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The Power of Conviction

If you want to get someone excited about something, then the first step is for you to be convinced about it yourself. This is common sense. Only when you exude genuine excitement, can you infect others with it! This is also the underlying principle of direct selling.

People who succeed in this business do so because of their belief in the product, the compensation plan, the company, and the people behind it. They cannot reach the pinnacles of success if their heart and mind do not speak the same language. This emotional connection comes from an inner conviction. It is this conviction that prospects sense when you speak to them about the product and the business.

To get other people excited about QNet’s products, you must first be convinced about them yourself. Many QNet Independent Representatives are convinced that the best thing that ever happened to them was the opportunity to discover their potential through QNet. They swear by our products, they are passionate about the direct selling business model, and they firmly believe that they can help others by sharing the products and the opportunity with them. And it is these people who have been able to slowly, but steadily build a sustainable business.

It requires certainty and well-founded conviction to truly become involved with any type of direct selling business.

Over 300 years ago, German theologist Jacob Boehme said

For realness, the exterior of our life needs to be the signature of the interior.

This is a timeless message.

Once you are convinced, it isn’t difficult for you to act appropriately and to take the necessary steps to succeed.

So, what do you need to be convinced? In general, QNet’s customers and distributors are convinced about the following — the products, the compensation plan, the network leadership, the trainings and the corporate executive team.

It’s very important that you are exceptionally clear about which areas are most important for you personally. Write them down. For example, your answer could look like this:

  • I’m convinced that QNet’s products are good for me.
  • I’m convinced that QNet gives me the opportunity to increase my income.
  • I am convinced that QNet will help me achieve my dreams.
  • I’m convinced that everyone should experience QNet and its advantages.

It helps to define the term Conviction. While a belief is a thought you keep on thinking, a conviction is that belief chiselled in stone. Conviction does not guarantee success. But a lack of it almost certainly guarantees failure.

Remember, to live with conviction is not to believe one is right all the time, but to regard one’s decisions and choices with weight. With the right conviction, it won’t be hard for you and your team to commit to getting your business going.

Only when you have a clear objective and are convinced about what you are doing, will you be able to fulfil your dreams and build a profitable and successful business.

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  1. Very true. When you are passionate that you are in a right place, then only you you can help others to be passionate about it.


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