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Top 15 CHAIROS Watch Models You Should Know About!

For many, a wristwatch is a lot more than a machine to tell the time. They are a symbol of style, status, and luxury. Studies have shown wearing a watch is associated with many positive traits like conscientiousness and punctuality. It is also an accessory to your outfit that is known to grab the attention of the beholder. If you want proof, consider the fact that people still use wristwatches despite carrying their phones everywhere they go, and many are willing to invest more in the former than the latter. And if there is one brand of wristwatches that is well worth the investment, it is CHAIROS from Qnet.  A CHAIROS watch is not just gorgeous looking timepieces but also filled with features and added functions that allow it to stand apart from the rest of its competition.

What makes a CHAIROS watch so special?

There is no shortage of good watches in the Indian market. However, what makes a CHAIROS watch different from the others in the industry is that it promises to deliver world-class quality and performance at prices never before seen in the Indian market. When it comes to high-end luxury watches at affordable rates, CHAIROS watch price in India is unbeaten. The Swiss have always been known for their ability to craft intricate and detailed timepieces that are known to stand the test of time. It is these very same Swiss skills that QNET and CHAIROS are trying to introduce to an Indian audience. They are known for using state-of-the-art and sophisticated Swiss-made Ronda movements, which is widely considered to be some of the best in the world.

A CHAIROS watch is not just technical masterpieces and skilled timepieces. It is also the epitome of luxury and style. Each CHAIROS watch has a defining feature that makes them unique and special in its own right. They are also extremely durable and resilient, thanks to the sapphire crystal glass and stainless-steel casing. Almost all of them also comes with at least 5 ATM or 50-meter water resistance, making them ideal for everyday use.

Sapphire crystal glass, unlike what its name would suggest, is not actually glass. It is a transparent material that is created by crystallizing pure aluminium oxide in very high temperatures to create synthetic sapphire. These sapphire crystals are as strong as naturally occurring ones and are one of the hardest substances known to men, scoring a nine on the Mohs scale (Diamond being the hardest substance with a score of 10). Therefore, calling these crystal glass used in QNET CHAIROS watches virtually indestructible is not an exaggeration. This also means taking care of your CHAIROS watch is never a hassle or too difficult.

With all that said, here are my picks for the top 15 CHAIROS watches from QNET and why you should own them. Here I will be talking about CHAIROS watch models irrespective of the gender that it is targeted at.


Chairos Alpha
Chairos Alpha

Case Size: 46mm width X 56mm length

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 5040.D Chronograph

Strap & Buckle: Blue colour Genuine Leather strap with Quick Release spring and deployment folding clasp/ 316L stainless steel shine & brush finish strap with deployment folding clasp

CHAIROS Alpha is a watch designed for born leaders. With its imposing double-layered dial and bold design, Alpha will catch everyone’s attention wherever you are. With a Swiss Ronda Movement, scratch-proof sapphire crystal glasses and 5 ATM water resistance, Alpha is not only the epitome of luxury and style but also of durability. The chronograph also adds another layer of functionality to an already feature-filled watch. CHAIROS Alpha comes in both leather straps and metal straps, making it an ideal companion for any occasion.


Chairos Sprint
Chairos Sprint

Case size: Gents– 45MM width X 54MM length  Ladies– 36MM width X 46MM length

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 3540.D

Strap & Buckle: Olive Green colour Genuine Leather strap with Quick Release Bar and Deployment folding clasp.

CHAIROS Sprint’s name is inspired by the fact that it is one of the first CHAIROS watches to come with a quick-release spring bar to easily change its straps. A stylish watch that sports a unique olive-green genuine leather strap, Sprint works both in a casual setting as well as a work environment. The watch also has a state-of-the-art chronograph, making it the perfect combination of style and functionality. Sprint is available in both male and female version.

CHAIROS Twilight

Chairos Twilight
Chairos Twilight

Case size: 36MM width X 44MM length

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 706.1

Strap & Buckle: Dark Sky-Blue Color Genuine Leather with deployment folding clasp/ Stainless Steel 316L Dual Tone IP Dark Blue strap with Butterfly folding clasp with push button

Just one look at this CHAIROS watch, and why it has become one of the brands most beloved and successful is very clearly evident. Twilight comes with a unique and innovative moon phase function that allows you to plot the visible portion of the moon as it orbits around the earth. The watch also contains a unique dial that shows the day and date, making it truly one of a kind. And it does not cut back on style. The attractive and eye-catchy mother-of-pearl dial, rose gold metal square indices, and the bezel’s unique rope design all adds to this stunning timepiece’s value. Powered by Swiss Made Movement and encased in stainless steel casing and a tough sapphire crystal glass, it is not only stylish but also extremely durable. Twilight comes in two models- with leather straps and metal straps.


