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Save Water Technology I KENT-QNET ‘s Solution To Water Wastage

Today, investing resources into saving and conserving water is one of the most important decision. Due to water pollution and climate change, natural water bodies are getting contaminated, and people are being forced to compromise on consuming pure and hygienic water. The impact of urbanisation has only led to a greater demand for water while increasing the levels of pollution and wastage. With people constantly on the move, we must stay conscious and make healthy purchasing decisions. Direct selling organisations are now collaborating with brands that promote the importance of water conservation, even during challenging times.

Even during this age when water pollution and wastage is going unchecked in many places, top direct selling companies and manufacturers are working together to find an answer to the problem. For instance, QNET’s partnership with KENT to launch the SMART Alkaline Mineral RO water purifier is a step towards development, sustainability, and wellbeing.

QNET India has always been at the forefront of bringing better and more sustainable products into the market. This has greatly helped in impacting conscious consumerism and allowing customers to make choices that are better for themselves and for the environment.

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Sustainable Ways to Save and Consume Water

Water is a valuable resource. Be it in agriculture or personal consumption; it is imperative to focus on safety, hygiene, and sustainability. Several countries are currently facing a water crisis, which has eventually promoted the urgency to save water and make optimal use of resources available. Now, more than ever, there is a need to conserve water for the current and future generations. A recent United Nations University report stated that nearly 3 billion people face water shortage of some kind or the other, while 1.5 billion people suffer from water scarcity or even droughts. By 2025, these figures expected to reach unprecedented levels in human history if adequate steps are not taken.

  1. Rain Water Harvesting – Climate change and inefficient maintenance of drainage systems have deteriorated the quality of water we collect or consume. People have to make amends to optimise and conserve rainwater. Rather than allowing the precious rainwater to go to waste, we must stay responsible and accumulate or harvest rainwater for future use. Harvesting rainwater eventually can help you consolidate resources, reduce wastage, and invest in an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  2. Shower Regulators/Heads – Another way to save water is to invest in showerheads. All of us know that taking a bath uses the most water. To curb this excess, purchasing shower regulator/heads can optimise water utilisation while in the shower.
  3. Water/Energy Efficient Appliances – Using water or energy-efficient appliances can reduce the extent of water wastage. This not only saves precious water but even contributes to reduced water/electricity bills.

With conscious consumerism on the rise, consumers are more aware and educated about sustainable purchasing decisions. With several brands capitalising on water purifiers’ importance with the latest technology, it is crucial that we, as global citizens, do not fall prey to compulsive purchasing decisions.

A transparent and customer-centric approach at QNET India allows people to make strong & healthy decisions. For instance, be it Home & Living, Health & Wellness, Personal Care & Beauty or the Watches category, customers can access their favourite QNET product via the e-store and make conscious purchase decisions.

KENT-QNET Smart Alkaline-Mineral RO Water Purifier

KENT and QNET have come together to bring you the KENT-QNET Smart Alkaline-Mineral RO water purifier to help improve health and wellbeing while conserving water.

Benefits of Consuming Alkaline Water


Alkaline water has a higher percentage of pH level than the normal water we consume. Experts say that this can be beneficial in removing or neutralising harmful toxins from the body. The pH level of normal water is 7, while Alkaline water has a pH level up to 9, which is beneficial for overall health & wellbeing. Some of the benefits of Alkaline water include– anti-ageing properties, colon-cleansing features, enhances the immune system, helps with effective hydration, skin health, weight loss and even resistance against cancer.

The KENT-QNET Smart Alkaline-Mineral RO water purifier does a lot more than providing water that is healthy for consumption. For instance, with the multi-step purification and filtration process, one can always keep track of the quality and pH of the water they are consuming.

Save Water Technology

Save water technology essentially incorporates high-end technological advancements that ensure water’s nutritional quality without compromising its nutrients. For example, weather-based irrigation regulators equipped with smart irrigation technology guarantees data that determines the amount of water utilised.

Most RO water purifiers only use up to 20% of the water that it consumes. This means that almost 80% of the water from the water purifier is wasted. KENT’s innovative save water technology uses a system-controlled routine that uses almost 50% of the water and turns it into pure drinking water. Even the remaining water is not wasted as it is can be collected separately and used for gardening, mopping, and washing.

Let us now shift our attention to the benefits of purchasing the KENT-QNET Smart Alkaline-Mineral RO water purifier.


  1. Technological Marvel – The KENT-QNET Smart water purifiers use the latest RO technology for water purification. The additional feature of a multi-step filtration process maintains an 8+ pH level of pure and healthy alkaline water.
  2. Reverse Osmosis Technology – The KENT-QNET Smart water purifiers utilise reverse osmosis (RO) technology, ultrafiltration (UF) and ultraviolet (UV) features that eliminate the impurities and provide the best possible water for consumption. Also, with an LED interactive display, consumers can monitor purity, performance, and consumption of water at any time.
  3. The Benefits of Alkaline Water – Some of the benefits of consuming alkaline water through KENT-QNET Smart water purifiers involve antioxidant properties that create the necessary resistance against free radicals, optimal hydration, boosts the immune system, increases blood oxygen levels, and enhances healthy bowel condition.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and get your KENT-QNET SMART Alkaline-Mineral RO water purifier today!

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