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Stay Healthy This Monsoon

There is something magical about the first summer rains as it washes away the dust and provides relief from the gruelling heat. But once the initial euphoria of the refreshing showers fades away and the gentle downpour turns into an incessant torrential flood, trouble begins!

Roads turn into rivers spreading infection and disease, mosquitoes breed in stagnant pools of water, and more people start to fall sick. However much you love the rainy season, you need to take precautions to make sure you stay healthy enough to enjoy it.

Here are some things you can do to help you and your family stay healthy, and enjoy the romance of the monsoons.

1- Avoid Walking Through Rain Water.

Stagnant rainwater is a breeding ground for mosquitoes that transmit diseases. Often it also contains animal and human waste, and is a cesspool of bacteria and viruses. Walking through this can lead to fungal diseases of the feet. Make sure you drain away any stagnant water collecting in the vicinity of your home.

2- Keep Mosquitoes Away

Use a powerful insect repellent at all times. Keep windows and doors shut and in good condition. Try as much as possible to stay indoors when mosquitoes are most active outside.  If you can’t avoid it, make sure to wear light-coloured, tightly woven, loose clothing that covers you completely. Avoid clothing made out of synthetic fabric. Stick to pure cotton or linen that will dry quickly.

3- Keep Your Skin Clean

The humidity during monsoons can cause a buildup of sweat and dirt, along with other toxins on the surface of the skin. You may need to bathe twice a day. If you get drenched in rain, make sure to remove your wet clothes as soon as you get home and put them away to wash. Dry yourself thoroughly, preferably after a warm bath with a disinfecting soap.

4- Keep Your Feet Dry

An umbrella and raincoat may help keep your upper body dry, but it’s almost impossible to avoid getting your shoes wet during the rains. If your shoes and socks get wet, you must remove them as soon as possible and make sure to wipe down your feet and dry your shoes. Use a hair dryer if necessary. Bacteria and fungi thrive in the damp, dark environment provided by wet shoes and socks.

5- Drink Herbal Teas

There is nothing more wonderful during a downpour than a warming cup of herbal tea. Especially teas with soothing, and healing properties that will boost your immunity system, like the ones found in the Nutriplus Celesteal Range.

6- Boost Your Immunity System

The monsoon season is a tricky time for your body. It is constantly fighting allergies and infections, weakening the immunity system. Of all our body’s natural immune system boosters, Glutathione is perhaps the most important one. Glutathione is naturally produced in each and every cell of your body and is your body’s own master antioxidant. High levels of glutathione mean a strong immune system, and better defences against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

We strongly recommend consuming a sachet of Nutriplus EDG3 each morning on an empty stomach to activate the natural healing power of glutathione in your cells.

7- Stay Away From Street Food

As much as you love the roadside chaat and samosa, the rainy season is not a good time to be eating street food. Pollution of water and raw vegetables is very common during the monsoon. Illness from street food contamination is more common than you think, especially during this season.

Don’t let the rain dampen your spirit. It is a time of newness, as everything gets washed clean and emerges anew. And there is no reason you cannot enjoy it with just a few preventive steps.

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