Chairos Desire
Chairos Desire

Case Size: 40mm width X 47mm length

Movement:  Swiss Made Ronda 5030.D Chronograph

Strap & Buckle: Purple Colour Croco Pattern Genuine Leather Strap with Buckle

CHAIROS Desire is the epitome of trendy fashion and one of the fastest-selling ladies watch from CHAIROS. It is powered by a Swiss-made Ronda movement and comes with an AR-coated sapphire crystal glass that reduces glare and adds to the beauty of the timepiece. The unique and attractive combination of black and purple is enough to grab anyone’s attention and to make the user the centre of attention.

Chairos Emerald

Chairos Emerald
Chairos Emerald

Case Size: 45MM width X 52.5MM length

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 5040.D

Strap & Buckle: Green colour high-quality Genuine Leather strap with deployment folding clasp

CHAIROS Emerald is a stunning timepiece that stays true to its name thanks to its stunning emerald green straps and bezels. The two-layer dial display with its steel indices and emerald green hands creates an eye-catching contrast with the pure white main body of the watch. And like most other CHAIROS watches, Emerald also has a Swiss Made Ronda movement and has a sapphire crystal glass that is almost impossible to scratch or cracks. The stainless-steel casing and 5 ATM water resistance makes Emerald, not just eye-catchy but also extremely durable and perfect for everyday use.


Chairos Sniper
Chairos Sniper

Case size: 48MM width X 55MM length

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda Z50

Strap & Buckle: Black colour high-quality Genuine Leather strap with deployment folding clasp

CHAIROS Sniper is the most attractive combination of black and rose-gold in the form of a tough and durable timepiece, making it ideal for use in a formal setting and also for everyday use. The rotating bezel design and the chronograph function only adds to the allure of this stunning watch. Powered by a Swiss-made Ronda movement and with 5 ATM water resistance and the tough sapphire crystal glass, CHAIROS Sniper is a rock-solid performer that does not sacrifice style.


Chairos Lilac
Chairos Lilac

Case Size: 36MM width X 42.5MM length

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 705

Strap & Movement: High-quality Purple colour Genuine Leather strap with deployment folding clasp/ Stainless Steel 316L metal bracelet with Butterfly folding clasp and push-button.

Lilac is a limited edition watch that showcases what CHAIROS watches are all about. The unique grey printing rays on white dial design and round crystal fitted in makes Lilac one of the most beautiful and eye-catching watches in the brand’s lineup. It also has a unique window that displays the date. And add to this all the regular benefits of owning a CHAIROS watch like a state-of-the-art Swiss-made movement, tough and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass and a durable stainless-steel casing, and you have a stunning timepiece that is one for the ages.


Chairos Torque
Chairos Torque

Case size: Gents– 45.5MM width X51.5MM length  Ladies- 36MM width X 42.5MM length

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 3540.D

Strap & Buckle: High-quality Beige colour nylon strap with quick release spring bars pin and deployment folding clasp

Torque is not like the other watches from the CHAIROS range. While most of the other watches in the lineup tend to go for a sophisticated and sleek look, Torque is adored by its fans for its unique rugged appearance. A gorgeous timepiece that makes itself stand apart from the rest of the competition thanks to its rose gold dials on a black body and its beige nylon straps, CHAIROS Torque comes with added functions like a rotating bezel and a chronograph. Torque is available in both men’s and ladies’ models.


Chairos Chrono+
Chairos Chrono+

Case size: 48.5 width X 58.25mm length

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 3540.D Chronograph

Strap & Buckle: Genuine Leather 24 x 22 mm Strap with Decoration holes and Solid SS Buckle.

CHAIROS Chrono+ is the perfect timepiece for anyone who loves to be sporty and trendy. It is available in two designs- with a blue dial and a yellow dial and has a dotted style genuine leather strap. Chrono+ runs of a state-of-the-art Swiss-made Ronda Chronograph moment and sports an intriguing multi-step press pattern dial. All this makes Chrono+ a unique and trendy watch for anyone who loves an active lifestyle.


Chairos Voyager
Chairos Voyager

Case Size: 42mm width X 49 mm length

Movement: Swiss Made Ronda 515.24H

Strap & Buckle: Dark Brown Genuine leather strap with Croco pattern and solid buckle.

