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Get to know QNET’s Social Media Policy | QNET Knowledge Series

Please like my tweet! Have you seen my Facebook post? Did you subscribe to my blog yet?

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re probably inundated with these requests from friends and family members almost every day. Besides being integral to our personal lives, social media has also redefined how we conduct ourselves professionally. In fact, it’s quickly becoming the new way to connect with people, and this bodes well for direct sellers. That’s why you need to know about QNET’s Social Media Policy.

Thanks to various digital platforms, direct sellers today can engage with customers faster and build long-lasting relationships. As an individual QNET India distributor, you are permitted to create a unique digital presence for your QNET direct selling business. You can write blogs, interact directly with your customers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or create your very own website—the possibilities are limitless.

However, you have to remember that as QNET distributors you represent the company and its values and ideals. Your activities, both online and offline, can affect others people’s perception of the company. This is true especially for the online world where any small information or rumour can spread like wildfire.

To avoid such scenarios, you have QNET’s Social Media Policy. It contains guidelines for QNET distributors on how to promote and talk about their business on social media platforms. Remember, when it comes to posting anything online, these are your mantras:

Check your facts. Then check them again

With fake news becoming increasingly common, make sure you have your facts right. You should always share the right information, whether it is regarding any of QNET’s products or services or about the company. For any doubt, visit the official QNET website or check out our policies and procedures document available in your Virtual Office. And while you are checking the facts, don’t forget to do a spell check as no one likes typos.

Don’t be a troll

QNET's Social Media Policy: An animated image of a person being a troll

Steer clear from using abusive or harsh language for anyone. That is not how QNET distributors act, and there should absolutely be no personal attacks. Don’t give into the troll mentality. Always remember you are an ethical direct selling professional. So under any circumstances, try to be logical and patient in your digital interactions.

Only use company information

We have all the material you need to promote your QNET business. Only use the information available on QNET’s official website. When talking about QNET products and services on your website or social media channels, don’t quote any other sources apart from QNET to supplement the content.

Disclaimer alert!

By using social media channels and blogs you are creating your digital persona that reflects your ideas, thoughts, and views. Yes, it is built to promote your QNET direct selling business and talk about QNET products and services but it also necessary to make it clear that the views and opinions you express are your own and don’t represent that of the company.

Add the following disclaimer where applicable: The opinions and positions expressed are my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of QNet Ltd.

Also, remember to always state your relationship with QNET as a distributor and not an employee or agent.

The right use of company trademark

QNET's Social Media Policy: A red Trademark keyboard button with a key signifying right usage of company trademark

Your social media handles or user names cannot have the company’s trademark or brands. Be creative with your social media names, as it represents you and your journey as a QNET direct seller. When it comes to domain names or email address, as distributors you may not use or attempt to register or sell any of QNET and its associated companies’ trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, or any derivative thereof.

Post truthful testimonials

QNET's Social Media Policy: An animated image on testimonials

As distributors, when you are providing testimonials online make sure they are true and without any exaggeration. Testimonials develop trust in a potential customer’s mind but providing wrong information can be worse and should be avoided under any circumstance. Also when making a claim about certain products and services, make sure you have the right research to back it. A product that helped cure a problem for you may not have the same results for others.

Use online advertising

QNET's Social Media Policy: A laptop screen with Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads have become a successful way of advertising directly to your target audience. As QNET distributors, you can use paid online advertising to promote your business. But you cannot use the company logo or trademark in the ads. If you are putting any link in the ads, make sure it directs to your website and not to the company website.

Reach out in case of a grievance

As a QNET India distributor if you have any specific complaint, please get in touch with QNET on any of its official social media channels or call QNET India Support Centre. We advise not to share your grievance on any other digital platform as we would have no way of tracking it and resolving the issue.

Digital platforms have opened up new doors to exciting opportunity and brought the entire world closer. Follow  QNET’s Social Media Policy and use the power of social media the right way.

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