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QNET Tips on Staying Healthy

Good health comes with work, it does not happen by chance. It takes effort and helpful lifestyle choices to get your body healthy. Researches show that the key to sustained good health mainly comes from ‘lifestyle medicine’, which includes smart choices like simple changes in diet, regular exercise and stress management. Healthy behaviours go a long way in helping you ward off the risk of many diseases as well. A lot of people are under the assumption that staying healthy requires a lot of dieting and time spent at the gym which is not entirely true. Simple tweaks to your routine and small goals can prove to be very effective in your path to get fit.

As a direct selling distributor, your days are often fraught with challenges, and your health is paramount. You need the vigour and energy to push forward every single day. Tackling challenges daily will require you to be on top of your game and it all starts with having a healthy body that supports you when you need to forge ahead.

A daily habit of healthy choices is achievable and does not seem as insurmountable as some of the other regimes that you find on the internet. With time and the necessary steps, you will see yourself build the healthy you.

A few steps that will help you get started are as follows –

  1. Most dietary guidelines recommend that vegetables or fruits should fill half of your plate. However, it is also important to shake things up a bit at times. While all fruits and vegetables are definitely healthy, they don’t all have the same nutrients. Expose yourself to a wide range of diet where you eat differently coloured produce in a day.
  2. Avoid adding sugar to what you eat and try staying away from soda, sports drink or energy drinks as they carry a lot of sugar in it which is not good for your health. Studies show that having a soft drink or two everyday makes you 26% more prone to the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. In general, sugary drinks need to be avoided as it has been linked to heart attacks, gout and obesity. Stick to water.
  3. Move more, sit less. While a minimum of 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise is recommended, experts also maintain that any movement is better than no movement. Make it a habit to stand up often to stretch, take short brisk walks and indulge in hobbies that involves movement.
  4. Get adequate amount of sleep every day; while people tend to not prioritize sleep, it is essential for good health. Chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and many other ailments. Healthy sleep is important for processing, restoration and strengthening.
  5. Stress is inevitable but how you react to it matters. If you get angry often, suffer from nervousness or have trouble sleeping because of anxiety, it’s time you changed all that. Sudden or ongoing stress activates your nervous system and fills your bloodstream with adrenaline and cortisol, which are hormones that increase blood pressure, heart rate and spikes blood sugar. Find avenues to unwind, exercise and meditate.
  6. Do not smoke. There are no two ways about it. Smoking does not only affect your lungs but virtually every organ in your body, making you vulnerable to serious diseases like heart disease, cancer and others. Passive smoking is dangerous too and there is no ‘safe’ amount that you can smoke. If you are a smoker, please consider quitting seriously.
  7. Check in with your primary care doctor every once in a while. Regular visits help in earlier detection of problems, when it is easier to treat and hopefully cure. Tests like lipid, mammograms and prostate cancer screenings should be done in regular intervals to be safe.
  8. It is okay to take slow but sure baby steps towards a lifestyle change, even though it is often tempting to want to overhaul your entire lifestyle all at once. Change is not easy, so it is not advisable to tackle several health goals together as that can often backfire. It is always better to make a series of small changes and slowly work towards a bigger end game.
QNET Absolute Living

Modern life has been blessed us with a lifestyle of incredible convenience. We are connected more than ever with access to almost everything at the touch of our fingertips. That is the upside. On the downside, we are faced with an urgent problem of rapidly declining health. Our fast-paced life exposes us to various kinds of pollution, unhealthy diets, sedentary habits and increasing stress. As a result, our physical and mental health are at a risk, taking a heavy toll on our lives. But all is not lost. We still have time and opportunity to live better by focusing on a more balanced lifestyle that inculcates a positive and proactive approach to health and wellness. This idea embodies QNET’s concept of Absolute Living. QNET makes a conscious effort to have products and services that cater to complete well-being of all. By joining QNET, you let us help you achieve a balanced life that celebrates a healthy body, mind and spirit.

  • Our natural food supplements proactively take care of your physical health that protect you on a cellular level.
  • Our excellent air purifiers and internationally certified water filtration systems ensure that your home and family remain safeguarded against harmful elements.
  • Our comprehensive skin care products protect your skin by activating cells to work naturally.

Your journey with QNET will help you stay responsible for your overall well-being by cultivating relationships and living a life that places importance on holistic growth. With QNET, you discover a whole new you.

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