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Style with CHAIROS Watches | New Year Outfit Ideas from QNET India

New Year brings new hopes and an opportunity to start afresh. Along with new opportunities comes new trends in lifestyle. One of the most common trends that people explore every year is Clothing and Fashion. In 2021, people explored new clothing ideas, combing different clothing elements to express their unique style.

Now 2022 is here, and here comes new clothing and styling trends. However, one of the best accessories to augment our outfit and make us look stylish is a watch. It can be an absolute game-changer, and QNET is here for all the fashionistas with New Year outfit ideas to look stylish and trendy!

New year Outfit ideas with your favourite CHAIROS watches 

Clothing is an important element in every individuals’ life. Good clothes with a great sense of fashion can make a person more confident, while also leaving an impression on others. Now, what’s a better way to look our best and feel great than by adding that brilliant watch to our outfits!

While choosing the perfect watch for our perfect outfit might seem like a time-consuming task, it can certainly make a huge difference to our overall appearance. Fortunately, CHAIROS has watches specially designed to complement our outfits for all occasions. Here are some great outfit ideas to go along with our special CHAIROS watches –

Suit-able formal watches by CHAIROS

Suits are some of the most stylish clothing options, when there is a conversation about formal clothing. A good suit can make us look smart and help us exude confidence. But it would still be incomplete without a stylish watch to go along with it.

An accessory that can make us stand out from others are our CHAIROS watches. These unique watches are the crown jewel of our fashion as they can instantly elevate the class of a formal suit. But it isn’t just suits, CHAIROS watches also go well with traditional attires. It can seamlessly complement an embroidered sherwani suit. For women, traditional attires, including a saree or a suit, need a special watch to enhance their appearance.

CHAIROS watches are specially made to help us look our best on all formal and special occasions. Here are a couple of formal watches from CHAIROS for men and women!

1. CHAIROS Sniper for men 

A young man in a formal suit with CHAIROS Sniper by QNET in the frame

CHAIROS Sniper is one of the most stylish watches for men that perfectly complements a suit. A well-fitted suit and Sniper go hand-in-hand in exhibiting class, power and precision. The watch has an immaculate design that is bound to grab everyone’s attention and make a lasting impression.

Sniper is powered by the Swiss Ronda movement. Its state-of-the-art design has an immaculate black dial, furnished with rose-gold indices. To further complement the dial, the watch has a ridged rotating bezel and rose gold plated case. The immaculate quartz movement is protected by sapphire crystal glass. Its classic black leather strap goes perfectly with almost all formal outfits.

Overall, CHAIROS Sniper personifies power and establishes your presence in a meeting or any formal occasion. Indeed, the watch is an absolute class apart and stands out as one of the best formal watches for men.

2. CHAIROS Onyx for women

A young woman in a dress exploring formal watches with CHAIROS Onyx in the frame

Women have a wide range of options when it comes to formal clothing. The most commonly worn formal attire is a pantsuit, and it can be styled in many different ways. It is definitely a necessity for any woman working in a corporate setting. What’s equally important is a stylish watch that accentuates the appearance of the suit.

CHAIROS Onyx for women is the new watch in town. It has an amazing design and works perfectly with a pantsuit. The timepiece has an eye-catching green dial crafted with an open-heart Japanese automatic movement. The dial is further serenaded by rose gold plated alternate roman indices. Onyx has a stainless steel body that is complemented by IP rose gold plating to provide the perfect combination of grace and elegance.

In addition, the timepiece has a 24-hour small side indicator. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass shields the dial. The watch is available in two stylish options. A dual-link metal strap and a white colour genuine leather strap. Both these options work perfectly for all formal occasions.

Bluestone Onyx also goes well as a dress watch. We can style our outfits with Onyx on special occasions, family gatherings and parties. What’s more, whether it’s a saree or suit, Onyx is a unique watch that perfectly complements our outfits and stands out as an element of timeless elegance.

Casual watches from the Fashion Collection from CHAIROS

Casual clothing has always been a go-to option for most individuals because of its comfort while still making a person look presentable. Now casual clothing might seem simple and not as glamourous, but there have been many trends around casual clothing over the years.

One of the most common solutions to look stylish in casual clothing is styling a T-shirt or shirt with denim pants or a denim jacket. Its ruggedness gives a casual look while being a great option for wearing on many occasions. This includes a family dinner, a day out with friends or even a walk down to a lake. The denim combination would look perfect.

However, there are multiple outfit ideas that an individual could sport to enhance their appearance. One such option is pairing the T-shirt with a buttoned-down shirt. It looks casual while also looking stylish at the same time. Adding a leather jacket is yet another great option for your clothing line.

But what our outfit would most often require is a casual watch. CHAIROS presents great options for men and women to up their style quotient with these unique casual watches.

