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QNET Shares Tips on Reusing Plastic Bottles

On an average, globally about 100 million plastic bottles are used and thrown off, with 80% of them merely becoming a part of non-biodegradable litter. The convenience of plastic has made us not care about the plastic trash that gets accumulated on a daily basis. Our environment now is heaving under the terrible burden of plastic pollution with plastic water bottles having a significant carbon footprint; the amount of water that goes into making a bottle is three times the amount that it carries. Additionally, these bottles take more than 1000 years to bio-degrade, and if incinerated, produce toxic fumes.

It is an excellent habit to get into re-purposing plastic bottles as our environment needs all the help we can provide. Once you make up your mind about re-purposing, you can find many opportunities for reuse. For starters, once you are done with your plastic drinking bottles, don’t discard it but use it to make awesome things. You can use them to make low-cost, fun and functional craft projects that will elevate a modest plastic bottle into a great utilitarian object. Let’s take a look at some of those options –

1. Plastic DIY no-sew zipper cases

Plastic Zipper case

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You can turn your old plastic bottles into sturdy, functional no-sew zipper cases that you can use to organize your stationery, craft supplies or whatever you wish! To make one, start with cutting the plastic bottle, glue attach a zipper to it and make it look fun with decorations that you want and it’s done. You can follow the process of making one here.

2. Bird feeder

Plastic DIY bird feeder

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If you love your feathered friends, this DIY recycled bird feeder can help you get closer to them. With very little time and money investment, you can make it with any plastic bottle that you would have otherwise thrown away. All you need here are a plastic bottle and some wooden spoons. Check here on how to make it quickly.

3. Bottle cap mosaic

Plastic DIY wall art

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If you are the creative kind, you will love doing this. Who would have known that bottle caps could be used to make gorgeous and eco-friendly wall art? If you don’t have enough bottle caps, you can easily collect from your friends and neighbours. Instead of bottling up your creativity, let it out with this delightful, environment-friendly craft project that is super fun to indulge in. Click here to know how to make one.

4. Kitchen storage containers

Plastic DIY storage containers

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Plastic bottles make for excellent storage containers. No doubt! Refresh your kitchen space with these easily made, and really cool kitchen storage solution. Making these should be super-fun, easy and additionally you get to save some money buying containers. It’s a win-win really. With a little time in hand and a pair of scissors, you are good to go. Check the entire process here.

5. Vertical gardens

Plastic DIY vertical garden

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Living in a concrete jungle can get a bit tiring. To beat the monotony, you can liven up your terrace or balcony space with these easy-to-make vertical gardens. You can use any number of bottles you want, string them together and hang against a wall or railing. Ensure that you choose slightly thicker bottles which will be durable and not tear under the pressure of soil, plants and water. For some interesting ideas on how to go about, click here.

6. Snack bowls

Plastic DIY snack bowls

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Transform your dining space with these quirky snack or candy bowls – all made from plastic. Start off by cutting the plastic bottle bottom, then use a hot iron to smoothen out the cuts and there you are, all set! It is easier than it sounds. However, you do not have to leave it at that – add some decorations to make them look cute. Learn how to do it here.

7. Piggy banks

Plastic DIY piggy bank

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Indulge your craftiness and make adorable piggy banks out of plastic. You can choose to paint over the entire body, so the amount you are saving can remain a secret, and as a result, a surprise! Alternatively, you can also leave it transparent to check the saving progress you are making. Simply put, you can actually save money with this project, so go right ahead! To learn about the process, click here.

Plastic pollution is a menace, but there are many creative and sustainable ways of curbing the extreme plastic disposal numbers. Using the tips in this article, you can start off your plastic upcycling journey today!

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