Saturday, September 30, 2023

WHY: The Key to Your Success

So you have decided to start a network marketing business by joining a direct selling company, because someone you obviously respect, and whose opinions you value, showed you these great products and explained a fantastic business opportunity. Everything looks good on paper and you are excited about the possibilities ahead, as you embark on this journey to become an entrepreneur.

STOP! Before you rush headlong into this, dreaming of the big cheque you will earn, pause for a few minutes and ask yourself –Why do you want to start this business? Money is the most obvious answer. But money is just the means to an end. It’s an enabler. What is it that you truly want out of this business?

Every entrepreneur who starts a new business of any type, sets out trying to solve a problem, something that makes life easier, faster, better, happier etc.

Network marketing is the freest form of micro-entrepreneurship that exists today. What do you want your network marketing business to do for you? What is your WHY?

Ask yourself these questions –If time and money were no issue:

  • How would your life look?
  • Where would you live?
  • What would you drive?
  • What would you do with your time?
  • Would you have any debt?

The answers to these questions will help you explain to yourself what you expect from a successful business – for your life, your family’s life, and your lifestyle.

Is your WHY to give your children a great education in the best schools? To buy that dream home for your family? To provide your parents with a comfortable life in their old age? To give you more time and flexibility to pursue your passion without worrying about the bills?

Experienced network marketing professionals say that your WHY should make you emotional every time you think of it. It should have the power to help remind you to keep your chin up when the chips are down. It should give you courage and motivation each time you feel like nothing is going your way, and the disappointments keep piling up. It should serve as a reminder not to let anything deviate you from your mission.

Every one of us faces challenges and triumphs. Failure and success are two sides of the same coin. No one ever managed to accomplish anything worth accomplishing without failing a few times and getting bruised in the process. When you are clear about your WHY, you will be driven by your dream, rather than by your disappointments.

Write down your “WHY” today. Place it where you will see it every day, where it will remind you every day why you are on this journey. A WHY is the core driver of your business, and the one reason why you would NEVER quit this business. You must make determining your WHY a top priority when you begin your business.

Find your WHY, and it will give you the key you need to unlock your dreams.

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