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7 Winter Health Tips to Stay Healthy with Nutriplus Products

Winter is the season of joy and happiness. A season of festivities filled with hope and positivity. A season where people would often find themselves snuggling in their bed with a hot brew while watching their favourite television series.

However, it is also a season of increasing diseases and health conditions. With the pandemic still posing a significant risk, we need to be more cautious. Therefore, to maintain good health this winter, it is essential for us to follow a healthy regime.

To help combat diseases and provide the best health conditions, QNET is here with seven winter health tips. Furthermore, we will explore how Nutriplus products can help us stay healthy during this winter.

Winter health tips to stay healthy with Nutriplus products 

QNET’s Nutriplus products on a table

1. Exercise regularly with your fitness partner, Nutriplus Qafe

Winter is a season where one might prefer staying indoors due to low temperatures. So, while staying indoors, an individual might not engage in exercise and physical activity.

However, it is important to ensure that we keep up with our fitness routines even while staying at home for good cardiovascular health. Moreover, regular exercise also helps fight diseases and keep us fresh and active during the cold weather. Performing yoga is another excellent way to stay fit while boosting our immune system.

Exercising or performing yoga can also help lose extra weight or maintain weight while staying at home. Now, to complement our efforts with regular workouts, Nutriplus provides a fitness partner which enables weight management naturally!

Nutriplus Qafe with a hot cup in the frame

Nutriplus Qafe is the perfect solution for weight management while staying at home this winter. It contains a high level of chlorogenic acid (CGA), which is known to help effectively manage weight. Furthermore, Qafe is effective in curbing hunger, blocking carbohydrate absorption, restricting unwanted calories intake, and improving metabolism.

So, now we can stay healthy and manage weight during winter with Nutriplus Qafe.

2. Following a healthy diet with Nutriplus FibreFit and Natose Stevia

While working from home, we’re prone to binge eating and consuming extra calories. Also, when we go out with friends, we tend to consume unhealthy food that may cause health problems. But during winter, we need to stick to a nutritious, fibre-rich diet.

A few healthy food items that we can include in our diet during winter are – Honey, tulsi, ginger, dry fruits, ghee, whole grains, hot soups etc. These food items provide essential nutrients and keep us healthy when it gets cold.

A healthy man at home with Nutriplus FibreFit and Nutriplus Natose Stevia in the frame

Also, if an individual is looking for a healthy and fibrous diet, then adding Nutriplus FibreFit would be an ideal solution. It is one of the richest sources of soluble fibre from a natural plant source, which helps promote good digestive health and control bad cholesterol.

Diet regulation is further important if an individual seeks to lose weight and stay healthy during this winter. A positive way towards a healthy diet is by reducing sugar intake. Nutriplus Natose Stevia is a natural sugar substitute that does not provide any calories, helps maintain weight, and can be beneficial to individuals trying to manage diabetes.

So, Nutriplus FibreFit and Nutriplus Natose Stevia provide a great option for us to follow a healthy diet and stay healthy during winter.

3. Boost immunity with Nutriplus ImmunHealth and DailyHealth

Nutriplus ImmunHealth and Nutriplus DailyHealth in the frame

Now, one of the most important things to do during winter is to consume health supplements because they can play a vital role in boosting immunity. Nutriplus products in the health and wellness range provide some of the best health supplements to boost immunity and promote good health during this winter.

Nutriplus ImmunHealth is the ideal health supplement to power up our immunity. It contains essential micronutrients and clinically proven ingredients like Papaya leaf extract, Magnesium, Copper and Zinc Gluconate that are beneficial for our health.

Guduchi Satwa is one of its main ingredients that helps in increasing white blood cell count and maturation of bone marrow stem cells leading to a better immune response. Overall, Nutriplus ImmunHealth is one of winter’s best immunity-boosting supplements from QNET.

Nutriplus DailyHealth by QNET is yet another special product for improving the immune system. It contains 13 different types of vitamins and 10 minerals for neutralising free radicals and minimising oxidative stress.

