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QNET Introduces MyHomePlus HomeGym: The Ultimate Home Gym Equipment

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Fitness is essential not just to keep the body in good shape but for overall wellness. Working out has multiple benefits to keep the body healthy.

However, with the onset of the pandemic, people are confined to their homes. Going to the gym during the pandemic is risky. Most of us have been cautious about going to the gym. So, we’ve adopted working out at home as an alternative.

But free-hand workout doesn’t suffice, especially if you’re trying to bulk up or aiming for strength training and powerlifting. Besides, strength training has unmatched benefits to promote overall wellness.

So, to provide you with an alternate, QNET introduces a fitness solution to bring your gym home. The new MyHomePlus HomeGym, the ultimate home gym equipment.

Before we delve deep into the amazing new home gym equipment, let’s understand why is working out important, especially during the pandemic.

Why is working out important during this pandemic? 

The pandemic has been a paradigm shift, with most of us working from home. When gyms were shut down for a long time, it was hard to maintain fitness. So, working out from home has become the new normal. Here are a few important reasons to start working out right away.

A young man working out at a gym

Building strength and immunity

Working out regularly increases fitness levels. Moreover, it helps to maintain health and wellness while reducing the possibility of falling sick. In essence, regular workouts build strength and immunity. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of comorbidities.

Staying in good shape

The most important benefit of regularly working out is it helps in building the body. Getting in good shape is a desire for everyone as it increases confidence. However, while staying at home, we easily lose track of our goals. Being sedentary is challenging as we spend a lot of time on the couch or chair binge eating and accumulating fat and unhealthy calories.

So, regular home gym workouts and strength training can help in fat loss and keeping our fitness goals in check.

Boosting energy levels

Our energy levels tend to reduce while sitting in front of our laptops. Working out helps in distressing and releasing toxins from our body. Moreover, it boosts energy levels to keep us active and perform better during the day.

Now, we know that going to the gym has its risks. So, is home gym equipment a good option?

Is home gym equipment a good option for working out?

In recent times, we’ve made a shift to home gym workouts with free-hand and sometimes a pair of dumbbells. We’re constantly trying to find good workout videos on YouTube.

Now, home workouts can be beneficial. However, people who’re serious about their gains and fitness goals would understand the importance of gym equipment. They are specially designed to target specific muscle groups.

Gym equipment on the floor at home

Moreover, a progressive overload is necessary for muscle development. So, one might consider going back to the gym, but there is a constant worry of airborne viruses with the possibility of yet another lockdown.

Well, there is no need to worry. Here is an alternate solution, a home gym equipment that takes away all the hassle and brings the gym to your home. QNET’s MyHomePlus HomeGym is a fitness machine for complete fitness.

QNET’s MyHomePlus HomeGym is the ultimate fitness machine for home gym workouts

MyHomePlus HomeGym is the solution for effective workouts from home. The robust design allows you to perform 15 different exercises from the comfort of your home. Whether you’ve been working out for a long time or you’re a beginner looking to get a head-start on your fitness, HomeGym is the perfect gym equipment for your convenience.

Isolated image of MyHomePlus HomeGym, the ultimate home gym equipment by QNET

Here are a few amazing features of MyHomePlus HomeGym that make it a unique home gym equipment –

1. ISOLATERAL ARMS – Thearms are adjustable with easily accessible side pins for smooth movement and customisable for a specific exercise.

2. TOTAL BODY TRAINING –It is specially designed for all your workout needs. With the HomeGym, you can specifically target a muscle with an isolated exercise or boost your routine with compound exercises to give you the perfect workout.

3. THE LEVERAGE ADVANTAGE –The lever arm replaces the barbell. Weights are directly loaded to ensure safety along with a natural feel and convenience.

4. POWERLIFTING ACCESS –The lever incorporates a lock and load bench that opens the lever area for other exercises. You can perform squats, shrugs and other exercises in that area. Moreover, it has additional handlebars for gripping during leg exercises.

5. FULLY ADJUSTABLE BENCH DESIGN –It has a customisable bench. So, based on the exercise, it is customised for a declined press or an inclined press. All you need to do is shift the bench, lock the machine, and you’re all set for the exercise of your choice.

15 different exercises with the powerful home gym equipment

A general home gym equipment is usually expensive and allows only a few exercises. However, MyHomePlus HomeGym allows you to target every muscle group to maximise your workouts.

