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QNET Presents The Royal Collection by Kinnari

A surefire way of winning a women’s heart is by buying her beautiful jewellery. Jewellery is a woman’s way of expressing her femininity and her strength. Adorning jewellery is almost like making conversation with the world. It is an expression of what is in one’s soul. When women wear jewellery, they are not just dressing up, they are making a statement, and they want the world to notice. A statement of notice needs to be bold, loud and fine. Like all the finer things in life, it is imperative that the grander the jewellery, the better is its allure. And what else could be grander than a collection that represents royalty? QNET presents the Royal Collection by Kinnari, the most exquisite assembly of jewellery sets made for the modern woman. Because jewellery should be regal and luxurious, QNET leaves no stone unturned to achieve this every time.

Jewellery Is a Woman’s Best Friend

Maybe only women can relate to this, but there is enough credence to the idea that any outfit is incomplete without the right jewellery. Parties, work events, weddings, date nights – you name it, each occasion requires that special touch to make you look perfect. Wearing jewellery is an expressive art form that Indian women have perfected. Gold and diamonds will never be out of fashion, and neither will be wearing beautiful jewellery. Bringing you the best is what we at QNET strive for always. With the Royal Collection from Kinnari, we believe we have outdone ourselves. At QNET, we understand the sentiment and desire to own and wear the best jewellery, which is why we present to your true best friend – sophisticated jewellery for the modern woman of today.

The Royal Collection by Kinnari – What Women Want

QNET’s partnership with an esteemed Sri Lankan jewellery manufacturer brought to life their brainchild by the name of Kinnari. The Royal Collection from Kinnari matches industry standards to achieve international quality. Specially skilled artisans and proficient designers bring to life some of the most scintillating models of fine jewellery. The innovative designs are well-complemented by Wal-Mart certified manufacturing units, which are held to a higher standard, and help produce top-quality finished products ready for export. The level of efficiency and attention to detail is what makes the Kinnari brand a fan-favourite in India.

Kinnari jewellery for women is a refined concoction of substance and royalty. Achieving the perfect look for an event or a party can be an arduous task, as the ladies already know. Finding the right jewellery to go with your outfits is no longer something you need to get anxious about. The Royal Collection by Kinnari is exactly what you ladies have been looking for. The Kinnari jewellery range for women is a collection of royal designs that exhibit sheer class and infinite beauty. The latest by QNET India are four new jaw-dropping designs lined up for the beautiful Indian women. With this new launch, you are going to be spoilt for choice. Let us take a look at your new favourite collection by Kinnari.

Kinnari Mihika ~ Dewdrops


If art met elegance, then it would be named Kinnari Mihika. This stylish and refreshing diamond set is a diamond-studded beauty encased in 14K gold in a dewdrop design which unwraps its true magnificence. Pick up the Kinnari Mihika to make your ultimate style statement with the razzle-dazzle of world-class diamonds. Ideal for your business parties or even an evening of gala time, the Mihika deserves a place in your partywear wardrobe. Break free and become the womanly wonder that you are with the Mihika.

Kinnari Ayana ~ Beautiful Blossom


Bloom in the never-ending floral grandeur of the Kinnari Ayana. The stately structure of this wonderful adornment exudes class and gives you a stately look that will set you apart. The Kinnari Ayana is for the modern woman who appreciates royal taste and loves all eyes on her. The floral setup of this diamond set resting upon pure 14K gold adds to its glamour. Drop your inhibitions by exhibiting your true self with this masterpiece. Make the Kinnari Ayana your latest floral exploration and own your transformation into the dignified woman of today.

Kinnari Utara ~ Superior


Raising your standards is only a step away with the new Kinnari Utara. Literally meaning ‘Superior’ – Utara is the jewellery set you need to show the world your worth. The intricate design of this jewellery set makes the wearer look stunning on so many levels. Golden hearts lined with diamond motifs on each side make Utara the superior choice for any regal lady. Make the posh choice with the Kinnari Utara and become the life of any party. Royalty does not get any better than this, so get your hands on the Kinnari Utara right away.

Kinnari Nila ~ Moon


‘Nila’ is one of the names for the Moon. The Kinnari Nila is a spectacular representation of the beauty and magnificence of our Earth’s lunar counterpart. The Nila is a simple yet powerful rendition of dazzling brilliance and radiant design. Sparkling diamonds placed in a concentric pattern on a 14K gold base reveals this grand jewellery set’s glory and richness. The Kinnari Nila is every woman’s perfect embodiment of classy jewellery represented in subtle yet classy terms. Speak a thousand words without uttering a word with the Kinnari Nila.

Kinnari Jewellery by QNET

The all-new Kinnari Royal Collection is the second such release by QNET made available exclusively for the Indian audience. Bringing refreshing, contemporary designs with state-of-the-art technology is QNET India’s way of giving Indian women the best quality jewellery they seek. QNET is proud of this luxury range of jewellery crafted for the modern Indian women of today. With Kinnari jewellery, you can be assured of only the best and nothing less. Choose Kinnari to express your femininity and the royalty that you deserve. Order your favourite diamond pendant and earring set from the Kinnari Royal Collection today simply because you deserve to indulge in all your queenly desires. Visit the QNET India eStore to find your best fit.

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