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) in DailyHealth, plays a vital role in providing the building block of the healthy nerve cells and boosting brain activity. Furthermore, DailyHealth has powerful anti-inflammatory properties for overall wellness.

Nutriplus DailyHealth is ideal for our daily dose of wellness during winter.

4. Fight sore throat and cold with Nutriplus Celesteal teas

The most common health condition an individual might experience during winter is cold and cough. Now, there are multiple ways to cure a cold, including home remedies and consuming food items like honey, ginger, and turmeric.

Nutriplus Celesteal containers on a table next to freshly prepared brew

However, another active method to fight sore throat and cold is consuming green tea. Nutriplus Celesteal Exotic Blend contains natural ingredients that provide an aromatic experience of herbal brews to help fight sore throat and cold.

The tea in this unique blend is sourced from the tea gardens of Darjeeling. Celesteal dip teas are available in three variants – Rose Tea, Apple Cinnamon Tea, and Kahwa Tea.

Nutriplus Celesteal is the perfect blend for the winters as it helps beat cold weather by providing a sense of upliftment and infuses warmth in the body. Moreover, it helps build immunity for good health.

Well, now that we have an active solution for cold, what about our gut during winter?

5. Improve digestive health with GutHealth this winter

During winter, the immunity of the human body decreases due to cold temperatures. So, people need to be more aware of infectious digestive ailments like diarrhoea, stomach ulcers and stomach upsets.

While having a nutritious diet will help, an active method is to consume health supplements for gut health. Nutriplus GutHealth is a probiotic health supplement that improves bowel movement, leads to better digestion, and promotes an active lifestyle.

A young man smiling with Nutriplus GutHealth in the frame

Nutriplus GutHealth has an advanced Activator Hybrid Culture (AHC™), a proprietary formulation that improves the efficacy and viability of probiotic strains. It contains five species of beneficial bacteria to maintain healthy gut flora. Overall, it is beneficial in preventing infectious diarrhoea, gas formation and bloating, and keeping the gut healthy during this winter.

6. Fight free radicals with EDG3

There is a constant threat of free radicals, especially during winter. An individual needs to take active measures to prevent diseases and health conditions.

One of the best solutions to fight free radicals is consuming a health supplement to activate glutathione production which otherwise depletes in production after the age of sixty. Nutriplus EDG3 does just that with its beneficial blend of amino acids that supports optimal health and well-being.

An active young woman running outdoors during winter with Nutriplus EDG3 in the frame

Nutriplus EDG3 helps in detoxification when we come in contact with harmful free radicals. The unique combination of ingredients in EDG3 provides amino acids that help to produce glutathione in the body naturally. In addition, it aids the immune system and improves cell energy levels during cold weather conditions.

On the whole, Nutriplus EDG3 is the guardian of our cells and a perfect solution to keep us going during the cold winter.

7. Drink an adequate amount of water everyday

One of the most common suggestions for staying healthy is to drink water. However, most individuals tend to ignore or don’t pay enough attention. Drinking optimum amounts of water is essential, especially during winter, because our water intake reduces and that leads to dehydration and muscle cramps.

So, we must ensure regular and sufficient intake of water. Drinking hot water can also provide relief from a sore throat, promote good digestion and help in keeping us warm and well hydrated during winter.

Stay Healthy during this winter with Nutriplus Products

During winter, we need to be extra careful to prevent diseases. Especially with increasing health problems and the probability of an extended pandemic, we need to be cautious about our health.

Fortunately, we can prevent most health problems with proper information and the right health products. Nutriplus products aim to provide just that with essential health supplements and wellness products.

The superior quality of the health and wellness range helps prevent harmful health conditions, builds immunity and promotes good health. In essence, Nutriplus by QNET is the perfect health and wellness solution provider for you and your family.

A happy family at home enjoying the use of Nutriplus products during winter

So, implement these seven essential winter health tips by QNET with the goodness of Nutriplus products – Head over to the QNET India eStore today!

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