Shoulders – 

A young woman working performing shoulder press on the MyHomePlus HomeGym

The shoulder consists of the frontal, medial and lateral deltoids. The HomeGym allows you to perform various exercises to target all these parts of the shoulder. A few exercises include shoulder press, shoulder shrug and front lateral raise.

Chest –  

A young woman working performing a bench press on the MyHomePlus HomeGym

The chest is divided into three parts, the upper, middle and lower. Each part requires a different exercise to target each one of them. The HomeGym provides the perfect combination of an adjustable bench and a powerful lever to facilitate important exercises.

A few exercises that target the chest muscles include inclined bench press, declined bench press and flat bench press.

Arms – 

A young man performing arms curl on the MyHomePlus HomeGym

Now, arms are generally a muscle group that every individual targets while going to the gym. In fact, many gym-goers extensively work on their biceps and triceps. However, while working out at home, there is no access to heavyweights. Thus reducing the load that you might be generally used to lifting in the gym.

MyHomePlus HomeGym gives you access to adequate weights that allows you to target biceps, triceps and forearms. A few exercises that you can perform include arm curl, concentration curl and triceps press.

Back –  

A young man performing lateral pull down on the MyHomePlus HomeGym

The back consists of a large group of muscles, and multiple exercises are performed to target each part. For our understanding, we will categorise them into the upper, middle and lower back. MyHomePlus HomeGym gives you the power to target all these parts with various exercises that include wide grip row, bent over row and lateral pull down.

Abs –

Everyone desires to get in shape, and they usually start by targeting the abs. However, with the accumulation of stubborn fat, it is usually one of the hardest muscles to work on. However, with the HomeGym, you can specifically target the Rectus abdominis with exercises such as the abs crunch to reduce stomach fat.


Most people dread leg day. Legs are usually one of the hardest muscles to target while working out at home. However, with the convenience of powerlifting access, you can disconnect the bench from the equipment. This gives you a wide space with the lever and additional gripping to perform various leg exercises.

You can perform exercises like squats and stiff leg deadlifts with the HomeGym to strengthen your quadriceps and the hamstring. Now, you can effectively work on your legs with the HomeGym.

So, these are the 15 exercises that you can perform with this special home gym equipment. The HomeGym further offers multiple benefits to make home workouts an effective and wholesome experience.

Why should you buy the MyHomePlus HomeGym? 

A young man performing lateral pull down at home on the MyHomePlus HomeGym

1) Saves time

Work from home generally saps the motivation out. On top of that, going to the gym seems like a time consuming and an arduous task. But with the MyHomePlus HomeGym, the gym is available to you at the comfort of your home.

You can quickly schedule a workout at your convenience without worrying about going to the gym. Moreover, you can perform quick, high-intensity sessions to save time, giving you the option to get back to your daily routine.

2) Targets every muscle

The true beauty of the HomeGym is that it allows you to work on every muscle. Multiple exercises allow you to target every muscle group, including arms, chest, shoulder, back, legs, and even abs. This gives you the option to perform full-body workouts.

In addition, this unique home gym equipment is specially designed for high effectiveness and durability.

3) Long-term investment  

The most common challenge after buying a gym membership is, in fact, going to the gym. With your busy routine, you might often have to skip going to the gym. Ultimately, your gym membership expires without you achieving the desired results.

MyHomePlus HomeGym completely solves this problem. It is a long-term investment for your fitness. Now, you can schedule your workouts at your own pace and on your own time. Furthermore, you customise your workouts to suit your needs and workout goals.

The best part is that you no longer need to wait to use a machine or worry about hygiene like you would at the gym. The MyHomePlus HomeGym gives you privacy and comfort for the ultimate workout experience from home.

MyHomePlus HomeGym is the ultimate home gym equipment to achieve your fitness goals

A young man and a woman standing next to the MyHomePlus HomeGym

Fitness is the key to our health. It helps in increasing confidence and promotes overall well-being. MyHomePlus HomeGym is a world-class equipment that brings the effectiveness of the gym to the privacy of your home. It is specially designed to help in targeting all muscles and enable muscle-mind connection to give you the perfect workout routine.

Whether you’re working out to lose those extra pounds or trying to get muscular, MyHomePlus HomeGym provides the most effective home gym workouts for your holistic development.

So, gear up with the MyHomePlus HomeGym to achieve your fitness goal – Available right now on the QNET India eStore!

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