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Start 2020 with These Exceptional QNET Products

Every new year is marked with promises of a delightful time ahead, one that rejoices new beginnings and goals. For this reason alone, new year becomes a time when we start working on ourselves to usher in our improved versions. From taking care of our health to restarting our tryst with healthy food, the list is endless. Keeping this in mind, QNET has curated a list of exceptional products for you that will help you gallop towards your new year resolutions.

Skin Care

QNET BeYouTé Argan Care –

QNET BeYouTé Argan Care

Originally found in Morocco, Argan oil is made from the kernels found in Argan tree. It can be used for a number of purposes as it hosts a lot of health benefits. Its properties are very beneficial and the oil is commonly used to make skin products. One of the rarest oils in the world, it is also often referred to as ‘Liquid Gold’ owing to its endless exotic uses and also its high-priced nature. QNET BeYouTé Argan Care contains 95% pure organic oil that is laden with vitamin E, carotenoids, essential fatty acids, polyphenols, phytosterols et al. that contribute to excellent skin, hair and nail health. Available for both men and women, the product is without any parabens and artificial colours. It deeply moisturizes the skin improving skin elasticity, repairing damaged skin and has anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing properties. When used for hair, QNET BeYouTé Argan Care improves hair vitality and scalp health while restoring shine and bounce. It also protects hair from environmental damage woes.



Keep your skin soft and supple with this super-hydrating body lotion that has amazing nurturing properties. Made with CM-Glucan, Kukui oil and a unique hydration complex, this lightweight lotion easily blends with your skin leaving it glowing and moisturized without any stickiness. Bid goodbye to dry, scratchy winter skin and usher in a new, nourished skin that is sure to get you compliments! Can be used for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Health and Wellness

QNET Nutriplus EDG3

QNET Nutriplus EDG3

Reclaim your health with QNET Nutriplus EDG3, a blend of amino acids that are extremely beneficial for your health. Available in mixed berry flavour powder, you can easily add it to water. Containing three amino acids – L-Cystine, Glycine and L-Glutamine, it improves immunity, is a super antioxidant, detoxifier and a host of other benefits.

QNET Nutriplus DiabaHealth –

QNET Nutriplus Diaba Health

Formulated using a novel Bioplantex technology that causes superior bioactivity of the extracts, QNET Nutriplus DiabaHealth is a 100% natural product that has a blend of different herbs and plant extracts proven to be ideal for blood sugar management. Made with the key ingredient Kino (Malabar kino), along with Karela (Bitter gourd), and Jambul (Indian blackberry), all are clinically known for better absorption of sugar from blood to cells. Inclusion of DiabaHealth will support better blood sugar management.

Home and Fine Living


Oritsu premium dinnerware

QNET partners with Dankotuwa, makers of premium and extravagant tableware in Sri Lanka. The newest range ORITSU, exclusively produced for QNET, brings home technical mastery and creativity in its dynamic and vivid designs. Made from the best of raw materials, 24 karat gold and platinum decorations adorn this tableware collection. Available in three variants – ORITSU Mosaic, ORITSU Sultan Crown and ORITSU Rhaya Red, each of which boasts of exceptional quality that strikes a regal chord.

CHAIROS Signature Cardinal –

CHAIROS Signature Cardinal

Heralding a dash of glamour, the CHAIROS Signature Cardinal watch is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic movement which is powered by the continuous motion of the watch wearer’s wrist; battery or winding is not required if the watch is worn on a regular basis. Brilliant diamond hour markers adorn the stately Cardinal timepiece that is a league on its own. Armed with a 49 mm stainless steel case and 50 m water resistance, this watch knows how to be sturdily brilliant. Available in black and white variants.

A new year is a new start and its best to begin that journey on a note of positivity. Immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle that will ensure a power-packed 2020.

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