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Top Reasons Why Women are Choosing Network Marketing

Every year, more and more women are opting to leave their careers and jump into their own home business. Women from all backgrounds – lawyers, marketing executives, teachers, financial planners – literally any imaginable background, are joining network marketing, popularly known as direct selling. These women have the liberty to choose any industry, but they are flocking towards network marketing. So, what’s the appeal?

There are plenty of reasons why women are taking a serious look at network marketing or choosing direct selling as their new career path. Let’s take a look at the list below:

  • Leaving the 9-5 grind

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, women revelled in their new-found freedom and that came with the opportunity to wear a suit and drive off to a swanky office every day. However, that is no longer the case. The modern girl is more than happy to slip on her yoga pants and ditch commuting altogether. Tolerating office politics and glass ceilings are no longer what they want to do. Instead, these women are falling in love with the reality of being their own boss, have tailor-made schedules that suit their lifestyle and have no limits on their annual income. Click here to see some of the best direct selling companies to work at.

  • Work-life balance

For a vast majority of women, working in the corporate world came with a lot of sacrifices, of which one constant is losing the work-life balance. Many women try to juggle the several roles they have to play on a daily basis and end up being really stressed. The prospect of having more control over their schedules and being able to dedicate more time for themselves and their families is a strong motivation point for women who are going for the network marketing business. They love the idea of being able to be a part of the small but meaningful moments of life which they have been previously missing. Network marketing is one of those rare domains which lets women have it all – great income and a quality life.

  • Being your own boss

Most working women have been in team environments, so the initial idea to start a solo business might seem daunting. But most women soon find out that network marketing offers a perfect blend where women have total say in how they build their business in addition to collaborative opportunities and ongoing support from others.

  • Making your own choices

Let’s be honest – a professional place comes with a lot of hurdles, from difficult colleagues to even more difficult bosses. In this way, network marketing entices you with the amount of choices it provides. You decide who you want to work with every day, from customer to new business partner. Gone are the days when you have to meet unlikeable people on a daily basis and try very hard to get along with them.

  • Going beyond the scare of termination

In most cases, starting their own business is not a woman’s first choice. The majority of people who were terminated from employment when the economy tanked were women. Being self-employed was the only option for many. However, after having gone past the initial scare of changing the career route, most are glad to be on a rewarding path where there is no chance of an unexpected pink slip again.

  • Low monthly overhead

Network marketing comes with the boon of low startup costs and very little overhead on a monthly basis. Any other startup business comes with loads of expenditure in the beginning along with high monthly costs, which is financially risky if the business doesn’t take off – glaringly different from network marketing where customers are able to buy products from any corner in the world without you having to invest money upfront.

  • Bigger incentives

Much unlike corporations, network marketing recognizes and rewards their distributors for their contributions and they take every effort to show that. Incentives are offered at every level of business development which does a wonderful job of boosting morale.

  • Breaking the glass ceiling

The sad fact is women in most professions face the tyranny of being paid less than their contemporary male colleagues. While progress is being made in that department, the proverbial glass ceiling still exists. Network marketing is such a platform where there is no gender bias and it plays no part in your income as a woman. It offers a completely level playing field where you earn as much as you work. More and more women are rising to the top with generous annual incomes.

Everywhere, savvy women are seeking to find avenues to leave their unfulfilling jobs and start with a new rewarding career path. Network marketing or direct selling gives women the opportunity to step up their game while also letting them experience freedom, balance and success.

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