3. CHAIROS Torque 

An Indian man sporting the CHAIROS Torque watch with a casual outfit outdoors

Torque by CHAIROS is one of the best watches to wear with a casual outfit. It is tough and built with state-of-the-art components. Some of its unique features include, ridged rotating bezel, a beige colour nylon strap with quick release spring bars for comfort. To further add to its features, it is protected by sapphire crystal glass, making it scratch-resistant.

But that’s not all. It ticks with one of the finest movements in the world. The Swiss-made movement adds more persona to the timepiece. Overall, it is a great addition to your casual outfit. Whether it is denim or a pair of chinos, Torque perfectly complements the ruggedness of our outfit. Moreover, it also works well with any casual outfit, giving us the power to be the new force to reckon with.

4. CHAIROS Lilac for women

A young woman trying the New Year outfit ideas with casual watches and CHAIROS Lilac in the frame

CHAIROS Lilac is one of the most fashionable watches in the market. The watch exemplifies elegance and style. Its lustrous white dial is furnished with grey rays and decorated with round diamond fitted in square bullet applied indices. It adds a touch of class to our outfit with its stainless steel body.

Lilac goes well with a pair of T-shirt and jeans or a dress. What’s more, the Lilac matches well with all of our favourite colours. So, we could style it with a shirt, stole or scarf or even our favourite dress to look graceful.

Lilac is available in two veritable options – The stainless steel strap and purple colour leather strap. There is no going wrong with both these fashionable options. The elegance of Lilac by CHAIROS gives us an experience of the purple rain!

Over to our next New Year outfit ideas to go with CHAIROS watches!

Sports Watches from CHAIROS for Activewear

One of the most common trends in recent times is activewear. It further includes athleisure clothing. Athleisure clothing is casual clothing that can be used as activewear. Now when we think about sportswear, digital watches are the most common ones that would come to our mind.

However, CHAIROS presents analogue watches that perfectly complement our active style with an undertone of class and excellence.

CHAIROS watches are unique and enable us to style our favourite sports gear with them. They make us look confident and stylish even in our sports or athletic attire. Here are a couple of brilliant sports watches from CHAIROS.

5. CHAIROS Chrono+

A young man on a sports bicycle crossing a tough terrain with CHAIROS Chrono+ in the frame

CHAIROS Chrono+ oozes sporty confidence. Its unique design is powered by the Swiss-made Ronda Chronograph movement. In addition, it has an intriguing multi-step press pattern dial with grey indices embossed on the surface. But the speciality of the watch is that it presents two amazing options, a yellow colour dial that perfectly complements bright coloured activewear. At the same time, a dark blue dial works well with almost all activewear. The strap of the watch is also available in these two options of yellow and blue to complement the dial. The watch is truly made to help you take that long stride and break the limits!

On the whole, CHAIROS Chrono+ is the go-to watch to look stylish in sportswear. The next watch is sure to catch the attention of women who’re active in sports and recreation.

6. CHAIROS Sprint Ladies

A young woman jogging with CHAIROS Sprint in the frame

Our final sports watch for women is a definite head-turner. The CHAIROS Sprint is a special timepiece engineered with the state-of-the-art Swiss-made movement. It has a two-layer designer dial pattern protected by tough sapphire crystal glass. Sprint has a water resistance of up to 50 meters, making it resilient.

But that’s not it. It has a one-of-a-kind appearance with a lustrous white dial, perfectly serenaded by olive green indices. To match the indices, the strap of the watch is olive green and made with a genuine leather strap. However, the speciality of the watch is that it has quick release spring bars allowing us to change the straps easily.

Whether it’s a quick run in the morning, a game of badminton or even a quick aerobics session, CHAIROS Sprint is our partner to take us past the last mile.

CHAIROS has truly made a watch for every mood and occasion. All the above options are a great way to elevate our style and make a statement this New Year.

Explore New Year Outfit Ideas and Style with CHAIROS Watches by QNET 

The New Year is an opportunity to make your mark and transcend new heights. One of the best ways to do just that is by changing your wardrobe and arming yourself with watches that help you make the most of your time.

CHAIROS watches from QNET India is that exquisite collection that helps you express yourself without inhibitions and establish you as a force to reckon with. Whether it is a formal occasion or an important meeting, the classic collection presents watches that help shine the spotlight on you. The casual watches from the fashion collection keep you ahead of the trend, making you look stylish while you experiment with new outfit ideas. The sports watches from CHAIROS keep you active and going, helping you achieve all your goals this New Year.

Style with CHAIROS watches by QNET India

Explore the New Year outfit ideas and augment them with the magnificent collection of CHAIROS watches to help you conquer the world! Visit the QNET India eStore today!

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