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QNET’s Grand Success At Its Maiden Virtual V-Convention Connect 2020

To celebrate its 22nd anniversary, QNET held a 3-day V-Convention in Malaysia on September 6-7-8, 2020. This was the first-ever virtual convention in QNET’s history, owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. Every year, close to 20,000 people flock to QNET’s much-awaited V-Convention in Penang Island, Malaysia. This year, QNET managed to pull in a crowd 10 times the size to its online event “The V-Convention Connect”. Around 200,000 people from 50 different nationalities participated in the virtual event, making it a huge success.

The official day-to-day highlights were as follows.

Day 1 – 6th Sept 2020 – QNET India’s Product Portfolio: 

QNET India’s marquee line-up was the V-Convention’s mainstay on the first day. Starting from QNET India’s BeYouTé range of personal care products to its healthcare array Nutriplus. BeYouTé by QNET comprises advanced nourishing skincare supplements which include body lotion, night cream, toning lotion, hand cream, eye zone gel and so much more. All BeYouTé products from QNET are carefully concocted to bring you 360-degree skin protection and damage repair.

The QNET Carnival also paraded its partnered products – the KENT-QNET Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier and the SHARP-QNET Air Purifiers. QNET’s partnership with KENT using SMART Alkaline RO technology has led to the creation of one of the best water purifiers in the world. The SHARP-QNET ZENsational Air Purifier uses the one-of-its-kind patented ‘Plasmacluster Ion’ technology making it a trendsetter in the air purifier market. The SHARP-QNET Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier is the other product in its range presented as a solution for indoor air pollution.

QNET India’s ORITSU – premium tableware was also showcased. The Oritsu range is sophisticated and classy dinnerware designed for extravagant dining. This unique porcelain tableware is designed by European designers.

Day 2 – 7th Sept 2020 – New Launches from QNET India:

Day 2 was huge for QNET for two main reasons. First on the agenda was the unveiling of QNET’s premium jewellery for women under the brand name ‘Kinnari’ exclusively for the Indian market. Available in beautifully handcrafted styles with various precious gemstones and its patented “Carbonlokd” setting technology, jewellery by Kinnari aims to personify the beauty and grace of women.

The other exciting news was the product launch of new health products under the Nutriplus range by QNET. DailyHealth and LivHealth were the two health products introduced – while DailyHealth is an everyday revitaliser for people leading active lives, LivHealth is an immunity-boosting anti-viral and anti-bacterial supplement as a bodyguard for the liver.

Day 3 – 8th Sept 2020 – Watching the Amazement:

QNET India’s much sought after watches called CHAIROS were showcased in all its glory. CHAIROS watches by QNET are wonderful timepieces made for both men and women. There are loads of stylish options from CHAIROS made for every occasion. CHAIROS watches are designed to perfection and with the sole purpose of scaling up your lifestyle quotient.

For its pièce de résistance, QNET took the opportunity to announce a new Swiss-made watch series under the QNETCity Collection to mark the fruitful partnership between QNET and Manchester City Football Club. This stunning watch is a limited-edition masterpiece called “1984” – an ode to the football club’s year of establishment. It sports the club’s home colour, an obsidian blue, and features a Manchester City logo in a sub-dial to give it a signature finish.

The inaugural V-Convention Connect #VCC2020 was a sensational hit, to say the least. Bringing the whole experience of meeting new people and engaging in business discourse with thousands of individuals via online channels worked out very well. QNET made use of its own streaming platform called ‘Vtube’ to host the events. The CEO of QNET, Ms. Malou Caluza, was excited to address and acknowledge the triumphant virtual convention which gives the opportunity to bring QNET to the fore with like-minded business individuals.

Apart from product launches and business updates, there were training programs set up and, also included a recognition event of top performers. The 3-day affair was a resounding victory for the QNET family. The direct selling company exceeded expectations by pulling off the first-ever virtual V-Convention in its history. The cherry on the cake was QNET’s 22nd birthday, which was memorialised with much pomp and vigour.

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