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What every direct seller can learn from Mahatma Gandhi

Role models can inspire and motivate you while serving as a reminder of your aspirations, especially when facing uncertainties or setbacks on your professional journey. Although it’s only natural to pick and relate to role models who fit into the immediate context of your field, there’s merit in looking outside of the obvious choices. For us at QNET, our role model reflects our values and DNA – a vastly diverse group of people from across the world coming together for a common goal. And who better to reflect the transformative power of unity and diversity than Mahatma Gandhi, our corporate icon and the architect of some of the greatest seminal moments in human history.

The Mahatma’s belief that “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so,” is QNET’s guiding principle for serving its customers.

As one of humanity’s most inspirational figures, Mahatma Gandhi’s compelling leadership moved an entire nation. Beneath this global popularity lay a humble and driven human being, one with just the right mix of courage, intelligence, grit, and charisma.

Mahatma Gandhi: An animated image with the text '150 years of celebrating the mahatma'

2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the great man and what better way to celebrate his life than to understand and apply the lessons it sought to deliver.

Being inspirational

Mahatma Gandhi’s most significant contribution, perhaps, was the ability to inspire a nation against all the odds. Independence was the eventual result of his effort, and inspiration paved the journey to this goal.

The ability to inspire people is crucial for success in direct selling, whether you are pushing customers to be better versions of themselves or helping your peers and down lines reach their goals. Motivate people to achieve their goals even when prospects seem bleak is key to both individual and collective success. To follow in Gandhi’s footsteps, lead your teams by example and stay positive while putting in the effort.

Persuasiveness through honesty

In a diverse nation, possibly one of the most fragmented in the world, Mahatma Gandhi was able to create a unified perspective centered on non-violence. Of all the qualities of Mahatma Gandhi, his persuasiveness was perhaps the most impactful. It helped that his ability to lead was built on authenticity, honesty, and accountability, i.e. practicing what he preached.

What does this mean for direct sellers? Well, you need to have faith in your product and be willing to use it yourself. If you are convinced, it becomes easier to have others follow your lead. Above all, always be truthful and clear about your product and offer. Being authentic and honest in your interactions with customers will mean that it becomes simple to make a persuasive pitch.

Perseverance despite obstacles

Mahatma Gandhi: A statue of Dandi March

During the Dandi March, Mahatma Gandhi walked 384 kilometres in 24 days, displaying his commitment to the unrelenting pursuit of his goal. Despite several obstacles along the way and no definite sign of progress, he soldiered on without doubt or fear. The road to long-term success in direct selling, as with any other profession, will have its fair share of hurdles. Your ability to persevere and pick yourself up irrespective of external challenges will go a long way in ensuring your success in the game

Cultivating empathy

Mahatma Gandhi came from a reasonably affluent family which belonged to a higher caste, but still took up the cause of the then significantly disadvantaged and excluded lower castes. He was able to understand and empathise with their plight, and worked tirelessly for their upliftment. Empathy is key to truly understanding the people around you and elevating their performance alongside your own. As a leader of a direct selling team, displaying a genuine concern for your teammates can boost their self-esteem and morale, leading to loyalty, higher productivity, and better results.

The direct selling journey is one that relies on inspiration, determination, and growth, much of which is determined by your ability to keep learning. Mahatma Gandhi’s consistency of effort, dedication, and passion provides an incredible template for progress.

Who are your role models? Please share your inspiration with us in the comments section.

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