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QNET Reviews: Success Stories of QNET Distributors during V-Convention Connect 2021

V-Convention Connect (VCC) is the biggest bi-annual event for QNET as distributors around the world look forward to the massive celebration. This year was no different, with more than 500,000 distributors from over 100 countries tuning in to attend the 33rd VCC. It was only the third time that the event was being hosted virtually, giving access to distributors for experiencing the magic of VCC from the comfort of their homes.

VCC 2021, held under the banner of – Renew, Revive and Reborn. It was a celebration of the success stories of QNET distributors globally. QNET reviews the journey of successful V Partners and V Council Members through their stories during V-Convention Connect (VCC 2021).

QNET reviews the journey of successful QNET Distributors during VCC 2021

1. Fulfilling dreams with Srishti Baruah Mishra

Srishti Baruah Mishra during V-Convention Connect 2021

“I started this business in 2013 when I was just a college graduate, and I had started my job as a system engineer in an MNC. Although I was in a job, I always wanted to do my own business because both my parents were into businesses, and after losing my father at a very young age, I had always seen my mother work very hard to give me the best of everything.

So, me and my then-fiancee, now husband (VC Ravi Mishra) gave a shot at a lot of businesses, and I was into freelancing., I also started a textile line, but none of those businesses took off. So, when I started my job, I was desperately looking for an opportunity. I wanted to do a business that would help me build a system while keeping my ethics and values intact. And that is when this business came into our lives. I would say, like a blessing. I was very excited.”


On taking responsibility to make the decision right


 “Now, excitement is one thing and reality another. So, I had to arrange the funds to start this business. I was three months old on the job. I had an education loan of seven and a half lakhs. No bank was coming forward to give me any loan.


But by God’s grace, somehow, I was able to start the business because I knew it was my only chance! And when I did, I understood that I had taken a decision backed up by God’s will, and this is my responsibility to make this decision right. When I started this business, I also took an additional decision that for two years, I am not even going home till the point of time I bought the dream house for my mother.


I think those were the most painful yet fruitful two years of my life. After two years, in my third year, when I went home finally, I bought her that house. I also cleared off all the loans.”


On QNET providing a chance to grow in life as a human being


“This business has given me a purpose. It has given me a chance to fulfil all the dreams that I have always aspired to touch since my childhood. 


Was it easy? I would not say yes, but it was a beautiful journey. After starting this business, I think when I got a chance to be a part of the In-service brotherhood, I was able to understand myself better. I became a better person, and it gave me a chance to grow in life as a human being. As we all know about the RYTHM foundation, we have a beautiful initiative started by our uplines.


This business taught me that once I decide to make a change, I am in charge. So, it was my responsibility. I wanted to make my life different, so I decided to choose this business, and this business chose me. That is how this journey unfolded into the most incredible years of my life.”


Message to QNET distributors: Keep dreaming


 “I am living my dream life. I’m still far off, and I’m still working on and on today. My family can sleep at night without the worry of money. I think that is one of the most incredible gifts this business has given to me. I feel blessed to have my in-laws (my Amma & Daddy), my mother, my brother and sister in law, and most importantly, my husband, who supported me throughout this journey because this business helped me make all our dreams come true. Also, the never-ending love and guidance from my uplines AVP Digvijay (Bhai) and VP Kavita (Ma) made me stronger. Hence, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you too. So keep dreaming. I wish you all the best in life.”

2. Take ownership of your life with VP Adly Hassan

VP Adly Hassan during V-Convention Connect 2021

“I was a Civil Engineer before joining QNET. I spent 13 years going to the nine to five job, and I was a bit full of myself because I was the project manager. On the other hand, I was a shy person. I was introverted and quiet, and I didn’t see myself as someone who could do this kind of business.

So, my upline, the person who was supposed to guide me, he’s trying to lead me and show me the way. But I did not trust my upline system. I tried to do it on my own, so I developed my system and struggled for a very long time.”

On a mission to change the world

“So, when I came to my first VCC, I was mesmerised. It gave me a different feeling, different energy and was important in helping me focus during those days. I was listening with an open heart and open mind to every statement, and I knew where I needed to change.

My decision was that when I go back, I would be a good ambassador for my company. I will talk about the truths. I will show people how much I care and how our business is great. I told myself that I would change the world. My mission today, my job now is to go out there and touch people’s lives.”

Practice the system to become a master

“Now, I trust in my upline system, and I do a lot of presentations. I learn how to filter and understand. The more I practice, the more I learn how to ask the right questions. I listen to the answers and go back to my upline with the new questions and new objections. Now, I’m very careful about taking notes of everything. So I analyse, I see why these questions keep coming.

