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Stunning New CHAIROS Men’s Watches By QNET India

What makes a man feel truly complete? If you answered ‘attire’, then we fully agree with you. This is age-old advice, but it holds true even today – “Always dress up like you are going out to meet the love of your life”. Attire makes a man desirable. Attire makes a man unique. Attire makes a man. Period. What completes a man’s attire is CHAIROS watches for men. No matter the occasion, CHAIROS has the right watch for it. CHAIROS watches have made waves across India and QNET India is back with more. But now, there are two new players on the block, and they are here to rock your style!


CHAIROS Voyager – Time Traveller

The CHAIROS Voyager Time Traveller is an amazing rose-gold plated timepiece equipped with a dual time zone. With the ability to set a ‘home’ time zone, you can function with ease anywhere you are. The dial features a total of 24 different time zones that you can choose from. This watch is for the traveller in you! The rose gold dial with a brown, croco-pattern genuine leather strap makes for a captivating style statement. This Swiss-made Ronda movement watch completes your look and complements every attire. What is more, it supports water resistance and comes in a rose-gold colour dial.


For the bold and the adventurous – the CHAIROS Chrono+ is a unique marvel. The Chrono+ features a sporty look available in two bold colours – yellow and blue. A superb multi-step press pattern dial with numbers etched on the outer part of the dial makes the CHAIROS Chrono+ seem outer-worldly. These watches come in trendy dotted genuine leather straps to complete the outdoorsy look. Featuring a Swiss-made Ronda movement, the Chrono+ is simply the best smart casual watch in the game.

The first is a funky yellow dial with a matching yellow dotted strap. The dial is a sporty black that brings out the cool in you. If you are someone who likes loud colours, the Chrono+ Yellow Watch is the perfect one for you.


The other one is the chic blue with yellow accents. The big, blue dial sports yellow in the sub dials as well and is completed with a blue strap which is dotted. The ultimate casual watch is here for the taking in the Chrono+ Blue.

More from the CHAIROS Collection

CHAIROS by QNET India is a whole wide range of men’s watches. You have plenty of great options to pick your favoured style. The CHAIROS Vector is an instant classic – a deep blue beauty with a gold trim that captures the eye. Another one that comes to mind is the CHAIROS Crusader, featuring a rich rounded dial with two different options for straps. You can choose from a classy dark brown genuine leather strap or a classic gold metal strap.

If elegance is what you look for, the CHAIROS Alpine Neo is the one to choose. A black dial with 3 additional sub-dials encased in a grand silver stainless steel case gives a sense of versatility that you look for. The CHAIROS Aquatica is another watch to own in your esteemed collection. Available in both rose gold and black dials, the Aquatica is a bold statement for the confident man.

The CHAIROS Silver Mist is one you do not want to miss. The silver-blue timepiece is subtle yet powerful, making it ideal for business meetings and parties. It is a sublime silver watch which has a navy-blue trim down the middle. The Silver Mist is elegant and stunning in its own right.

The CHAIROS Wizard comes in two breathtakingly sophisticated designs. One is a classy gold trim with a brown leather strap, and another is a silver stainless steel metallic finish encompassing a jet-black dial. The Roman numbering adds to the flair of these wonderful timepieces. The last on the list is the CHAIROS Latitude – again in two complementary styles. Both sport black dials with the Big Date feature and you get two strap options. One is a black and gold bracelet while the other is a pure black genuine leather strap.

QNET India with its CHAIROS collection of watches for women and men is leading the race in bringing style and class to watches in India. Its versatile watches are top sellers across the country and now with two new watches in its line-up, it is setting the trend with better and finer timepieces in the market. The CHAIROS brand has become a household name in India and rightly so. You can rest assured that all CHAIROS watches are a combination of great quality and fantastic design. Though we leave you with these new launches, you can surely expect many more CHAIROS watches in the coming months from QNET India because there is a lot more in store for you. Visit the QNET India eStore to get your favourite watch right away!

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