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Upendranath Reddy | A QNET Success Story

‘I Did Not See Any Other Option, but to Succeed’

We all endure difficulties in life. These often come from the people closest to us – whose opinions we value the most. Hence, we allow it to affect us the most too. To stay strong in the face of such adversities, it takes something powerful to make us find our motivation and our resolution.

What if your sole motive is that person who doubts you? What are you fighting for? Or, in this case, rather, who are you fighting for?

Upendranath Reddy, brother of Chakrapani Reddy, shares his incentive to make it in the QNET business.

What kind of family background do you come from? What were you doing before you discovered QNET, and how did you get started on this journey?

I come from a small, remote village in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’m passionate about automobiles and the creativity involved in their design. Aside from my passion, I chose this field because I couldn’t imagine working my life away in a cube for 40 years. Everyone suggested that I study software engineering, but my mind couldn’t accept living a monotonous life. After graduating, I started to look for jobs but soon realized that the salary offered for this line of work was way less than I expected. I was disappointed because I was keen to start supporting my parents. They had worked hard to give my brother and me a good life. I wanted to repay them for it.

A few months after I graduated, my brother introduced me to QNET. When I initially heard about it, I was sceptical about the business. There was little I knew about direct selling. Whatever little knowledge I had led me to believe it was something you do part-time to earn pocket money. I couldn’t bring myself to see it as a career or something I would do to achieve my goals in the long term. It took my brother more than two months of talking, explaining and showing me what he was doing before I started to take the business seriously.

My brother was very ardent about his QNET business. He had a vision for where he would be in five years. He strongly believed that QNET would help him turn that vision into a reality. I realized then that my brother, who has always been a responsible person, was working very hard for the betterment of our family. I was inspired by his belief and determination towards the business. I knew then that I had to join him to support our cause since we both wanted the same thing.

What was your initial experience with QNET?

I studied the QNET products and their comprehensive compensation plan. I loved its many excellent products to help people live better lives.

The lucrative compensation plan opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a full-time entrepreneur. I no longer saw the QNET business as a side job. Instead, I saw the potential to build an efficient sales business. It was the opportunity to build my own business and control my time.

Since I was a child, there were many things I had to sacrifice, as my family had a limited income. Those experiences made me believe that without money, I won’t be able to live my life to the fullest. From an early age, my dream was to make sufficient money to feel financially free and have the resources to help others. With the opportunity that QNET offered, I envisioned a path to live my dream.

Did you face any initial challenges when you started your direct selling business? How did you overcome them?

Yes, I had to undergo many challenges. My father wasn’t up for the idea of me doing this business. Right from when I was a student until my graduation, he had drilled it into me that I needed a good, sustainable job. He was a farmer and believed that a steady job would give me the opportunity to have a better life and not endure the hardships he and my mother experienced. Once he found out that I was going to pursue entrepreneurship through QNET, he was very concerned that I was choosing a path that would be very difficult and unstable.

He spent a lot of the time trying to dissuade me and change my mind about this. It was very challenging for me not to have my father’s support in this journey since he was why I chose this path.

It frustrated me that he couldn’t understand that my purpose for pursuing this business was my family. It was for them, my parents. They worked so hard to provide us with education and opportunities. I needed him to realize that this was the opportunity. I did not see any other option but to succeed. My mentor, Chiranjeevi Reddy, was very helpful every time I experienced doubts. He taught me the 2-minute Formula, which says that when it comes to making decisions, you shouldn’t think for more than 2 minutes. If you think about something for more than two minutes, you will end up overthinking, the self-doubt will creep in, and it will prevent you from going after your dreams.

At the beginning of my journey, I only had a few contacts or business experience. I was only 21 years old, and getting people to take me seriously was a challenge. I faced so many rejections. I strongly believed that I had to keep grinding until I reached my success milestone. I had to prove to my father that I had made the right decision and was on the right path with QNET.

I realized that if I wanted to overcome these obstacles, I had to focus on fixing my mistakes. I had to start making changes within myself. And I had to be consistent with my efforts to become better at what I was doing. I overcame this challenge through consistency – as Chief Pathman says, “Presentación, presentación, presentación.” I couldn’t stop.

What major changes have you experienced in your life after you began your QNET journey?

