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Why QNET India Products?

What does QNET sell? How to buy QNET products? Are QNET products reliable, and why do they seem to be expensive?

Find answers to all your questions about QNET India products here.

1. What products does QNET sell?

QNET is among the world’s leading direct selling companies with a rich range of offerings across product categories including, health, wellness and lifestyle for customers in India. The products are available to the customers in the QNET India eStore.

2. What are the different categories of products available on the QNET India eStore?

QNET offers a diverse range of premium quality products. The different categories include ‘Health and Wellness’, ‘Home and Living’, ‘Personal care and Beauty’, and ‘Watches and Jewellery’.

The consumer technology segment includes air purifiers, water purifiers, Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG). The durable segment includes a range of high-end luxury watches and premium home care appliances. The consumable range of products includes nutrition supplements, and the beauty and personal care range comprises of high-quality skin and face care products, all the way from Switzerland.

3. What is special about QNET products?

QNET, in India, has a diverse product portfolio that includes over eighty variants. It sources products  from world-class manufacturers, including SMEs. There is a dedicated product team that ensures that the products sourced are backed by the best-in-class technology and comprised of superior ingredients.

QNET India Products

MyHomePlus is QNET’s range of Home and Living products for enhanced living. In collaboration with South Korea’s leading consumer brand, Cuckoo, QNET offers MyHomePlus water purifiers. MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano and MyHomePlus KNIGHT – Alkaline RO water purifiers for hundred per cent pure drinking water, with the right pH control best suited for your body. In addition, MyHomePlus brand offerings include – Disinfectant Solution Generator and HomeGym.

Yet another amazing waterline product from QNET India is HomePure Nova. This product is the result of over ten years of research by scientists in a world-class laboratory in South Korea. This system has a unique 9-stage water filtration system that filters out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, chemicals, and toxins from tap water.

HomePure Nova also enriches water with minerals, turning it into “Pi-Water”. Discovered by Dr. Akihiro Yamashita in 1964, Pi-Water is molecularly like the water inside living things, such as the human body. It provides better hydration and has antioxidant properties, creating a healthier environment for the body.

Nutriplus by QNET is a range of Health and Wellness products. A few products include Nutriplus ImmunHealth, DiabaHealth, GutHealth, BoneHealth, LivHealth, DailyHealth, SkinHealth, Virgin Coconut Oil, Qafe, Natose Stevia, Celesteal and FibreFit.

In collaboration with SHARP business systems, QNET offers state-of-the-art air purifiers. SHARP QNET ZENsational and SHARP QNET SmartAir air purifiers for blissful breathing.

ORITSU is the collection of premium porcelain tableware for a timeless dining experience. The Festive Collection by ORITSU is inspired by nature. ORITSU is reflective of an opulent lifestyle and an ideal gifting choice for any season.

QNET also offers some of the world’s finest collection of watches with CHAIROS for men and women.  Kinnari – The Royal Collection is a regal range of luxurious diamond-studded jewellery for the modern woman.

4. Why are QNET India products so expensive compared to other products in the market?

QNET offers a range of world-class products through its proprietary QNET eStore. These products aren’t available through retail stores. They are exclusively available for individuals who are either distributors or retail customers.

QNET products are not directly comparable to other products due to the unique proposition of the product, the superior materials and state-of-the-art technology used in its development. Thus, the products command a premium and are meant for upwardly mobile individuals.

5. Are QNET products safe?

QNET products comply with international safety regulations. All products have certificates and necessary licenses that meet stringent quality standards and have the backing of manufacturer warranties.

QNET India further provides a 30-day Product Money-Back guarantee, subject to products returned to the company being in a marketable state. Learn more about the policy – https://www.qnetindia.in/en/opportunity/policies_and_procedures/

6. How do I buy QNET products in India?

QNET products are available on the QNET India eStore.

7. Why haven’t I heard about the QNET products before?

The product offerings of QNET are exclusively available to QNET customers through its proprietary eStore. An individual cannot buy the products from any other retail store or external sellers.

QNET distributors promote the products without using any means of traditional marketing. This could be a potential reason for an individual to learn about QNET products from friends and family or distributors and not through traditional advertising mediums.

8. Why does QNET sell its products through distributors?

QNET provides an opportunity for individuals to promote the products through direct selling presentations. In the current times, traditional means of marketing is becoming less effective. People are more likely to buy products and services following the advice of people they know and trust.

The direct selling model of QNET generates substantial self-employment and empowers individuals through a robust compensation plan. It goes without saying that persistent hard work is a key factor for being successful in this business.

9. How does QNET decide its product portfolio?

QNET has a strong product research team that evaluates new products based on a stringent selection process, taking into account factors such as quality, usability and affordability.

QNET also conducts a quality audit to evaluate the product supplier’s Quality Management System practices and adherence before qualifying and selecting them. A Quality Assurance team further conducts a visual inspection of the product and facility of the manufacturer.

10. How are QNET products delivered?

QNET stockists, logistics partners and agents ensure the safe delivery of QNET products.

11. Can you explain about QNET’s exclusive Product Partnerships with Cuckoo?

QNET has partnered with the leading South Korea Kitchen & Home Appliance brand, Cuckoo. Through this association, QNET has strengthened its enhanced living portfolio by including advanced technology products like MyHomePlus water purifiers and Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG).

