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QNET Success Stories | VP Sharfun Shaikh

QNET empowers millions of individuals to take charge of their lives. The QNET business opportunity provides a platform for entrepreneurs to hone their talent and skills. It is a segue for them to maximise their potential and become QNET success stories. A chance to elevate themselves with a better lifestyle and impact the lives of those around them. 

The QNET entrepreneurial opportunity has been instrumental for many individuals who have leveraged it to scale their businesses to great heights. They are an inspiration to many people who aspire to follow in their footsteps. 

In this article, we celebrate one of the most successful QNET entrepreneurs. VP Sharfun Shaikh is an inspiration to many QNET distributors. Her journey is a testament to the fact that hard work and dedication lead to inevitable success.  

QNET Success Stories - VP Sharfun Shaikh inspiring entrepreneurs with her speech

Sharfun Shaikh grew up in a ‘chawl’ in the small suburb of Pimpri in Pune. She came from a lower middle-class family. Her parents were central government employees. She was shy and couldn’t speak English properly. 

When it comes to taking charge of situations in life and overcoming obstacles, VP Sharfun’s story strikes a chord with most of us. Hailing from a humble background, she overcame various challenges in life to become successful. 

On being introduced to QNET   

“How did I get started off? How did this business come to me? It was through a friend of mine. I used to observe and learn from him, and he was the one who spoke to me about this whole business.” 

“I think I was ready for it. I was actually waiting to do something. There is a very beautiful quote by Rumi, one of the Sufi poets. He says, “What you are seeking for is seeking you.” It’s like what you’re searching for is also searching for you. I think that’s what happened with me.” 

“When I actually regularly started earning was after close to two years. All those people whom I would sign up, for some reason they were not getting switched on. My uplines said that, “Maybe it is God’s plan that not everything is coming together because maybe you’re not ready for it. So, when you get ready, it will happen.” The only thought I had was to keep going and keep building and keep doing, and that’s what I did.” 

On facing rejections  

“Rejections are part of life. The only thing that kept me going was knowing why I was doing this business. I think it is just the reason I knew why I was doing the business, and that was more important to me than looking at why people were rejecting that time.” 

“It was all because of these phases that came in my life, where I learnt. If everything would have come to me very easily, I wouldn’t have learnt anything.” 

Life before QNET  

In my last job, I was heading a startup company. From the outside, it looks like, “Oh my God, she’s a CEO and she’s doing so well”. But a designation or a position in a corporate is not anything. It is just going to pamper the ego.” 

“Initially, of course, the understanding of the business was more about money. But it was not only money, it was beyond money. It was giving me learnings about how to actually be a beautiful human being. In the last 12 years, my entire life has completely transformed. Completely changed!” 

On success and dreams 

“I think every day has become a successful day. What did I do to grow? I’ve grown a little bit more. Every day is a celebration day. Every day is a birthday. Every day is Diwali. Every day is an Eid. That’s how it has become because every day is a celebration.” 

“Having a dream that I want my parents with me and giving them a luxurious life. I wanted to give them everything that they can experience and have fun and enjoy and not feel that they’re growing old.” 

“This was my dream. I wanted to give my parents a life of experiences. If I have a dream so close to my heart, it is not about giving up on the business. How can I give up on my dream? The business was a platform; business was a way! My upline said. “Have a dream that you’re ready to live for”. So, I wanted to live to see this dream!”

VP Sharfun Shaikh is one of the most successful QNET entrepreneurs. Her success story shines bright like a beacon of light and guides distributors to step forth in their endeavours with grit and determination. QNET salutes the spirit of this awe-inspiring achiever for making it to the summit and helping others step up in their pursuit to become successful entrepreneurs! 

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For more information about the QNET business opportunity, visit the QNET India Website today! 

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