Monday, September 25, 2023

QNET Watch Recommendations for Men

Watches have acquired a new significance in the last decade or so. They have become an indicator of one’s status and taste — or lack thereof. Successful people and those on the rise are becoming more aware of what their watch says about them.

As a result, one’s choice of a watch has become as important as the quality and cut of the suit (for men) and the colour and type of handbag (for women). If you are clear about the message you want to send to those around you, you might consider watches fitting both your personality and the occasion.

The Italians, known for their fashion, advise three timepieces at the very least.

  • A watch that suits your occupation
  • A dress watch for sober, formal or evening wear
  • A robust watch for sports or holiday

You can create your collection to match these occasions from QNet’s vast collection of luxury timepieces.

This week we present you with recommendations for Men’s watches from Bernhard H Mayer and Chairos, both available exclusively to QNet customers.

Entrepreneur – Chairos Racer

qnet watch chairos racer

The Racer watches from Chairos are specially created for the spirited man that speeds through life. Network marketing professionals are busy entrepreneurs who are constantly multitasking — training, making presentations, mentoring, business building, product demos, traveling…there is always something waiting to be done! The Chairos Racer with its sporty chronograph face is created in the image of a race car dashboard reflects life in the fast lane, one that most network marketing professionals experience.

Sporty – Chairos Alpine

QNet watch

For those of you who love the outdoors, the Chairos Alpine is the perfect watch. The Alpine Chronograph is sturdy with scratchproof sapphire crystal, and has water resistance of up to 50 metres if you fancy going diving wearing it. It also has an alarm and chronograph functions. The cool thing about the Chairos Alpine is that you can switch the leather strap with a stainless steel bracelet when you want a change of pace.

Formal – Ouranos Noir by Bernhard H Mayer

qnet watch

We call this Swiss timepiece a true gentleman’s accessory. This sleek watch portrays a brushed and polished stainless steel exterior, complemented by a stylish black croco print leather strap. The classic design is perfect for those formal meetings and serious occasions when you want to portray an air of discretion, of solidity, and dependability.

Let us know which is your favourite watch from the QNET Watch collection for the various occasions above.  

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