Friday, June 2, 2023

QNET Speaks Up

Many of you have reached out to us about the coverage of QNET on a business news channel channel this week, which alleges that QNET is a fraudulent money circulation scheme. Understandably, this may have raised questions about the company’s credibility.

We take this opportunity to clarify our position since we were not given the opportunity to respond to the allegations before the report was aired. We have listed the allegations made in the report with our responses, for your benefit. This also serves to assure you of the company’s legitimacy, and our commitment to you, our IRs.

Allegation: QNET is a fraudulent Direct Marketing Company
Response: QNET is a Legitimate Direct Selling Company

It is important to understand what is the business model of QNET is. QNET is a direct selling company that has adopted a network marketing business model for promoting its products and services.  Direct Selling is a 100-year-old business model and a global industry that generated $182 billion last year. Approximately 100 million people around the world are involved in direct selling as independent distributors, who earn commissions based on products they sell for their company. QNET is part of this well-established industry since 1998 and was in fact, a pioneer in adopting eCommerce in the direct selling industry. Today, QNET ships products to over 100 countries around the world.

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Allegation: QNET is a Deposit and Investment Scheme
Response: QNET only sells high quality products and services

QNET does not accept any deposits or promote any type of investment schemes. This is very clear on our website and all our marketing material. QNET sells a number of different lifestyle products that are created exclusively for QNET by reputed, international experts. In India, QNET sells wellness and lifestyle products, such as nutrition supplements, air purification systems, skin care and holiday packages. All products are of very high quality and have received the necessary certifications and approvals wherever applicable.  Anyone who purchases a product on our eCommerce portal in India receives their product within 10 business day.

Allegation: QNET is a get-rich-quick scheme
Response: There is no opportunity to make ‘Quick-Money’ with QNET

QNET offers a business opportunity along with its products to all customers. Those who wish to take up the business need to understand that it is a business like any other. It requires the person to put in hard work and effort, build a team, offer training and development, and spend long hours building the business just as he would if he were an entrepreneur starting a new business venture in any other industry.

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Allegation: QNET does not refund customers
Response: QNET has a clear refund policy

When a customer decides to purchase a product from QNET, he/ she needs to register on the QNET website to create an account and read through and agree to the terms and conditions which includes a clearly stated refund policy.

Any customer who is unsatisfied with his product purchase, with justified reasons, should contact the company within a 30 day buy back time period and QNET will accept the refund request. We encourage anyone who signs up with QNET to familiarise yourself with our clearly stated and visible terms and conditions before they agree to a product purchase from us. Visit the official QNET India website for further information.

Allegation: Agents make money by recruiting others
Response: QNET Pays commissions only on Product Sales

QNET does not have any agents, only independent representatives who are distributors of our products.  Distributors are compensated only on the volume of product sales. There is no “Recruitment” requirement.

Allegation: QNET claims agents can make several lakhs a month
Response: QNET does not make any guaranteed income statements

QNET has a clearly started Earnings Disclaimer that is available on our website as well as other marketing and promotional materials. All earnings are entirely commensurate with the effort of the distributor. Any income estimate provided by a representative is only indicative of the potential of the compensation plan offered by QNET. What a person earns in commissions is completely dependent on the work he puts into it, just like in any business.

Note: There have been cases of unscrupulous individuals who have made misleading claims and misrepresented the company. They are not authorised to make such statements and all prospects who are approached by a representative are advised to visit our website to obtain official information and confirm or clarify any claims they have heard.

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Allegation: The Minimum Product Price at QNET is Rs.3 Lakhs
Response:  QNET products in India range from INR 1,485 to a maximum of INR 315,300

More than 50 different products are offered by QNET to our customers in India ranging from nutritional supplements and herbal teas to air purifiers, high-end luxury watches and vacation packages for the entire family.

Allegation: QNET’s Operations in India are illegal
Response: QNET Operates in India through a licensing agreement with Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd.