So, it’s all a matter of engaging, trusting back in your upline system; there is nothing wrong with your upline system. The same system that has helped many people to max out. It’s the same system that many people also failed. So, the difference here is how you are going to practice this system. The more you practice, the more you become a master.”

Message to QNET distributors: Take ownership of your business and your life

“Take ownership of your business and be the captain of your ship. That’s the only solution. You are the leader of your life. This is your life and your future. This is the ship of your financial freedom. You have to fight for it because this is your last destination.”

3. Fall in love with the process with VP Arun George

“When I listened to the stories of my uplines during my first VCC, what it really gave me was this hope that it is possible for me. I got a lot of knowledge, clicks and motivation. But what I really remember is that feeling from my very first VCC; when that belief really sunk into my heart, I was perpetually smiling because I knew that my future would be bright.

It’s not just about the notes you take or about the learnings, but it’s about the decisions. It’s about those beliefs that you internalise during these three days. Events like VCC are very transformative, mainly because of these decisions and beliefs that we take as we allow them to sink into our hearts during these three days.”

VP Arun George during V-Convention Connect 2021

On motivation and taking responsibility for dreams

“Most successful people did not wait around for motivation to come back. They did not wait around for somebody to come and pull them up or pump motivation into them. They separated what needed to be done and how they felt.

I feel high sometimes, I feel low sometimes, and that has nothing to do with my responsibilities towards my dream. I have a responsibility towards my dream. I need to do this. I need to do these activities. I need to go for this training. I need to do these many presentations. I need to do these many follow-ups. I need to do these many meetings. Those are my responsibilities towards my dream.

We have responsibilities towards making that dream come true. We have been given that job; that dream is unique to us. So in that part, towards achieving that dream, there will be ups and downs. We will feel high, and we will feel low. Maybe the low days are more than the high days, but we cannot wait around every time to feel motivated again. We will lose time and momentum.

The biggest challenge that most people face is the constant attack from dream stealers and negative people. These are people who say, ‘Look at you, you don’t have the education. You are just a woman. You’re just a kid. You’re an old man. You cannot do this.’

You have got to be very smart to identify what strategy they’re using against you.”

On choosing your fight

“You just have to decide what you are fighting for. Are you fighting for success, or are you fighting to justify your failure? The fight for success might be hard in the beginning, but eventually, you get good at it.

Sometimes these financial rewards are delayed just so that you can make that fighting spirit inside you a little bit stronger. It is because you need that strong spirit for the next stage of your journey, for the next dream you have. You need that fighting spirit for the next phase of your success.”

Message to QNET distributors: Fall in love with the process

“But don’t hate the process. The rewards will come when you fall in love with the process. Fall in love with paying the price; fall in love with the fight you can put up. There are millions of people who don’t even have a chance to fight. They don’t even get the opportunity to fight.

Now, where does the power to fight come from? The biggest source of power is love. What you love should become your dream. So, dig deep and find what you love in your life. And when you fight for it, you will achieve your goal.”

QNET Products in VCC 2021 exclusively for the Indian market

All successful QNET distributors started the same way; they experienced the amazing benefits of the QNET products and shared them with their connections to grow their businesses. QNET’s diverse product portfolio makes it possible for distributors to leverage the opportunity to become financially independent.

So, QNET has released a new line of products for QNET India distributors to tap into their potential of becoming successful network marketers.

VCC 2021 showcased an innovative approach through a virtual tour of all the product offerings. Many exciting products and their amazing features were on display. This was including products exclusively made for QNET India customers to improve the quality of their lifestyle.

QNET CHAIROS watches and Kinnari Royal collection with VP Sathi Senathirajah in the frame


CHAIROS watches are exclusively made for the Indian market. The exquisite collection of watches are uniquely designed for different occasions and style propositions for QNET customers to conquer their world. The watches have the Swiss movement or Japanese movement in a stylish stainless steel body. The Sapphire crystal glass further makes the watch scratch-resistant. The CHAIROS watches are a complete package of class, precision and style.

QNET is releasing a new range of CHAIROS luxury watches for men and women. CHAIROS Bluestone for men transcending infinite possibilities and CHAIROS Onyx for women with timeless elegance. Both the luxury watches will be available soon in the QNET India eStore.

Kinnari Royal Collection 

The Royal Collection by Kinnari presents elegant designs for modern women. The regal and unique range of diamond-studded jewellery is crafted to celebrate the royalty and class of a woman. Kinnari’s Royal Collection is the crown jewel of every women’s dream.


