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Safal Azeez | A QNET Success Story

QNET has given me a chance to give my parents the best life.”

When he was a young college student, Safal Azeez knew what his dream house would look like. He was 21 years old when he decided to build a house for his parents, and only after he achieved that dream would he start to build a life for himself. Safal, a Kochi resident, majored in electronics and communications engineering. He worked for four years as a software developer with a multinational IT company, gradually working towards his goal.

One day, nearly four years ago, his best friend introduced him to QNET, the direct selling industry and the plethora of opportunities it offers. After learning about it, Safal became keen to try his hand at this exciting venture.

Although his parents were initially apprehensive about his decision, Safal decided to take a leap of faith. “My best friend and I have known each other for very long – I’m sure he wouldn’t give me poor advice.”

Undoubtedly, his decision paid off handsomely – After four years of being a dedicated, hard-working and tenacious QNET India distributor, Safal achieved his dream. At 26, he successfully built his house in the heart of Kochi, and in August 2019, his family finally moved into their new home! 

In this conversation, Safal shares his story regarding his transition from an engineer to an entrepreneur and how his new lucrative career has helped him and others achieve their dreams.  

What were the biggest changes after you switched from a full-time job to a QNET distributor?

Before I joined QNET, my life was plain and monotonous; I lacked ambition. I wasted most of my time staying cooped up at home on weekends. On weekdays, I lived the same repetitive, dull routine – going to work and returning home. I yearned to do something productive along with my job so I wouldn’t fritter away my time. When I was introduced to QNET, my journey began with the help of my friend. Once I got the feel of the business, I started attending conferences, events and training programs. It was after this that I began to see the big picture.

There were so many things to do and learn and so many well-rounded experiences I could have! I realized that anything would be possible once I learnt how to do this business right and did it with focus and dedication. Since then, I have not only fulfilled my dreams but also helped others achieve their dreams through direct selling. Most importantly, I know that I have grown immensely as a person with QNET. 

How did QNET help you achieve your dream?

I knew I wanted to build a home for my parents from a relatively young age. By the time I reached college, I had visualized the complete design. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. When I was 21, I promised myself that I would not get married before achieving this goal. When I started working as a software developer, the salary I was getting made my dreams look unattainable, at least for the foreseeable future. Also, I was keen not to take a loan to do this as I did not want to be in debt for the rest of my life.

For the first two years of my journey with QNET, I only did this business part-time, alongside my day job. I was earning a fairly good income and saw the potential of doing even better if I dedicated my time to building my sales business. About a year and a half back, I quit my job to focus on my QNET business full-time, and just as I expected, I was able to see my dream become a reality.

Everything happened just the way I had decided it would. On August 4th, 2019, my parents and I moved into our new house. Unpredictably, I also got engaged to a wonderful girl on the same day. At least to say, I was overjoyed! 

How has QNET impacted your life?            

I have changed phenomenally as a person. When I started my business with QNET, I wasn’t fluent in English and wasn’t a good public speaker. However, I am confident today to speak in front of a crowd of 2000 people! QNET has continuously inspired me to work on bettering myself. I keep upgrading both professionally and personally, all thanks to QNET. I can say with certainty that I am a better person now. 

Did you face any challenges in your journey?

Yes, of course. Initially, when I was alone in Chennai, I wanted to quit many times. However, knowing what awaited me at the finish line, I pushed through the challenges and kept reminding myself – “life would be boring without challenges”. When I started my journey, I faced a lot of rejection too. I was rejected six to seven times, and it took nearly two months for my first successful sale. But I understood that rejection is a part of life, so they only strengthened me. While the first sale took around 2 months, I earned my first commission cheque, having generated sufficient sales volume only after almost 4 months. Despite this, I didn’t give up.        

How did you motivate yourself to get through the tough times?

As I said before, I thought of quitting on many occasions. However, what held me back was the thought of all the people who told me I couldn’t do it. I wanted to prove to them that I could make it in this business. That fuelled my motivation to continue. It kept me going when my faith was shaking. Also, my uplines and mentors helped me a lot. My upline Jayadev Thilak was unwavering in me and supported me during difficult times. He mentored me to do better every day. He is one of the hardest-working people I know and is one of my role models in the business. After overcoming all the hurdles in my journey, I now realize that life will be boring without challenges.

How important is teamwork in direct selling? What do you do to ensure your team members are happy, satisfied and working to the best of their capabilities?

I have never considered my people to be a ‘team’– these are my people. They’re my family. This industry has given me people who will do anything for me just as I would for them. This is how strong our bond is. When it comes to helping others, my mentors, VC Sanu S Nair and VC Jayadev Thilak, taught me to be genuine and sincere and to do everything from the heart. I immensely care about my team members and their dreams. When you work on their dreams and help them succeed, they will be with you and help you achieve them too.

Any success tips for young entrepreneurs looking to join the direct selling industry?

I believe that ethics, especially in business, can take you a long way. Ensuring you convey the right information, no matter how difficult, always yields a good outcome. Nothing but consistent efforts will help you succeed and make your business profitable.

Be consistent, even if you don’t see an income right away. Most importantly, you need to realize that this business has no quick money. You shouldn’t enter into this business to earn a large income in a short period. Avoid comparing yourself with others and continue to focus on your business without worrying about what others have gained. I always refer to this quote that my upline, AVP Nasib BR, had said, “Always be boringly consistent,” and ask others to follow it too.

What are other future goals now that you have achieved one of your biggest dreams?

My immediate next dream is to have the perfect wedding and take complete responsibility for it. I don’t want my parents to pay for anything. It is one of the most important days of my life, and I want to make it a day to remember. I am also fond of cars, so upgrading my old Swift to my dream car would be next on my list.

More than anything else, I want to provide my parents with the best life they haven’t even dreamed of. My parents have sacrificed greatly to give me a good education and a fruitful life. I will dedicate my time to giving them the best life they deserve. That’s my biggest dream!

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