The company’s operations are fully compliant with Indian laws and business regulations. The company is a good corporate citizen in all aspects, including compliance and all tax matters which are duly lodged and filed accordingly.

We want to assure you, our IRs that QNET is a legitimate business with a 17-year global history. The lack of legislation to govern direct selling companies in India has at times wrongly resulted in QNET being accused of running a money circulation scheme. QNET has been actively advocating for legislation to help legitimate direct selling companies distinguish themselves from Pyramid and Ponzi schemes that operate under the guise of direct selling.

QNET is an advocate for professional marketing and ethical behaviour of its IRs.  The company takes significant measures in working transparently and standardising ethical business practices. Our IRs, as distributors, are held to a very strict code of ethics and are held responsible for misrepresenting the business. We encourage that any misrepresentation be reported to the compliance department via email to our support center. We have already reached out to the public through a number of published public notices in leading newspapers around the country.

Thank you for your continued support. Join us in advocating for legislating this powerful industry that has helped so many people.

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  1. QNET has totally changed my life. I will forever be grateful for this, and will keep on paying it forward.
    Thank you for everything QNET.

  2. Just bcoz people who do not learn properly to swim drowns, does not make swimming a scam. Likewise is the business in Qnet. Do it ethically and right and we will start seeing results after consistent efforts.

  3. QNET is 200% legitimate and transparent. QNET believes in honesty and follows principles of Gandhiji. What Mahatma Gandhi “”First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” is truly applicable to QNET.

    Once Clear Laws will be formulated in India, people will queue up to do business with QNET. Dato Sri’s vision/dream of touching billion hearts will come true.

  4. qnet is a great company with great products and policy and an awesome compenaatikn plan. it has been changing many lives at grassroot level in many countries…

  5. With due respect to all the good companies in Direct Selling , i consider QNET for various reasons as the best direct selling company in the Direct Selling Industry . In India, its paying the price of being the best in the world .In the case of some IR’s misrepresenting QNET , QNET is taking action against them just as in any other organization when any employee does anything wrong , the person is taken to task e.g So many scams in banking are happening daily , but no one bans the bank !!!With regards products I am using the Health products such as the wonderful Bio-disc for over 4 yrs and now cannot live without it .People who don’t use it properly will always have be complaint box . God bless such people.
    Message , I would like to leave to learned critics of the world ” Plz do not propagate false news about MLM , Direct selling , Network MArketing without doing proper homework on the advantages of this Industry and understanding the difference between a good and bad companies . Plz understand , by doing so , you are murdering the opportunity of millions of people who have a dream , who are hardworking but looking for a business idea , a business vehicle where the initial business capital is not very high and there is a chance to fulfill your dream’s”.

  6. With legislation coming in India i very soon , I believe all the challenges would be a thing of past. People will be happy to join this Industry while doing what they are doing without quitting their jobs or business .

  7. I believe there are three kinds of people who talk negative and wrongly about the industry and QNET
    1- The ones who are ignorant of how business in qnet works
    2- The ones who are too lazy to work and wanted money making shortcut but with time came to know that building a business is no childs play and hence started baseless allegations inorder to get their money back
    3- People with malified intention funded by either competitors or others who are threatened by the existence of democratic form of earning money

    Personally this business has changed my life and has given me an opportuity to grow as an entrepreneur. To become better each day and learn values that are slowly diminishing in todays society…

    I thank QNET for giving me a platform for realizing my entreprenurship skills

  8. When a customer decides to purchase a product from QNET, he/ she needs to register on the QNET website to create an account and read through and agree to the terms and conditions which includes a clearly stated refund policy. Due to this, the person can easily refund their money if they don’t want the product.

  9. Indeed QNet is genuine and straightforward. It gives an immediate jump to little business people and entrepreneurs on the grounds that immediate selling is a 100-year-old plan of action and a worldwide industry that created $182 billion a year ago.

  10. QNET is fully trustable company and very helpful for everything like beauty products, schooling, hotels, profession, and Qnet also give sponsorship and partnership for all self-employed person and football player


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