I have grown so much with QNET, both personally and financially. Through this business, I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience. The journey is like life itself – as I worked on the business, I got to know people, even myself, on a much deeper level.

I had a life-changing moment on my 25th birthday when I bought my first car, a Mercedes Benz. Before QNET, I never thought I would ever have the power to afford a luxury car. It is not just about material things, though. I am grateful for everything that QNET has enabled me to achieve and for keeping my dream in mind. I wanted to share what I have gained with others. I established my charity foundation, Touching a Billion Hearts, in September 2018. It was a big milestone for me. I now take 10% of my earnings and put it towards the foundation which supports children from low-income families. They shouldn’t have to give up on life before it even begins due to their predicaments, and my foundation ensures they never have to.

How do you manage your work deadlines and maintain a healthy work-life balance in such a fast-paced industry?

When it comes to deadlines, I always focus on my targets. This business is very goal-oriented, which helps me to keep pushing myself. Whenever I think of my goals, I remind myself of my dream –to provide a better life for my family and give them a life we could only dream about as kids. This keeps me out of my comfort zone. However, the most important thing is that I love what I do. When you love what you do, you don’t feel the need to “balance” anything. I am an avid believer in that!

My daily routine consists of setting and achieving daily targets. Things can change as you go through different days, go to different places, eat different food, and meet different people. The one thing I remain consistent with is always keeping track of my progress. I make a daily checklist, and I monitor my progress carefully. I write down what I do and always aim to do more.

QNET products are a part of my daily life, helping me live my best life. Some products that I use every day are Nutriplus DailyHealth, ProSpark, AirPure and Kent water purifier. They’re the best products in their category.

According to you, how important is teamwork in direct selling? What do you do to ensure your team members are happy, satisfied and working to the best of their capabilities?

Teamwork is the most important and necessary aspect of this business. Knowing its significance, we named ourselves TEAM, which stands for Together, Each Achieves More. In any group, you become stronger as a whole when you share your strengths.

I always maintain a strong, caring relationship with my team. I motivate them to hit their targets, plan their goals accordingly, and help them to achieve them on time. My team’s success is just as important as my own, and I ensure to work on both actively. I work for the team’s success, and each team member has the same approach. This helps us bond extremely well with each other and gives us the positive environment we need to achieve our dreams. That’s what this team means to me – a group of people working together who share a common dream.

How do you deal with rejections?

Rejections have played a significant role in my journey. But I’ve realized that when people turn me down, they aren’t rejecting me. They reject the opportunity I am presenting for various reasons based on their situation. The SW Formula (Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? Someone’s Waiting) is very inspiring. So, when I face rejection, instead of being a disappointment, I tell myself, “Ok. Next!”

Following professional practices while doing business is of utmost importance in direct selling. Do you have any advice on practicing professional marketing in this business?

Truth and trust are the most powerful aspects of life. We must be honest in what we say and do and build trust by sharing the right information. One must think about the long term regarding business and life. I always advise people not to bite the hand that feeds them, which in this case, is the direct selling industry. This QNET business is why we’ve achieved all that we have – the food on our table, leading a happy life with our family, and so on. QNET is our home, and it’s our responsibility to ensure we keep our home clean and healthy.

Can you share some interesting learnings from working in the direct selling industry and QNET? Any success tips for those looking to join?

QNET has helped me with many things, but most importantly, it’s helped me lead a better life in every way.

1) Relationships. I’ve come to understand the importance of relationships more than ever before. So firstly, you have to be aware of the relationships you have in your life. Those people who will be by your side and believe in you when no one else does, who are willing to face the storm with you, are irreplaceable.

2) Talk to people. This business transformed me from an introvert to an extrovert. I used to think it was better not to talk to people before; I didn’t see much need for it. Then, I realized that when you open your door to others, others will open their doors to you.

3) Persistence. This one is the most important lesson of all. Dato Sri taught me to be strong in my belief —believe in yourself and never give up on your dream!

What is your next big goal, and how are you planning to achieve it?

My team and I are working towards an important goal for my business. We aim to develop 100 successful direct-selling leaders over the next 5 years.

I also wish to start a school where students learn about the practical things in life. A school that prepares students for the real world instead of putting them in the rat race and making them compare themselves to each other with grades. This limits people’s potential drastically.

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