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QNET Success Stories | AVP Shipra Neeraj

Entrepreneurship is a journey that can lead an individual towards financial independence. It is a path that requires commitment and a desire to become successful. QNET is one of the best direct selling companies that provides a platform for individuals to build financial stability. It facilitates holistic development and enables them to max out.

QNET has empowered millions of entrepreneurs in the past two and a half decades. AVP Shipra Neeraj is one of the most successful entrepreneurs who inspires us with her charismatic style and eloquence. She is an inspiration to thousands of women entrepreneurs. Her journey consolidates the fact that with willpower and a positive attitude, anyone can become successful with QNET!

Let’s take a look at her inspiring journey –

1) On life before QNET

“I come from a very small town in Uttar Pradesh and grew up in a normal middle-class family. The only thing my parents have always been very specific about was our education. Well, I was an average student. I studied and finished my graduation. I got married at the age of 19 and shifted to Bangalore.” 

“My first job was with Infosys. It was a night shift and I worked there for 8-10 months. After that, I left the job and opened my own store because I loved fashion. I loved dressing up. But I suddenly realised I was not going to continue doing it. I sold my store to someone else.”

“So, I looked for a job. With my experience, I got a job immediately with Seth Paul. I was very happy. I got a very good package, and I felt for a moment that my life was settled. But God had other plans for me.”

2) Introduction to QNET

“I still remember, I always used to tell my friends, “Let’s do something. Let’s do something.” One of my close friends at that time was into IT. He suggested that we open an IT customer service place.”

“He went to Delhi and met a few people there. When he returned, he said, “We’re not going to do this. I have a brilliant opportunity at a very less cost. I think we should do that.” He told me a lot of things which I didn’t understand at that time. But I thought, at least somebody’s trying to say that we will do it together. And that doesn’t happen in a job or even in your own business. I’ve tried both the things. So I said, let’s do it!”

“After that, we met a few other senior people and the most important people in my life today. I heard a lot about this person, and everyone said, “She’s brilliant. She is amazing! You need to meet her”. The moment she started speaking from the beginning until the end, I was amazed! It was none other than VP Sharfun. She has been part of my life; she has been part of my success and everything in my whole journey!”

3) On her beginnings and rejections 

“I realised that business had a huge potential. I understood the business, had three signups, and I was like, “Wow, business works!” The moment I signed up, within 10 days, the money was in my account at that time. And I decided that I was going to do this!” 

“People said, yes. People said no. It was mixed baggage. I will never say that it was a small package of rejection. It was a big package of rejections. My best friend said no to me, but that is their choice. I didn’t stop. I moved on!”

4) On QNET products

“I love QNET products. I have HomePure. I have Kent in my house, and even ORITSU premium dinner set! That’s one of my favourite products. From jewellery to watches, I think everything is worth having!”

QNET Success Stories, AVP Shipra Neeraj

5) On the QNET business opportunity

“With God’s grace, I stay in a 12,000 sq ft villa today. When I say I stay in a house like this, I’m not alone. Many people in my team also enjoy this kind of house, lifestyle and luxury. And that happens because this is the only business which allows us to see the dreams and work for them. Further, make sure that we achieve it together.”

“I think the happiest moment is when I see a lot of people in my team achieving success because that shows that business works for everyone. Business is very simple. People complicate it. It is not a big deal to be successful in this business.”

6) On becoming successful with QNET

“From day one, the one thought which I had in my mind very clear is I wanted to do it for my parents. I wanted to do it for my son. There was nothing that could stop me.” 

“From the day I started this business, it was always about working hard, making money and helping others make money. And I think I’ve lived my life with the same thought process. This is what QNET gave me, a very beautiful family with love and a lot of respect. I know people who are more educated, talented and brilliant than me. And if I can do it, I think anybody can do it!”

AVP Shipra’s story is truly inspiring. She spreads the beacon of knowledge and motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to take action. Her story is a testament to the fact that with passion, desire and determination, anyone can become successful!

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