CHAIROS Voyager is a unique watch, even among other CHAIROS models. What makes Voyager one of a kind is the special dual time zone function that allows the user to keep track of a ‘home’ time zone and a destination time zone when they are travelling. It also has a stunning rose gold body, with the names of cities from all around the world inscribed on the bezel. The bezel can be rotated with the help of a second crown and is used to set the destination. Combined with the Croco pattern leather strap, Voyager is a personal favourite among many luxury watch collectors. 

CHAIROS Signature Cardinal

Chairos Cardinal
Chairos Cardinal

Case Size: 43mm width X 49mm length

Movement: Swiss Made Automatic ETA 2836

Strap & Buckle: Stainless steel 316L bracelet with double pusher butterfly

Even among CHAIROS watches, there are a few that ranks above the rest. Cardinal is a part of the CHAIROS Signature collection, and it shows. This watch is adorned with diamonds hour markers and is powered by a Swiss-made automatic movement. The automatic movement is able to convert the energy from the movement of the user’s hand into energy and does not require batteries or windings to operate. The CHAIROS Signature Cardinal is available in two models- black and silver. With its stainless-steel casing and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass, Cardinal is an elegant choice for anyone who calls themselves a watch connoisseur and believes in the cardinal principle of excellence.

CHAIROS Signature Opus Couple

Chairos Opus
Chairos Opus

Diameter: Gents- 42mm     Ladies- 34mm

Movement: Swiss Made – Ronda 505/585

Strap & Buckle: Black genuine leather strap with tongue buckle

Another member of the CHAIROS Signature collection, Opus is a high-end luxury couple’s watch that is adorned with brilliant diamond hour markets, silver and gold accents and dates with an elegant design. Opus is powered by a Swiss-made quartz moment and is made from high-quality components, making it a combination of elegance and functional superiority.

CHAIROS Aquatica

Chairos Aquatica
Chairos Aquatica

Diameter: 46mm

Movement: Swiss made Ronda 5030D chronograph

Strap & Buckle: Blue genuine leather strap with folding clasp/ Stainless Steel 316L Black and Blue plated with butterfly folding clasp and push-button.

A stunning timepiece that was inspired by the might and grandeur of the oceans, CHAIROS Aquatica comes in two model – with a leather strap and a metal strap. Suitable for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle, this watch combines high functionality with breathtaking style and sophistication. The smooth and sporty blue model of the watch has a unique aquatic feal to while the metal strap model has robust charm to it. Aquatica also sports a chronograph functionality and is powered by a Swiss-made Ronda Chronograph movement. It is also water-resistant to up to 5 ATM and has scratchproof sapphire crystal glass, making it extremely durable.

CHAIROS Latitude

Chairos Latitude
Chairos Latitude

Diameter: 47mm

Movement: Swiss made Ronda 8040N chronograph

Strap and Buckle: Black genuine leather strap with folding clasp buckle/ Stainless Steel 316L bracelet with butterfly folding clasp and push-button.

CHAIROS Latitude is a tough yet classy looking watch that is made to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sets their eyes on it. It is the unique combination of style and toughness that makes it ideal for both formal occasions and everyday use. The watch comes in both black genuine leather straps and durable dual-tone stainless-steel black and rose gold metal straps. Other defining features of the CHAIROS Latitude include a unique retrograde pointer that indicates the day and an easy-to-read date display on the dial. Powered by a Swiss quartz movement, Latitude also has a state-of-the-art chronograph function along with other common features found in a CHAIROS watch like 5 ATM water resistance and scratch-proof sapphire crystal.

CHAIROS Crusader

Chairos Crusader
Chairos Crusader


Diameter: 46mm

Movement: Japanese made NH38

Strap & Buckle: Stainless Steel 316L gold plated bracelet with butterfly folding clasp and push-button.  

Unlike the other watches mentioned in the list, CHAIROS Crusader is powered by a Japanese automatic movement. Another defining feature of the Crusader that makes it unique from the other CHAIROS watches is the transparent back cover that allows the user to see the inner workings of the timepiece. The watch is designed and assembled with discipline, precision and is a prime example of the superior craftsmanship that CHAIROS prides in itself. The Crusader comes in two modes- a stainless-steel dual-tone metal strap and a brown genuine leather strap.

These are just some of the watches that only make a small part of the huge range of world-class watches from CHAIROS. The large and varied range of timepieces from CHAIROS means that there is a CHAIROS watch for everyone. If you are looking for a watch that is made from the best quality materials, filled with a ton of functionalities and is sure to catch everyone’s attention, a CHAIROS watch is what you have been waiting for. CHAIROS has always been a name synonymous with high-quality luxury watches, and these examples show you why. So which is your favourite CHAIROS watch?

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