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Taking Care of Your CHAIROS Watch

A watch is not just about checking the time, it is much more than that. It is often an object laced with many dear memories and that makes a watch a highly sentimental object. But like most other things, a watch needs to be taken care of. If it is maintained properly, it can be handed down to future generations and can be treated as an heirloom piece, which is priceless. Apart from that, wrist watches reflect our personalities and the type of watches we wear speaks about the vibe we want to give out. Mostly watches are sturdy and are built to last, so taking care of them is not a difficult job. However regular maintenance is required to keep them in their best shapes. Let’s look at how we can keep these beauties in order:

     1. Keep your watches clean 

Everything needs to be cleaned and watches are no different. Keeping the watches clean is a good way of maintaining them.

  • You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the dial of your watch. Cotton buds also get rid of the dirt. However, if your watch is vintage it is better to send it to a specialty or jewellery stores as they know best how to take care of the wristwatch.
  • The type of watch cleaning depends on the kind of watch you have. If you are using a leather watch, a damp cloth is a way to go. You can gently wipe off the dust particles using one, especially before you are heading out as you might be exposed to a lot of activities which induce sweat.
  • Rust comes easy with metal watches. Salt and sweat are the usual reasons why a metal watch can become susceptible to rust. To avoid this, please make sure your watch is dry when worn.

      2. Know how water resistant your watch is

Every watch comes with a specific degree of water resistance. It is good to be aware of your watch’s limitation when you are in contact with water. A general guideline is:

  • 50 meters is suitable for showering and swimming in shallow water
  • 100 meters is suitable for swimming and snorkelling
  • 200 meters is suitable for scuba diving
  • 500 meters is suitable for deep water diving

Watch gear

      3. Keep your watches away from chemicals

Watches must be kept away from chemical compounds, especially perfume. Ensure that lotions and perfumes have dried before you strap your watch on. If not done, they can damage the leather watch band and over time it might even tear. It also applies to metal watches as well as lotions and perfumes can cause rust to form and discolouration can be another result.

     4. Use a watch box for storage

Do not throw away your watch box; use it to safely store your wristwatch. If you want to preserve the condition of your watch, make sure you store it properly which will serve to protect it. The watch dial gets easily scratched and the possibility of it happening can be reduced remarkably if the watch is stored in a storage case. Alternatively, you can also get a larger storage box which you can use to store all your watches. These boxes usually have compartments with pillow/cushion-like material that safeguards your watches and protects them from getting dented. Keeping your watches clean won’t mean anything if they are not stored as they should. Often watches stop working because of mould and mildew as well. A watch box keeps the watch protected, away from extreme heat, cold or humidity.

     5. Trust the experts

Never try to dismantle your watch all by yourself. If your watch needs some work, take it to a professional. Dismantling it all by yourself may cause unnecessary introduction of dirt, dust and other particles into it which might be harmful. Also, there are tiny parts in a watch which can get lost or not put back properly.

     General care tips

  • If you possess a hand-wound watch, you are advised to wind it every morning. Mechanical watches should be serviced every 3-5 years to get the mechanics checked and re-lubricated.
  • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures which may result in malfunction or worse, damage its internal components.
  • To ensure that your watch is maintaining its water resistance, always keep the crown of the watch pushed against the case. Also, get your watch checked once a year for water resistance.
  • Keep your watches clean by wiping it with a clean, soft cloth. It removes stains, water spots, dirt that may have accumulated and can cause permanent wear.
  • Even if your watch has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face, do not handle it roughly. In case your crystal face gets broken, have it replaced immediately as not doing so may lead dust or moisture to get into the mechanism affecting its accuracy.
  • For watches with leather straps, avoid strapping it very tightly, letting air circulation work allowing moisture to evaporate.

Watches create a fashion statement with a subtlety that is unparalleled. A watch connoisseur can truly understand the depth and dynamics of a good watch, and how wearing your favourite piece can change the way you feel about yourself. Through thick and thin, a good watch is for the keeps.

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