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QNET Made Me a Responsible Son, a Good Friend, and a Dreamer | Joyal Joshy

Sometimes, merely dreaming big is not enough. To make your dreams a reality, you have to work towards them with grit, focus, and determination.

Joyal Joshy’s inspiring transition – from a young, carefree boy to a successful, determined entrepreneur – is proof that you can achieve anything if you stay committed to your goals and refuse to give up, no matter what challenges you face.

The 29-year-old Kerala resident was brought up in a lower-middle-class household. He pursued electrical engineering. After his graduation in 2013, Joyal acquired a job with one of the leading public sector companies in the state. He has a closely-knit family, and he’s very attached to his parents and younger sister. Despite his hard work, Joyal felt that he wasn’t able to fulfil his responsibilities towards his family. He wanted to do more for them and provide them with a better, more enriching life, but it just wasn’t possible on his salary.

However, that changed the day he was introduced to QNET by a friend.

Joyal was a firm believer in the power of relationships. Hence, the idea of a business based on building relationships intrigued him a lot. Once he found out that direct selling offered him an opportunity of becoming a business owner with the potential to earn a significant income over the long term, Joyal was keen to explore the opportunity.

“My friend introduced me to the concept of direct selling and showed me all the fantastic QNET products. I was very interested in how the business worked and how it focused on changing lives. Seeing this, I couldn’t wait to start my journey in this exciting industry,” he says.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Joyal’s journey as an aspiring entrepreneur in direct selling did not have an easy start, to say the least. He had to face several rejections for the first three months. Despite this, his inherently positive attitude, combined with the efficient support system provided by his mentors in the business, enabled him to keep going.

“I failed multiple times, but those failures only reminded me to stay focused on my dreams and vision. I believe that if we learn from our failures, we can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Otherwise, if we allow our failures to define us, we will become our worst nightmare”, says Joyal.

Joyal’s positivity is infectious. He wholeheartedly believes in the power of positive thinking. He shares, “Every morning, I do Mouna (silent reflection), and then I look into the mirror and tell myself every day that I am the best. My positive self-talk keeps me motivated at all times. Another thing which really helps me is that I always surround myself with positive people in my network.”

Joyal Joshy | QNET Success Story

He commends the mentors and uplines from his team, who always had his back. “My uplines are my lifeline. VC Shamseer Ika, VC Mohamed Jazeel, and AOL Karan Pramod Sawant supported me through the most hard-hitting moments of my life. When things got rough, they always had one thing to say – everything happens for a reason. They made me understand that thinking positive isn’t about expecting everything to happen at a certain time but accepting that whatever is happening in the present moment will lead to something good in the future.”

Joyal Joshy | QNET Success Story

Growing up, Joyal and his family lived in a small, cramped home with only the basic necessities to sustain them. They shared one bedroom and slept on the floor. The challenges intensified during the monsoon season, wherein their home would often get flooded. One of his dreams was to build a better, more comfortable home for his family. When he started working at his corporate job, he approached several banks to obtain a home loan, but his application was rejected each time.

Joyal Joshy | QNET Success Story

Once he started working on his QNET business, his dream took on a new life. This time around, he wanted to fulfil his dream without relying on banks. With his newfound network at QNET, and the unwavering support of his family, friends and mentors in the QNET business, he worked towards his goal with utmost dedication and hard work and in the span of a year, he was able to build a three-bedroom house for his family.

Joyal Joshy | QNET Success Story

As his business grew, Joyal felt that he had transformed into an improved version of himself. “I became a more responsible son and brother, a good friend, and a better dreamer,” he says.

Success Mantra

Joyal credits his success to several factors – the most important among them was the support he received from his team to face the challenges during his journey. “Teamwork is one of the best things about networking. I firmly believe that we can walk a short distance alone, but when we join hands with more people, we can walk several miles ahead.”

The engineer-turned-entrepreneur is often approached by others who are curious about the direct selling industry and want to know more about how they can achieve success. “For these people, I have the same advice that I followed – if you want to succeed at direct selling, be professional and ethical, never ever give up, and always believe in yourself.”

Spreading Goodness | Joyal Joshy

Happy that he proved the naysayers and doubters wrong with his success as a QNET entrepreneur, Joyal is now on a charitable quest to do good for others. “I want to uplift the lives of the poor and change the lives of as many people as possible.” Since he achieved his dream of a new house, Joyal now has a new goal to work towards. “I want to take my parents and sister for a ride in my own car,” he says. “With the kind of success I’ve had so far on my QNET journey, I’m confident that I’ll turn this dream into reality, too.”

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