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Make Work From Home Easier With QNET’s Nutriplus Qafé

The turn of a decade brought us into the ’20s and all of us began 2020 with a ton of excitement and a lot of high hopes. We resolved to achieve great things and reach our respective summits. All of this came to a screeching halt when the world was hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. In March, the whole world came to a standstill. However, things have improved a lot since then, all thanks to our collective resolve. We must admit that things have changed incredibly this year, both positively and negatively. Gone are the days of regular normalcy of grabbing your coffee at Starbucks every morning and boarding a cab or a bus. Dining out, catching a late movie, or even attending a wedding has become an alien concept. What is commendable though is we have found hope even in these trying times. We have learned to work from home and attend virtual meetings and have chosen to order in. Keeping up with the work-from-home spirit, QNET India brings you the richness and goodness of green coffee with Nutriplus Qafé.

Nutriplus Green Coffee

Nutriplus Qafé – Your Mate

A good morning cup of joe is probably the best burst of energy required for a long day of working from home. Nutriplus Qafé is not like your regular cup of coffee. It is a splendid coffee mix of green coffee bean extract, freeze-dried coffee, and instant coffee. In fact, green coffee beans are used to make Nutriplus Qafé which makes it way healthier. Green coffee beans carry a high amount of CGA (Chlorogenic Acid) which is the best option if your concerns are related to weight gain. A shift to green coffee bean-based coffee can work wonders for weight management.

Another thing that is great about Nutriplus Qafé is that it contains ‘Nutriose’, a French-based soluble fibre that aids digestion. So, your daily cups of Qafé will ensure a smooth functioning digestive tract and work towards keeping you energised. The prebiotic fibres present in Nutriplus Qafé will have you moving your bowels with supreme ease while promoting good bacterial growth in your body.

Nutriplus Green Qafé

Why Choose Nutriplus Qafé

If you are someone who loves your coffee but you don’t want your caffeine provider to cause any harm to your body then you have landed at the right product – Nutriplus Qafé. This is because Nutriplus Qafé:

  • Significantly improves metabolism, the hallmark quality of good coffee.
  • Reduces unwanted hunger pangs by keeping your body focused on digestion.
  • Blocks excess carbohydrate absorption – this means less caloric intake.
  • Stops any glucose spike happening in the body.
  • Burns fat in your body owing to 53% of CGA.
  • Aids healthy and proper digestion of food.

It is safe to say that Nutriplus Qafé can be a healthy addition to your workday, given the stress and pressure you face during tasks. A cup of piping hot Nutriplus Qafé will give you the jolt that you require to keep your head in the game and not lose sight of what is most important. In a day and age where coffee is being consumed in copious amounts, it is important to keep your health in check. What better way to substitute your daily coffee with a proven, healthier option?

(Product Details: Nutriplus Qafé is a premium health and wellness product marketed by QNET India. This product comes in 30 x 10g sachets in a pack with a nifty caddy container. The recommended usage is 2 cups per day.)


QNET Bats for Health and Wellness

QNET India has worked towards making and promoting lifestyle and wellness products. Nutriplus Qafé fits right into that scheme of making people’s lives that much simpler and easier. In a pandemic year, with everyone working hard either from home or from a remote location, the going gets tough. QNET India shares the same spirit of hard work and having a tough mentality. This is why Nutriplus Qafé is marketed to all the hard workers out there who need to take it one day at a time. And nothing can recharge your day as a cup of Nutriplus Qafé. Make a quick stop at the QNET India eStore to order your new favourite coffee blend. Let us all keep our hopes up this year and get ready for what is surely an uphill task to get back to normal soon. Until then, a Qafé a day is the way to go.

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