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Zero Tolerance for Unethical Selling, QNET Terminates IRs

QNET takes great pride in enabling people from all walks of life through its wide gamut of opportunities; its exceptional world-class products and proven entrepreneurial opportunity have improved the living standards of millions of people. It has taken us 22 years to build this ever-expanding global community of customers and distributors who are spread across Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East. And it has been the hard work of committed and diligent independent representatives who have paved the way with their indomitable spirit, professionalism, responsibility and ethics – values that are integral to what QNET is. However, it has not been all smooth sailing. There have been a few incidents that have deeply shocked and saddened us and we had to take a stand.

The actions of a small number of independent representatives (Direct sellers) from various countries have been a cause of deep concern. Their actions have violated QNET’S policies and the basic tenets on which QNET is based. Their negligent, irresponsible and misleading actions have tarnished QNET’s reputation. This small group of people has disintegrated the brand equity that QNET has so preciously built over two decades.

On February 24th, 2020, QNET terminated 409 IRs from 22 countries who were found violating our policies and were guilty of actions that completely go against our code of ethics. In India, Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd., the sub-franchisee of QNET, has terminated 31 IRs with the following IDs:

Terminated IDs of Indian distributors

The public and our network are warned against using these IDs as referrals while purchasing our products or signing up as new independent representatives.

We hereby reiterate that QNET exercises a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone who is found to be employing QNET’s name for any unfair, illegal and unprofessional acts. These kinds of acts diminish the hard work and sweat of thousands of IRs who have built their reputation from the ground up and have done it without breaching the regulations of the company and the existing laws of the country.

These terminations are just the beginning of a series of probes initiated by QNET to alleviate the challenges faced by the company and the IRs that are directly impacting QNET’s reputation and simultaneously its business growth. In the coming weeks more actions will be implemented to reinforce our policies and procedures.

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Please watch this video by Chief Pathman about the ongoing initiatives and the changes to come:

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A list of frequently asked questions about the QNET IR terminations, and their answers can be found  here.

We kindly urge our customers and the public to promptly bring to our notice any overselling or misrepresentation of our business. Write in to [email protected] and we will immediately look into it.

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