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QNet India Partners with Mount Carmel College for the cause of Nutrition Education

Children are the future of our society, and for the development of an active and healthy society, it is necessary for them to know the importance of healthy and good food for maintenance of their health. Almost one in two children under the age of five in India is undernourished. Among adults, 36 percent of women and 34 percent of men are undernourished. Research has shown that the nutritional status of adults is linked to that of children.

One of the gaps in addressing under-nutrition is a lack of awareness. Teaching children about nutrition in the classroom has the potential to have long-lasting impact. From students making healthier choices to improved academic performance, nutrition education can benefit the whole school.

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in Mount Carmel College in Bangalore has conceptualised the Nutrition Education Program for schools in Bangalore. The objective of the programme is to create awareness among young students about the importance of hygiene through awareness of  macronutrients and micronutrients in the diet. At large, this program is a vital step to improve the nutritional status of the Government school children.

QNet has partnered with the department to help promote nutrition awareness among three government schools in Bangalore. The programme spread over a three month period included an information session on the importance of nutrition, understanding of basic nutrition, personal hygiene, and food habits. These were followed by physical activities like yoga, aerobics, and games specially developed to help children understand the importance of nutrition and physical activity to maintain optimum health.

nutrition education
Students at Government Urdu Primary School enjoying the activities of the programme

nutrition education

The first phase of this programme was rolled out in Government Urdu Primary School in Guttahalli recently and received positive feedback from both students and teachers. Teachers, in particular, were grateful for the programme since when students experience poor nutrition and diminished health practices, it’s harder for them to listen, concentrate, and learn.

Around 100 students participated in the pilot programme and reacted positively to the information they received. In the next phase, the Nutrition Education Program hopes to reach at least 300 more students.

QNet is delighted to partner with this programme as it is in line with our aim to instil and promote a healthy lifestyle among Indians.

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