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Coronavirus Is Airborne | Protect Yourself With Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Prof. Benedetta Allegranzi, technical lead of infection prevention and control at the World Health Organisation, confirmed that Coronavirus can spread through airborne particles. Until now, it was believed that the novel virus can only spread through aerosol particles that are expelled as bodily fluids when an infected person sneezes or coughs. However, there is now significant evidence to suggest that the virus lingers in the air long enough to spread through the air exhaled by infected persons.

In an open letter to the W.H.O, around 240 scientists from 32 countries presented clear evidence in the Clinical Infectious Diseases, a scientific journal that publishes scholarly articles about the subject. In a stark contrast to the previously believed statement, WHO came out stating that the novel virus does not fall into the ground as previously thought and can remain floating for several hours, enough to infect a person who inhales the air.

Effectiveness of SHARP QNET Plasmacluster Ion Technology on Airborne Microbes

Given the recent update by WHO that Coronavirus can linger on in the air just like other airborne microbes, every step you take to ensure that you and your family breathe clean air contributes towards minimising the chances of infection. Simple steps such as having a proper ventilation and sanitisation of interiors with Hydrogen Peroxide have proven to be quite effective.

Under the circumstances, SHARP-QNET Plasmacluster Ion Technology clearly stands out as one of the most hi-tech preventive and precautionary measures you can take to protect your family from the threat of the deadly Coronavirus.

Numerous tests have been conducted from 32 different research and academic institutions, including IIT – Delhi, to gauge the effectiveness of Plasmacluster Ion Technology, that’s patented by SHARP. The tests were conducted by studying the effect of Plasmacluster Ions on many strains of harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pollutants. In each of these tests, the Plasmacluster technology was found to be effective.

 What Is Plasmacluster Technology?

Get the SHARP QNET Plasmacluster Air Purifier for clean and fresh air

A science-meets-nature concept, Plasmacluster Technology is all about mimicking the presence of positive and negative ions that attack living pathogens including deadly viruses

Positive Hydrogen ions and negative Oxygen ions have always surrounded us naturally out in the open. These ions elude us within the closed confines of our buildings and that’s where this cutting-edge science plays a vital role. By emitting ions that surround the viruses, they form a cluster that looks a bunch of grapes under the electron microscope, hence the name.

Once the virus is surrounded by the negative ions, they grab the positive Hydrogen ions from the virus. Losing this crucial ion destroys the all-important protein molecules that cause the infection. This results in inactive viruses that are completely powerless even when they enter the human body. SHARP has come with an easy-to-understand yet graphically rich video about how these ions attack various microbes.

The chemically unstable negative oxygen ions now have the positive hydrogen ions from the virus, forming a stable water molecule that escapes into the air. Just like how nature wants these ions to work.

How SHARP QNET Air Purifiers Generate Ions With Help From Plasmacluster Technology

Some of the best ideas are often the simplest! To invent the Plasmacluster Technology, SHARP came up with the idea of utilising water vapour and oxygen that are present in the air we breathe. By creating a plasma discharge, water molecules can be given a positive charge and oxygen molecules a negative charge.

The voltage applied to the water and oxygen molecules through proprietary electrodes split these molecules into H+ and OH- ions. By producing a net positive and negative charges, these ions are forced to attract other molecules including pathogens that are made of too few molecules to resist the attraction caused by charged ions.

Once these ions surround the pathogens, there is no escaping the adverse effects these ions have on the harmful micro-organisms.

The Many Benefits of SHARP QNET Plasmacluster Technology

In addition to rendering the pathogens inactive by attacking the active proteins, the ions emitted by the Plasmacluster generator have many other benefits too.

Purifies air: SHARP QNET Plasmacluster technology is deigned to create an absolutely healthy indoor ambiance by suppressing the power of a host of pathogens including virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, and dust mites. The results are scientifically tested and you can be sure of the effects that result in an indoor environment that offers only pure and fresh air.

Removes unpleasant odour: Just like the way SHARP QNET Plasmacluster technology neutralises dangerous germs, it also acts on molecules that cause unpleasant odour resulting in fresh air. Chemically speaking, odour causing particles are similar to germs and therefore the technology we use is as effective in defeating the pathogens.

Cuts down on static electricity: Remember the slight jolt you had from touching an object whose surface is made of synthetically manufactured material? In all probability, that’s due to what’s known as static electricity. Now why should it bother you? Well, many pathogens and dust particles are electrically charged leaving them floating in the air.  With the ions released by SHARP QNET Plasmacluster technology neutralising them, they will be heavy enough to fall down and away from your breathing space. You can watch the video below.

Beautifies the skin:  Plasmacluster technology is completely based on what nature does in creating a conducive environment for a healthy living and that means healthier you. By minimising the harmful toxins that can be a part of indoor air, the new technology ensures that you come out visibly healthier including bright and radiant skin. A sound sleep that’s a result of breathing pure and fresh air also contributes significantly towards this cause.

QNET’s Commitment to Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Through the Revolutionary Plasmacluster Technology

As we continue to battle this new threat to the mankind, air purifiers are becoming increasingly significant to ensure health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones. At QNET, we believe that it’s the responsibility of every individual to ensure that their family members breathe pure air and we have partnered with SHARP, one of the world leaders in consumer durables and electronics., to come up with state-of-the-art air purifiers.

Switch to SHARP QNET Plasmacluster Air Purifiers for Guaranteed Results

SHARP QNET Plasmacluster Ion brings forest fresh air 

With its patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology, the SHARP QNET Zensational Air Purifier pumps pure air that’s free from 28 types of pathogens including viruses that are too tiny for other filters. What’s more, its active absorption is designed to filter out harmful germs that are present on surfaces too!

Breathe forest-fresh air that’s constantly filtered using the latest HEPA filter that traps particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. To give you an idea about how tiny that is, human hair is about 50 microns thick. The purifier also has PANDAA filter that renders fumes and other harmful gases safe.

While the filters purify the air and keeps it free of harmful germs, dust, and other particles, the built-in humidifier maintains optimum levels of humidity for added comfort. It has seven modes of intelligent detection to keep the air you breathe pure, fresh, and devoid of any odour. The SHARP QNET Zensational Purifier works just fine even in large rooms and completely changes the indoor dynamics in about eight hours.

SHARP QNET Plasmacluster Air Purifier is another purifier from the SHARP QNET stable. Ideal for smaller rooms, it effectively removes disease-causing germs, dust, and other particles. The Plasmacluster technology emits both positive and negative ions creating a natural ambience full of pure air.

The Bottom Line

Whether its your home or office, installing a certified and tested air purifier has become a necessity as we continue our fight against Coronavirus. SHARP QNET air purifiers are certified by 32 different institutions across the world. Built using latest filtering technologies and patented Plasmacluster, these air purifiers deliver the cleanest air that’s safe to breathe.  So, get your air purifier today and beat the virus like a pro.

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