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Say No to Junk Food with Nutriplus FibreFit by QNET India

Eating junk food is a problem! Over 38% of the total population in the country is considered to be unhealthy. It is a result of the regular consumption of foods that contain empty calories. It leads to major health issues, poor fitness levels and affects our overall well-being.

In modern times, when every food item is accessible within minutes, people often consume a lot of junk food. The type of food we eat can determine the quality of our lives. Eating junk food is bound to have a negative effect on our well-being.

Now, there is no harm in eating our favourite delicacies once in a while. However, most of us cannot resist the temptations and end up consuming them in excess. This leads to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Poor lifestyle choices tend to take a toll on our health.

Consuming junk food regularly leads to obesity. According to reports, close to 650 million people in India are considered obese. It is also the root cause of digestive problems such as indigestion, diarrhoea, heartburn, bloating and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Now, this is just the beginning of chronic health issues such as cardiovascular diseases. It may also affect the liver and cause substantial damage.

In this article, we will understand why and how individuals can say no to junk food. In addition, we will look at an effective solution to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

But first, let’s understand what happens when we consume junk food in excess!

What happens when we consume junk food? 

Junk food or fast food have always been some of our favourite choice of food. It provides the perfect treat to our senses. However, it is important to note that these food items do not provide any nutritional value. Moreover, an individual must understand that it can have a negative effect on the body and health in the long term.

Processed food tends to lower metabolism. They are stored in the body for a longer time, and the digestive system takes more time to process them. Junk food generally contains high amounts of saturated fats. These fats are unhealthy fats responsible for most of our health problems.

Junk food is further responsible for adding that extra layer of unwanted fat around our tummy. It also leads to excessive fat in our legs and glutes. They tend to settle in the form of loose fats if there is no regular workout or exercise. Obesity is also the major cause of reducing our mobility. Junk food makes us lazy with lesser motivation to work. It further alters our mood and causes regular fatigue and irritability.

An individual experiencing stomach problems due to a poor diet

It is important to reiterate that eating junk food is a serious cause of digestive issues. Consuming junk food from unhealthy sources leads to diarrhoea, continuous bloating sensations and stomach upset. It is further responsible for increasing bad cholesterol levels that lead to heart diseases.

Another major issue of consuming a lot of junk food is its sugar content. Consuming sugar in high amounts is responsible for diabetes which has no defined cure and can lead to comorbidities.

In a nutshell, consuming junk food can be highly dangerous to individuals regardless of their age or genetics. So, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, one that is powered by a healthy diet.

Say no to junk food. Switch to a healthy diet

It is easier said than done. But consuming a healthy diet is one of the best decisions that an individual can make to improve health. A healthy diet is also central to improving an individual’s lifestyle. It means that one must eat a balanced diet with all nutrients essential to our body. Some healthy food items include fruits, veggies, nuts, dal, whole grains etc.  

A salad plate with healthy food items

Our bodies aren’t deficient in fats and carbohydrates, even though both these nutrients are important for us to work and produce energy. Although, we are deficient in other essential nutrients. We require vitamins, minerals, proteins, dietary fibres and other vital nutrients to keep us healthy.

Replacing our unhealthy diet with healthy food items goes a long way in improving our overall wellness. It significantly affects our lifestyle and prevents diseases from occurring. Another aspect that individuals need to be wary of is relapse. It is possible that after starting a healthy routine, an individual may want to go back to the old ways. They need to remain mindful enough to get back on track.

A healthy option is to consume probiotics and dietary supplements that aid the process. They are an excellent addition to our routine and help in filling nutritional gaps. Moreover, they also help us keep our health in check.

Nutriplus FibreFit by QNET India is the ideal source of nutrition and an excellent way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Let’s understand what this amazing product has to offer us and how we can change our lifestyle with the help of a dietary supplement!

Nutriplus FibreFit from QNET India

Say no to junk food with Nutriplus FibreFit by QNET India

Nutriplus FibreFit is our route to a healthy diet. It contains a rich source of soluble fibre from a plant source called Gum Acacia. It is also known as Gum Arabic, made from acacia tree sap and ground into a powder. Gum Acacia is used as an emulsifier or thickener that improves the food’s texture without affecting its natural taste.

FibreFit provides multiple benefits to improve our overall health. It helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system by functioning like a prebiotic. It also helps us feel full for a long time. This is crucial in helping us prevent the consumption of unhealthy junk food.

Now, we also briefly touched on the consumption of sugar and how it causes major health problems. FibreFit is an ideal food item for a diabetic as it has a low glycaemic index. What’s more, it is an excellent solution for reducing cholesterol levels in our body.

Overall, Nutriplus FibreFit is one of the best solutions for making our meals fibre-rich and healthy!

How to consume Nutriplus FibreFit?

Nutriplus FibreFit mixed with milkshake

Most people often get confused when they are consuming Nutriplus FibreFit. They wonder if one must consume it as it is, heat it, or mix it with something. Well, it is super simple! All one has to do is tear open the sachet and add it to a beverage or sprinkle it over any food to make their meal fibre-rich.

It works with any food item and does not leave any form of residue. One must also note that FibreFit does not have any taste or odour of its own and is heat stable.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle with Nutriplus FibreFit

A young woman eating a healthy meal with the addition of Nutriplus FibreFit

In modern times, people are looking at various solutions to improve their health. They start a ketogenic diet, experiment with intermittent fasting and even try to use sugar substitutes. All of these are great options and can provide a positive result. Although, most of these solutions require significant commitment and willpower from an individual. Often, individuals may give up on their journey without a proper plan.

Nutriplus FibreFit is an ideal solution to start a healthy lifestyle. It does not require a high amount of discipline from an individual. Moreover, adding it to our food does not significantly alter the taste. So, individuals can enjoy their favourite dishes along with Nutriplus FibreFit. The best part is that it instantly makes it healthier and fibre-rich, improving the overall nutritional value of the food!

So, go ahead and say hello to a healthy lifestyle by adding Nutriplus FibreFit to your diet from the QNET India eStore!

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