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Zero Water Wastage with QNET: MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano Water Purifier

A water purifier has become a necessity in every household. Nowadays, every water purifier claims to provide the purest form of water with advanced purification technology. Yet, a regular RO water purifier wastes around three litres of water for every litre it purifies. Moreover, most of these water purifiers remove important minerals in the process.

Water wastage is indeed a serious concern. In this article, we will be exploring ways to reduce water wastage with the new MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier by QNET.

So, what is the solution for the water wastage?

Say No to water wastage with Nanofiltration technology

In regular RO water purifiers, there is a very high amount of water wastage during the filtration stages. These water purifiers remove total dissolved solid particles (TDS) by forcing water under pressure through micro-sieves. While this process efficiently removes impurities, it also tends to expel a large amount of water along with important minerals.

Water wastage due to the release of water in the sink from a water purifier

According to studies, for one litre of water supplied to normal RO water purifiers, it disposes around 70% of it in the kitchen sink in the purification stage. So, the major problem is in the volume of water it wastes in comparison to the volume it purifies for drinking.

However, nanofiltration technology stands out in comparison. It is a unique liquid-phase separation technology where the dissolved solids are carried out using membranes with high trans-membrane pressure. Therefore, in most water filters with nanofiltration technology, the water is either pushed back to the overhead tank or retained in the water purifier. As a result, it is not expelled in the sink, rendering water wastage to zero.

This revolutionary technology is used in the new MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier by QNET. An advanced water purifier with patented Nano Positive plus Filter for zero water wastage.

Introducing the new MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano Water purifier by QNET

A young Indian man drinking water with MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano Water Purifier in the frame

MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier is the ultimate solution for reducing water wastage. It uses the patented Nano Positive plus Filter with nanomembranes that ensure zero water wastage.

The advanced nanofiltration membrane eliminates 99.9% of Norovirus. Furthermore, it removes germs, algae, fungi and other harmful microorganisms. It also has an activated Carbon filter for removing Chlorine and VOCs from the water. Moreover, the Alkali-mineraliser filter adds essential minerals to the water. Further, balancing the pH level making it healthier and tastier.

A special feature of the MyHomePlus DELIGHT water purifier is the World’s first ‘In and Out’ sterilisation technology. The patented technology ensures internal sterilisation with in-tank UV radiation. Also, external sterilisation takes place with the convenience of detachable faucets and a water tray for 100% hygiene. External sterilisation further provides an option to wash fruits and vegetables.

MyHomePlus DELIGHT is a one-of-a-kind water purifier. Here is a deeper analysis of the purification stages in this unique water purifier.

Stages of water filtration in QNET’s MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano Water purifier

Filtration stages in MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano Water Purifier

In the first stage of water purification, the Sediment filter (essence filter) removes impurities like dust, deposits, sand and particles. Then, the Pre-carbon block filter removes other impurities that might have skipped past the previous stage. Furthermore, it absorbs odours, colour, organic substances, VOCs like free chlorine and chloroform.

In the next stage, Nano Positive plus filter removes 99.99% of bacteria E. Coli, Norovirus, and harmful substances like algae, fungi, and bacteria. During this process, the water purifier ensures zero water wastage through nanofiltration technology.

Finally, Alkali Mineralizer filter removes contaminants and impurities using chemical absorption. This process further enhances the taste of water and adds minerals like Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium. Furthermore, the mineraliser filter balances the pH value and makes the water mildly alkaline for better quality.

Now that we understand the filtration technology used in the MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier, here are some of its ergonomic features.

MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier: Features

MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano Water Purifier in the kitchen powered by Zero Water wastage technology

MyHomePlus DELIGHT provides pure drinking water with filtration technology beyond standards. In addition, it is ergonomically designed with best-in-class features.

  • Patented Nano Positive Filtration
  • Zero Water Wastage
  • Patented In & Out Sterilisation technology
  • UV LED Sterilisation for 100% Hygiene
  • Faucet Sterilisation for 100% Hygiene
  • Filter Replacement Alarm
  • Flexible Installation – Table-top and Wall Mount
  • Extra Faucet (Optional) for kitchen & Daily Care
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Detachable Faucet and Tray for Easy Cleaning

On the whole, the revolutionary MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your home, whether in the dining room or the kitchen.

The DIY replacement method ensures that you can replace filters without additional service charges. In just three simple steps, you can ensure its maintenance. Step one, open the filter cover. Step two, replace the filters without any tools. Finally, in step three, close the filter and reset the filter alarm button. That’s it, and the water purifier is ready to use.

It is indeed the ultimate choice for a QNET India customer. In essence, the patented In and Out sterilisation technology coupled with the nanofiltration technology for zero water wastage makes it a world-class water purifier.

So, say no to water wastage and switch to nanofiltration with the new MyHomePlus DELIGHT water purifier by QNET.

The Power of Zero water wastage, MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier powered by Korea’s No.1 consumer durable company, Cuckoo, is now available on the QNET India eStore.

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