, QNET’s Nutriplus DiabaHealth provides an active solution for managing blood sugar levels. It is a certified ayurvedic proprietary supplement suitable for all men and women with a sugar imbalance.

DiabaHealth is effective in maintaining optimum blood sugar levels. But what makes it special is its multiple health benefits that ensure the overall health and wellness of an individual suffering from diabetes.

So, turn on nature’s shield for healthy blood sugar management with Nutriplus DiabaHealth – Available right now on the QNET India eStore.

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