Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Vivek Oberoi Echoes RYTHM Values At V-UAE 2016

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The Indian contingent at VUAE 2016 in Dubai was in for a surprise on the second day of the annual convention as Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi appeared on stage. He was greeted to a thunderous applause and incessant cheering by the ten thousand strong crowd which included participants from 40 countries around the world.

Awed by the welcome and the passion of the QNET Independent Representatives, Vivek Oberoi’s first words as he stepped on the stage in Dubai was “That’s Magic!”.

Vivek Oberoi was in Dubai to announce a new partnership between QNet and the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the total management of cancer as a disease, and the NGO he has supported for over a decade.

Vivek spoke about a time in his life after he became a Bollywood celebrity where he felt like he was being left behind, and couldn’t catch a break with critics. His mother recognised his silent suffering and took him to visit a hospital with a pediatric wing that housed children fighting cancer. The children were ecstatic to see Vivek and showered him with hugs and affection. He spoke about how, at that moment, his own suffering seemed insignificant and his eyes were opened to his true potential as a celebrity and, more importantly, as a human to make a difference.

Vivek stressed that it is the right attitude and the right momentum that defines our life.

In India, Vivek Oberoi is the ambassador for the Accessible India Campaign for persons with disabilities. To show his admiration and support for the work QNet’s CSR arm RYTHM Foundation is doing through the Taarana school for children with special needs, Vivek bought several ‘Hold my Hand’ wrist bands which were on sale at the event to raise funds for the school.

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