Monday, September 25, 2023


QNET’s recent #MyCHAIROS challenge in March met with roaring success. Participants were asked to send in their best photos with their CHAIROS watch and we had some stunning entries; proud CHAIROS owners from all over India actively participated with snazzy images of them wearing their favourite CHAIROS watch. Some memorable entries are below –

MyChairos Contestent 2

MyChairos Contestent 3

MyChairos Contestent 4

Three participants stood a chance to win an exclusive men’s accessories gift set by renowned designer Abdul Halder.


And the mega-winners were –

MyChairos Winner 1

MyChairos Winner 2

MyChairos Winner 3

QNET’s CHAIROS watches are timeless. They are a symbol of success, passion, integrity, honour and respect. These are timeless traits in the pursuit of excellence, even in the digital era. So, in the digital world, what is the appeal in the analog? It’s what distinguishes you from others, keeps you going, keeps you ticking. That is what CHAIROS is all about. It is your time to ‘Conquer your world’.

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