The Monofloral honey by Nutriplus is 100% pure and natural. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. It contains natural nutrients and enzymes that have a wide range of health benefits.

The Nutriplus monofloral honey is available in five variants – Moringa, Karanj, Mustard, Coriander and Sheesham. The monofloral honey by Nutriplus is the superfood for your family. It is coming soon to your QNET India eStore.

The Protein powder by Nutriplus provides complete protein nourishment with plant and dairy-based protein. It is gluten-free, cholesterol-free and fat-free. Available in four different variants – Sports, adult, kids, geriatric. Nutriplus Protein powder is a power-packed protein for one and all.


MyHomePlus is India’s exclusive portfolio with the value proposition of providing an enhanced living. The world-class range of products in MyHomePlus gives an opportunity to QNET distributors to tap into the wide market of home and living products.

Enhanced living with MyHomePlus by QNET with VP V Padma in the frame

MyHomePlus Water Purifiers

In partnership with Cuckoo, Asia’s leading home and appliances brand, QNET presents MyHomePlus water purifiers for healthy and pure drinking water. MyHomePlus DELIGHT – Alkaline Nano water purifier has the powerful patented Nano positive filtration. This technology eliminates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. It is further loaded with the patented In and Out sterilisation technology for complete sterilisation. In addition, it contains a special alkaline mineraliser for balancing the PH and providing us with pure drinking water.

The technically advanced variant, MyHomePlus KNIGHT – Alkaline RO, is the perfect purifier for homes with TDS levels more than 500 ppm. It has a powerful RO technology that allows no impurities to seep through. The powerful patented In and Out sterilisation ensures 100% hygiene. So, you can now experience the 2-in-1 advantage. Pure drinking water and sterilised water for cleaning fruits, vegetables, utensils and even baby care products.

MyHomePlus HomeGym

During this pandemic, going to the gym and staying fit has become a challenging task. However, now you can achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your home. QNET’s MyHomePlus HomeGym allows you to perform fifteen different exercises from a single machine for a complete body workout. Now, you can stay fit during this pandemic with the MyHomePlus HomeGym.

MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG)

Lastly, in collaboration with Cuckoo, QNET presents MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG). It is India’s 1st DIY disinfectant machine that converts ordinary tap water into disinfectant and sanitiser in just a few minutes. Now, you can disinfect your home with the powerful Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) technology that removes bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. This game-changing product can certainly improve the quality of living at home. Enhanced living is now made possible through MyHomePlus.


In collaboration with the world leader in room air purification, SHARP, QNET presents the SmartAir room air purifier. It has the patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology that deactivates 91.3% coronavirus. With its advanced filters, it removes allergens and impurities from the indoor air. In addition, its special Wi-Fi enabled IoT function allows you to control the indoor air quality from anywhere.

So, these were all the amazing products for the Indian market that were on show during the VCC 2021.

The QNET entrepreneurial opportunity

CEO of QNET, Malou Caluza, standing in the QNET office during VCC 2021

The pandemic is a challenging period, with many people losing their jobs. However, they’re actively resorting to taking an initiative through micro-entrepreneurship with the rise of the gig economy.

QNET has been providing opportunities to all these individuals to turn a new leaf through the QNET entrepreneurial opportunity. An individual can register as a QNET distributor through the mobile app or website. Once registration is complete, they can start buying or selling products without worrying about the operational costs.

In addition, new distributors receive marketing and business tools, along with regular training. The platform further keeps track of sales, including those of our sales team. The dynamic compensation plan calculates the total earnings.

The QNET entrepreneurial opportunity allows an individual to attain the freedom to be their own boss. They can grow at their own pace with the flexibility to choose their own working hours. Finally, QNET is a global community that supports and guides individuals during their entrepreneurial journey to be successful.

QNET Reviews the success of entrepreneurs at VCC 2021 – Renew, Revive, Reborn

QNET IRs enjoying the magic of VCC 2021 while taking a group picture

VCC 2021 has been one of the most inspiring events of the year. It was successful in providing perspectives and educating QNET distributors. In turn, providing them with clarity.

Most importantly, VCC was a means of facilitating the ‘Click’, a moment of inspiration for QNET IRs. Especially when V Partners and V Council Members were sharing their experiences about overcoming challenges and becoming successful. Their stories are a source of motivation for the QNET family around the world.

Overall, V-Convention Connect (VCC 2021) was a grand success. It was an opportunity for individuals to rise up, whether they’re starting their journey or facing challenging times. VCC provided inspiration, encouraging individuals to take ownership, stand up for their cause, fight for their dreams and make a difference!

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