MyHomePlus products with a mother and a daughter in the background

12. What is the speciality of MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier?

MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier is power-packed with ‘Nano Positive Filter’, which eliminates 99.9% of Norovirus and filters heavy metals like Mercury, Iron, Aluminium and other harmful microorganisms. This unique technology further ensures Zero Water Wastage and is best suited for treated water supply which usually bears a TDS less than 500 ppm.

13. Why is MyHomePlus KNIGHT – Alkaline RO water purifier a good choice for my home?

MyHomePlus KNIGHT water purifier is loaded with an advanced RO Membrane that purifies water up to 99. 9%. This water purifier also has the advantage of ‘Kitchen & Daily Care’ feature: Connect an additional faucet to the purifier, to receive clean and sterilised water for washing vegetables, fruits, cutlery, toys, milk bottles etc. as it is bacteria and virus free. The water from this faucet is NOT meant for drinking. Also, the filter has active carbon to absorb bad odours from tap water. So, you can experience this 2-in-1 advantage from MyHomePlus KNIGHT, usually not found in products available in the retail market.

Both KNIGHT and DELIGHT feature the patented In and Out Nozzle Sterilisation technology, ensuring hundred per cent hygiene of drinking water.

14. Why is MyHomePlus HomeGym an effective home gym equipment?

MyHomePlus HomeGym is a world-class fitness equipment that allows you to perform 15 different exercises. It is ergonomically built with unique features to give you a complete body workout, right from the comfort of your home.

15. What is MyHomePlus DSG? How does it help?

MyHomePlus DSG is India’s 1st All-in-One Disinfectant Solution Generator that turns tap water into an eco-friendly disinfectant and sanitiser. It is a powerful solution for eliminating 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms from your home.

16. What is unique about QNET’s Product Partnerships with Sharp Business Systems?

QNET has collaborated with SHARP for providing technically advanced home air purifiers. SHARP-QNET ZENsational and SmartAir are some of the best air purifiers for controlling indoor air quality and providing blissful breathing at home.

A mother fallen asleep with her daughter on the couch with SHARP QNET SmartAir and ZENsational air purifier

17. Does ZENsational have a humidifier?

Yes, SHARP QNET ZENsational is a one-of-a-kind air purifier with an integrated humidifier for ensuring humidity control at home. It helps in safeguarding you against dry skin and throat infections.

18. What does the HEPA filter do in SHARP air purifiers?

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. The HEPA filter in SHARP QNET air purifiers captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns that pass through it, including pollen, mould, pet dander, and dust.

19. What makes SHARP QNET SmartAir air purifier unique?

SHARP QNET SmartAir air purifier ensures the most ideal protection against deadly viruses, molds and bad odours at home. It has a unique IoT enabled Wi-Fi technology that allows an individual to control the air purifier from anywhere.

20. How efficient is the Plasmacluster Ion Technology in SHARP QNET air purifiers in eliminating the novel Coronavirus? 

SHARP QNET ZENsational and SHARP QNET SmartAir air purifiers have the patented Plasmacluster Ion technology that eliminates 91.3% Coronavirus in less than 30 seconds. A study conducted by SHARP confirms the effectiveness of Plasmacluster Ion technology. Read more about the study here – https://global.sharp/corporate/news/200907-a.html

21. What is Nutriplus?

Nutriplus Products

Nutriplus by QNET is a range of healthcare products for QNET India customers. All Nutriplus products are ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made for India’.

22. Does Nutriplus Qafe help in weight management?

Yes, Nutriplus Qafe by QNET contains a high level (53%) of Chlorogenic acid (CGA), which helps in effective weight management in a safe and natural way. Qafe is effective in curbing hunger, improving metabolism and promoting good digestive health.

23. How does Nutriplus EDG3 help in fighting free radicals?

Nutriplus EDG3 is a powerful health supplement that activates the natural healing power of Glutathione (GSH) for the protection of cells from the harmful effects of free radicals.

24. How do Nutriplus SkinHealth and Nutriplus BoneHealth help?

Nutriplus SkinHealth is the ideal health supplement that helps provide essential phytonutrients and antioxidants beneficial for the skin. Nutriplus BoneHealth is a supplement that helps in providing essential nutrients to promote healthy bones and associated muscle health.

25. Can we use Nutriplus Natose Stevia as a substitute for sugar?

Yes, Nutriplus Natose Stevia is a natural sugar substitute that does not provide any calories. It is ideal for sweetening food and beverages.

26. Tell us about CHAIROS watches.

CHAIROS watches are a combination of personality and precision with unique designs to serve a variety of styles ranging from fashion to sports. The CHAIROS collection is available in both Swiss made and Japanese movements.

27. What is the Royal Collection by Kinnari?

The Royal Collection by Kinnari is a regal range of diamond-studded jewellery with the highest manufacturing standards, craftsmanship and quality. It is uniquely crafted for the modern woman in four elegant variants – Mihika, Nila, Ayana and Uttara.

28. What is the effect of initiatives such a ‘Vocal for Local’?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world around us. One of the key takeaways from this crisis is that consumers and businesses alike will look inwards for quality and value in products with impetus on ‘local’ gathering momentum.

QNET has seen a consistent demand for local products across its vast distributor network in India. As a community-conscious company, it strives to contribute to the local economy by sourcing within the region.

With entrepreneurship as a core value, QNET endeavours to source locally manufactured products, especially through SMEs, to cater to the demand of its diverse product portfolio. An initiative like ‘Vocal for Local’ will continue to increasingly push Indian brands to become large and have hero products. It will encourage foreign players to move more manufacturing to India, and the spinoff is huge at every level of the supply chain.

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