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QNet’s Chairos Enerjii Bracelet — Energy from Nature

chairos enerjii braceletDo you ever wake up in the morning and feel out of it and not all there? Or perhaps you notice in the middle of the day that you feel heavy, or down on energy? This could be from an imbalance in your energy field. 

All human beings live in harmony with the earth’s natural energies. We are exposed to a tremendous amount of energy every moment of every day. There are universal energy shifts that we feel at a very deep level. Changes to the earth’s energy are felt in changing weather patterns in the atmosphere, and in the ground beneath us as magnetic energy centres release and rearrange. The energy shifts in the people around us also affect us personally.

Your own body exists in a strong electromagnetic field that is your personal energy web, that is constantly shifting. All this is a lot of stimulation for the body, even if you are not engaged in any type of exhausting physical activities during the day.

The key to our health and well-being as we have often discussed is living a balanced lifestyle – eating real, nutrient rich foods, regular exercise, taking the necessary supplements, and being well rested. In addition to the above, you could also benefit from wearing certain accessories that can impact your energy levels.

We have created the Chairos Enerjii bracelet infused with three natural energies into an elegant and modern bracelet that can be worn by both men and woman, for wellness benefits. This bracelet is more than a fashion accessory. It combines powerful style with the positive impact of negative ion-infused silicone, neodymium magnets and far infrared inserts, to provide the wearer with energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

The Vitality of Waterfalls

negative ions waterfalls

Negative ions are created naturally in nature by the energy associated with waterfalls, rolling surf, and lightning. Negative ions are negatively charged particles formed when enough energy acts on a molecule or atom to eject an electron. Negative ions have an invigorating effect on the human body while positive ions have the opposite effect, quite often inducing a feeling of tiredness.

Negative ions are said to produce biochemical reactions that enhance your mood and vitality. Enerjii’s negative ion infused silicone emits negative ions upto 800 – 1000 ions per cubic centimetre.

The Power of the Sun

power of sun

The sun is the major source of energy on earth and emits Infrared radiation, an important energy source that promotes warmth, growth and healing. Far Infrared (FIR) is the invisible band of energy from the sun’s spectrum that we feel as warmth. FIR technology absorbs energy from all wavelengths, and releases it into the Far Infrared wavelength. FIR ceramic inserts absorb energy from various sources and release it into the human body for gentle warming to help support circulation.

Enerji’s magnetic inserts emit FIR in the wavelength of 4-14 microns, identical to the rays emitted by the sun.

The Energy of Magnets

Magnetic energy is one of the strongest natural forces in the universe and the power of magnets is one of the most basic energies of nature. All living beings co-exist within the earth’s magnetic field. Many migrating animals such as birds, whales, and butterflies use magnetic energy for navigation.

Studies have indicated that applying a static magnetic field to the body may support circulation. Wearing a magnetic bracelet is a non-invasive way of applying beneficial magnetic fields to the body. Magnetic technology is used in many performance bracelets favored by professional athletes. The Chairos Enerjii bracelet’s neodymium magnetic inserts emit a magnetic field strength of between 800 – 1200mT Gauss strength, which is considered the most beneficial Gauss range for humans.

This product is not a medical device and we make no medical claims for any of our products whatsoever. If you are on any medication, are pregnant, or wear a pacemaker, please consult your doctor before using this product.

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