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QNET Tips | V-Malaysia 2019: A handy packing guide for your trip

V-Malaysia 2019 is around the corner and if like us, you’re super excited you have probably already started planning for it. When preparing for a trip like this, forgetting to pack some basic but truly useful things can take away from the fun.

Since we want you to have the best five days of your life, here’s something we thought would be helpful. Here’s a checklist to make sure you have what you need to enjoy V-Malaysia 2019.

A travel wardrobe to impress

V-Malaysia 2019: Chairos Amore for women and men

Sure, first impressions are important but let’s face it, so is comfort. Those who need to attend award ceremonies, like QNET Achievers, we suggest you pack clothes that are classy yet comfortable. It’s advisable to take along clothes made of fabric that doesn’t crease easily so that you can avoid the hassle of trying to find an iron when you can spend that time on better things, like networking. Also, consider carrying ethnic wear that best represents your culture – sometimes these can also become conversation starters! Finally, accessories can really bring an outfit together. What better to complement your classy ensemble than a Chairos watch?

Take your tech

V-Malaysia 2019: A spread of our daily tech needs in red

You do not want to miss out on selfies and pictures, and since you will probably be making a lot of new friends and contacts at the conference a smartphone is a must-have. Don’t forget to carry your charger and a power bank— you don’t want your smartphone to run out of juice before you can record the amazing speeches, activities and take videos and pictures of the places you visit.

The little big things

V-Malaysia 2019: BioSilver Gel

So, you’ve packed your favourite perfume, night cream and your makeup kit. Great! Now don’t forget to toss in some other things that matter, like a hand sanitizer. A true handbag hero, a hand sanitizer can come to your rescue at so many places – on flights, at airports and even when you’re just traipsing around town. The BioSilver Gel is your best bet, so make sure you pack it in with the rest of your essentials.

A sense of comfort

V-Malaysia 2019: Celesteal exotic blend tea

Your days are likely to be packed, what with the action-packed conference and the carnival where you will be busy meeting people from all over the globe. Plus, all the traveling to Malaysia’s top tourist spots that you have planned might leave you a little tired at the end of the day. There’s nothing like tea to put the spring back in your steps. Carry your favourite Celesteal exotic blend tea so that you’re always just a few minutes away from a refreshing and comforting experience.

Copy that

V-Malaysia 2019: Documents needed to travel by plane with an aeroplane figure.

While you’ll be carrying your passport, tickets and other important documents, make sure you also carry a set of copies. These copies can come handy when you don’t wish to carry the originals with yourself at all times. You can even email a set to yourself so that you always have this important documentation on your phone

We cannot wait to see you at V-Malaysia 2019 and get to know you better. So, get your documents in place and pack your bags. See you in Malaysia!

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