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Fashionable Women Watches from QNET CHAIROS

Wrist watches have come a long way; from being used by women as bracelets to them being hailed as fashion statements, the journey of watches is an interesting one. It all started during World war I when soldiers decided to wear it as bracelets instead of trying to fish in their pocket for their pocket watches. Even though the public dismissed it in the beginning, pocket watches were soon out of fashion with wrist watches coming into prominence. A wrist watch is a fashionable time-keeper and a creative way of flaunting your individual taste. Women’s watches come in a variety of styles – while some like the feminine touch, many others seek the sporty/adventurous look. A watch has the capability to steal the limelight and give you an intangible feel of power no matter where you go. QNET has a range of exclusive women watches, each one of them made with detailed attention catering to different needs.

Let’s take a look at this fabulous collection –

1. CHAIROS Azure


Classy is the first word that comes to your mind when you see this. A perfect watch for business meets, this one is sure to grab some serious attention. The Chairos Azure oozes confidence in its elegant blue dial supported by a durable stainless steel case and classic chronograph movements.  With a two-tone, rose gold and blue plated strap, it strikes an interesting balance and is ready for office wear or an evening after work. Trust the CHAIROS Azure to let you stand out from the crowd in all its blue charm.

2. CHAIROS Silver Mist

CHAIROS Silver Mist

Every woman watch aficionado will vouch for this one. Made for the progressive women of today, it exudes an unmatched boldness in its silver steel case with blue accents. Powered by the unparalleled Swiss-made movement with chronograph functionality, the watch comes with matching dual toned (silver and blue) stainless steel strap. Come parties, come official meetings, the CHAIROS Silver mist has it all to give you the confidence you need while looking glamourous.

3. CHAIROS Starlet

Chairos Starlet

You cannot ignore this watch no matter how hard you try. The circular white dial with gold plating is an absolute stunner and is sure to turn heads. The scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass complements the style quotient by adding durability. The premium quality original leather strap completes the look and unquestionably, this is a watch that any woman will be proud to wear. Go starlet!

4. CHAIROS Florette

CHAIROS Florette

Be feminine, be you – the CHAIROS Florette brings out the delicate beauty in you. Available as two variants, these watches flaunt a floral 3D printed, mother-of-pearl dial, bringing in a fresh vibe that can never go wrong. The classy slim genuine leather straps give it a polished feel and they are ideal for parties where you can brandish the beauty of it in all its glory. CHAIROS Florette celebrates the feminine side of you, while you celebrate yourself. Flower power!

5. CHAIROS Essenza


Think glamorous, think Essenza. Luxuriously designed, this watch is out to set your hearts on fire! Adorned by a black colour plated stainless steel bracelet and a bezel set with stunning purple stones, it is easy to lose your heart to this extravagant affair. Powered by Swiss movement with micro pushers, the CHAIROS Essenza is an accessory essential that will never go out of style. What a powerhouse of a watch.



The modern woman does not settle; she demands the best and gets it. The CHAIROS Diva is a fantastic watch for all those amazing women in your life. Bring in the dazzle with its suave black-grey dial that has the right balance of grace and power. The sharp stainless steel case with IPG yellow gold plating has its new-age charm while the alternative black premium quality genuine leather strap gives it the edge that sets it apart. The additional leather straps that come with it are handy as well.

Watches will always be our fashion go to. Just the simple act of putting on a watch can change the way you feel about yourself dramatically. Catering to different moods and whim, watches are a precious addition to our lives that is unlikely to lose momentum.

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