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SHARP-QNET Zensational: Experience Pure Air with an Advanced Room Air Purifier

Room air purifiers have become a must for every household in India. According to recent studies, indoor air pollution contributes between 22-52% of the total pollution levels in the country. With the depleting level of air quality and an increasing number of people with respiratory diseases, buying a room air purifier is necessary.

Individuals often try to resort to cheap and convenient methods to improve air quality. The methods include improving air circulation and limiting sources of indoor air pollution. While these methods improve air quality, they cannot completely combat all factors that cause pulmonary diseases. An air purifier is a unique device specially engineered to remove pollutants, allergens and other harmful microbes. In turn, it plays a key role in improving overall health.

Now, most individuals choose a simple air purifier with basic features. This may not be very effective, and an individual might still experience the harmful effects of air pollutants.

In this article, we will look at the important factors to consider before buying an air purifier. We will also look at a mega-brand and perhaps one of the best air purifiers in the market for QNET India customers!

How to choose a good room air purifier?

Selecting the best room air purifier can be a difficult task if one isn’t aware of a few important factors. An individual may not experience the best air quality and face respiratory problems. So, here are the factors that individuals must consider before bringing an air purifier home –

A young man wondering how to choose a good room air purifier

1) Coverage area

This is one of the most basic parameters that individuals must consider before buying an air purifier. They must make a note of the total area of their room. Choosing an air purifier that covers slightly more than the area of the room is the most beneficial option. For instance, if a room’s total area is 430 sq ft, buying an air purifier with a coverage area of 440 or 450 sq ft is ideal. The reason for this is because it ensures effectiveness by covering every nook and corner. In addition, it can save energy bills by being effective while operating at a lower setting.

2) HEPA filter

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Often, most air purifiers may just have a “HEPA-like” or “similar to HEPA” filter. These are not as effective and usually spread pathogens around the filter. In turn, it blocks the air passage. So, an individual must choose air purifiers with True HEPA filters, which are specially made to capture minute particles such as pet dander and allergens.

An air purifier with a True HEPA filter is far more effective than a regular air purifier.

3) Allergy-Friendly Certifications

Allergens are a major cause of indoor air pollution. Mold, mildew and small dust particles usually cause severe allergic reactions and settle in areas with a lack of ventilation. Air purifiers commonly claim to get rid of allergens. However, most of these claims are exaggerated and may not be as effective as one would perceive.

The only way to accept its credibility is through allergy certification. The best air purifiers have certifications from renowned labs and authorities. An individual must pay closer attention to these certifications when an air purifier claims to eliminate allergens.

4) CADR and Ozone emissions

Clear Air Direct Rate is the overall speed at which an air purifier can purify the room. It usually removes smoke, pollens and dust particles. Often air purifiers may not be efficient in purifying the room fast. As a result, they have a lower CADR. Individuals must note this important detail and ensure that they buy an air purifier that has a CADR of at least 300 CADR for a medium-sized bedroom.

Ozone emission is extremely harmful to our respiratory health. Individuals must buy air purifiers which do not emit ozone gases.

5) Noise and maintenance

A few air purifiers generate a lot of noise and cause sleep disruptions. The noise level depends on the operational settings. Often when air purifiers are used at full capacity, they generate a lot of noise. Individuals must opt for an air purifier that does not generate a lot of noise or can be set to lower sound levels.

One must also factor in the cost of maintenance of an air purifier. Filters such as HEPA and Carbon must be replaced frequently depending on the usage. Basic air purifiers require their filters to be changed as frequently as 3-6 months. On the other hand, a good quality air purifier would have a great filter life which would last way longer. In turn, it is more efficient.

So, another key aspect to keep in mind is the filter life and overall maintenance.

Now that we know how to choose an air purifier, let’s look at one of the best air purifiers with world-class features!

SHARP-QNET Zensational air purifier

SHARP-QNET Zensational is a top-end air purifier with brilliant features to ensure enhanced air quality. It has the patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology (PCIT) that eliminates 29 different types of microbes (H1N1, Cladosporium, E. coli etc.) present in our homes from various surfaces. As per research conducted by SHARP Japan, Zensational can deactivate 91.3 % of the novel Coronavirus.

The unique air purifier is equipped with the best-in-class filtration technology. It has a washable Pre-filter that can trap up to 10-micron dust particles. It has an electrostatic true HEPA filter which efficiently captures 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. The PANDAA filter is one of the best filters to remove bad odours. It has a dual-action function which neutralises toxic gases and turns them into harmless vapours.

What’s more, Zensational has world-class features that make it one of the best air purifiers for our homes!

Special features of SHARP-QNET Zensational air purifier

1) 7-Detection Intelligent Modes 

Zensational has the 7-Detection Intelligent modes. It can automatically sense PM2.5, dust, odours, humidity, temperature, light and motion. When we switch the air purifier on, it automatically detects the surrounding conditions. The air purification and humidification occur as per the room’s conditions. A motion sensor detects if people are there in the room. It works in coordination with light sensors to automatically switch to energy-saving operation.

2) Integrated Humidifier 

It is equipped with an integrated humidifier. Low humidity causes dry skin, chapped lips and skin irritation. A humidifier helps in restoring the humidity in a room. The special technology in Zensational helps keep skin healthy and safeguards you against throat infection. It does it by controlling the relative humidity through the natural evaporation technique. This is a world-class feature that improves our overall wellness!

3) Filter life and coverage area

The filter life and overall coverage area are some of the most important parameters while buying an air purifier. SHARP-QNET Zensational has the best-in-class filters with up to 10 years of filter life. What’s more, the air purifier has superior technology that provides a coverage area of 530 sq. ft!

4) Global Certifications

Zensational has been tested by 34 global laboratories and verified safe and efficient. So, it is a certified expert in improving indoor air by emitting positive and negative ions present in nature. Here are some of its certifications – SHARP-QNET Zensational Certifications.

Let’s look at an overview of all the features of SHARP-QNET Zensational –

SHARP-QNET Zensational features –

  • Equipped with the high-density Plasmacluster Ion Technology
  • Advanced filtration system engineered with True HEPA and PANDAA filters
  • Natural and automatic Humidity control
  • Intelligent monitoring and purifying with seven sensors
  • 10-year-long filter life
  • 530 sq ft coverage area

Blissful breathing with SHARP-QNET Zensational air purifier by QNET India

A world-class air purifier like SHARP-QNET Zensational can significantly improve air quality. It is an advanced air purifier that eliminates all harmful pathogens. It is effective in reducing allergy and asthma symptoms. To top it off, it has unique features such as an integrated humidifier, intelligent monitoring and intuitive command and control. Furthermore, its best-in-class filter life and coverage area makes it the ideal choice for your home!

Experience the bliss of pure air with the one-of-a-kind SHARP-QNET Zensational air purifier. Available in your QNET India eStore!

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