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4 Success Lessons from Virat Kohli | QNET India

Virat Kohli is one of the most celebrated cricketers in Indian cricket. He is a master with his batting ability and a fearless leader who was at the heart of making the current Indian Cricket team one of the best in the world. As he steps down as the captain from test cricket, he registers himself as the most successful Indian captain in history. QNET reviews the former Indian captain’s record in test matches. In addition, we will also look at some of the most important lessons from Viral Kohli for QNET entrepreneurs to become successful in their business.

Virat Kohli is Tests 

Players playing test cricket

Virat Kohli has been a pillar in the Indian batting order, rising up to lead the team on multiple occasions. Whether it is the century he scored against Australia in Perth or the unbeaten innings against South Africa where he recorded his highest score of 254*, he has been a class act. Here are some of his stats in Test Cricket –

Virat Kohli Test Stats:

  • Matches: 99
  • Runs: 7962
  • 100’s: 27
  • 200’s: 7
  • 50’s: 28
  • Average: 39

Test stats after becoming a Captain: 

  • Matches: 68
  • Runs: 5864
  • 100’s: 20
  • 50’s: 18
  • Average: 55

Indian team Under Kohli’s Captaincy in test cricket

  • Matches: 68
  • Won: 40
  • Lost: 17
  • Draw: 11

Under Kohli, India recorded 40 victories in 68 Tests. The Indian soil has become a fortress, with India recording 0 defeats in the Test series. Some of the most memorable wins from recent times include – First-ever Test series win in Australia, a first series win in Sri Lanka in 22 years. Furthermore, team India also reached the final of the inaugural edition of the World Test Championship. In his reign, Kohli led the batting line-up from the front, scoring an impressive 5864 runs as Test captain and 20 hundreds with an average of over 50.

A great achievement and a dream come true for a young cricketer from Delhi. Kohli has been a phenomenal leader! Here are some important success lessons from India’s most successful captain in test cricket.

Success lessons from Virat Kohli  

1) Work Ethic

In a famous interview, Kohli once claimed that he does not miss his training sessions and emphasises on having a fitness routine and working hard. “I want every ball to be an event that we win as a team. So, I give my 120 per cent for that. I am naturally like that, so I need to work hard,” Kohli said while speaking to Hindustan Times.

“My game will be nothing if I am not intense enough on the field, and that is one of the main reasons why I keep working hard on my fitness, but now, it has become more of a second nature and my lifestyle. I would rather miss a practice session but not my training session. That’s how important it has become for me,” he further said.

Kohli has been the epitome of dedication and hard work. He tends to play with his heart on his sleeve and gives his best in every game. This was highlighted by his knock of 149 against England in the 2018 test series. Kohli had scored a century in every major test playing nation, but England had proved to be a difficult venue. In his previous test series against them in 2014, he had scored just 134 runs in ten innings.

In the 2018 series, he was determined to change his record. That’s exactly what he did with his brilliant knock. It was a tough series for India, but Kohli led from the front. Scoring 593 runs in one of his best performances in a Test series.

It all comes down to his ability to consistently work hard. QNET entrepreneurs can take inspiration from him to work hard and develop a relentless work ethic. It goes a long way in helping them build their business and cementing their reputation. In network marketing, just like any other business, time and effort are required to become successful. A strong work ethic will enable them to achieve their goals and help them scale their businesses.

An ambitious entrepreneur looking outside the window at his home while working

2) Passion and determination

Virat Kohli undoubtedly is one of the most passionate cricketers to have ever played the game. Whether it’s coming in at number 3 or 4, fielding in the slips or encouraging the team to stay positive, his passion for the game is clearly evident.

His passion and determination was the perfect combination for the Indian team to become competitive and a force to reckon with in test cricket. Earlier, winning a test series was perceived as a massive achievement. However, after Kohli became the captain, India rose from 7th to the 1st spot at the end of 2021. They have recorded impressive victories at England, Australia and a whitewash in the recent home series against New Zealand in 2021. Now, it is almost an expectation for India to win almost every time they play. He might have stepped down as the captain, but his passion and determination continue to drive the team.

Direct selling is a relatively lesser-known profession. While most people are still working in their conventional jobs, direct selling continues to grow and provide new opportunities. While direct sellers are still adapting to the new philosophy, it is very important to believe in their work and remain passionate. That is the only way for an individual to become successful in network marketing and inspire others. Passion needs to be the driving force in an individual’s journey. One that allows the individual to reach greater highest, just like the swashbuckling former Indian captain, Virat Kohli.

3) Vision

Great stories have well-written plots. Tall buildings are built with well-structured foundations. Success stories are preceded by great plans, many hours of hard work and most importantly, a vision. Without a clear vision, it is highly improbable for any venture to last. This holds true in many other domains as well, including cricket. When Kohli became the captain, he came in with a vision, and it was not just to make India a leading force in test cricket, but to make it the best team in the world.

Virat Kohli has led the team with great panache, learning from the likes of MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar. Kohli has moulded his learnings and produced his own style of leadership of fearlessness and exuberance. He has transferred his vision into the team, which is evident in their performances.

Kohli has been a true leader who takes responsibility for a loss and holds himself accountable if the performance is not up to the mark. He has driven the team with a great work ethic. In one of his interviews, he said – “Our working relationship, and off the field as well, has been built on mutual respect and trust, on a vision that has been shared, which has been focused in one direction which is to take Indian cricket higher and in a better place than we found it” – (Source: Economic Times)

Entrepreneurs must have the vision to scale and grow their businesses. It is important for them to have a path that they can follow. It can certainly take time for them to develop the roadmap, but it is an important step that needs to be revised until they achieve their goals. In addition, entrepreneurs need to hone their leadership skills to help their team and guide them in their journey.

A young QNET entrepreneur presenting the business opportunity

4) Collaboration

A large part of Virat Kohli’s success as a captain is down to collaborations and a true spirit of kinship he establishes within the team. He has always placed the team before him and is a constant force of inspiration for youngsters to perform their best.

This is evident in matches as well, as he builds strong partnerships during his innings by allowing his team members to settle and express themselves. In a match against New Zealand in 2016, Kohli established an epic partnership with Ajinkya Rahane with a dominating 365 runs between the pair for the 5th highest ever partnership for India in test matches. The partnership will be remembered as the dawn of a new era in Indian test cricket, with captain Kohli and vice-captain Rahane leading from the front.

In business, collaborations and partnerships are the key elements, especially in network marketing, where a direct seller must present the business opportunity. In addition, partnerships can help in bringing out their best.

QNET is the proud direct selling partner of many top companies in the world. It has set a standard in synergising and producing some of the best products, events and initiatives to empower people across the globe.

Become a success story like Virat Kohli 

Bat and a ball lying on the cricket field

Virat Kohli has been an inspiration to Indians for his charismatic performances and an ability to lead the team towards glory. India currently stands as the top nation in the world in test cricket. His passion, determination and vision are some of the most inspirational qualities that every entrepreneur needs to develop to become successful.

There are many reasons that individuals might resort to for not being successful. However, if one intends on fulfilling their dreams, there have to be no alibis. Just like Virat Kohli, who places great emphasis on developing a great work ethic and working hard towards his goals.

Virat Kohli is a stalwart in Indian cricket and has established himself as a modern legend. One that continues to inspire individuals to reach out for their dreams and persevere until they become successful. We hope that these success lessons from one of the best cricketers in modern times inspires entrepreneurs to step up and make a difference in their lives!

If you’d like to start your journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur with QNET India, visit the QNET India Website to learn more!

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