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QNET Watch Recommendations for Women

Watches are fantastic accessories for everyday wear — a functional addition to your style that can compliment your overall look. We’ve written a lot about why men love their watches, given their limited choice in accessories (compared to women).

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The most celebrated watchmakers in the world have historically focused 95% of their attention on the men’s market, as the majority of collectors have indeed been male. But time is now ripe for change. It has become very clear in recent years that a new generation of dynamic, independent women are ready to embrace their own style when it comes to luxury timepieces.

The Swiss agree on only one thing about women’s watches: Beauty is nonnegotiable. Today’s young women want diversity, choice, femininity and elegance.

As an article in the Harper’s Bazaar states –

“Finding the right watch is a bit like finding a husband. Pick a great one and you’ll keep it forever; pick the wrong one and you’ll be dying to get rid of it after a year or two.”

If you’re in search of a new look for yourself, looking for a gift for your significant other, or simply curious about what your style could be, read on and find out!

For the busy Entrepreneur
Chairos Maya

qnet ladies watch

The Maya combines casual chic with timeless elegance making this a great watch for ladies who enjoy balancing their busy schedules with much-deserved downtime. The Chairos Maya is a mistress of versatility. You can pair it with smart casual attire for those days when you don’t feel like dressing up for meetings. And you can wear it to project sophistication and casual elegance at informal settings.

For those Special Occasions
Chairos Lynette

qnet ladies watch

With a striking blue dial, surrounded by a bezel encrusted with Swarovski crystals, the Chairos Lynette immediately draws the eye in with its beauty and elegance. The black ceramic bracelet further accentuates this modern beauty. The Chairos Lynette combines a precious piece of jewellery with Swiss-movement functionality, perfectly accessorising you femininity on those special occasions.

For the Active Lifestyle
Chairos La Belle

qnet ladies watch

Femininity and athleticism share the field of focus in this offering from Chairos. An active woman’s lifestyle needs a watch that matches her strength, and her aspirations. The Chairos La Belle is sports-inspired luxury watch that also makes a stunning fashion statement!

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