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QNET India’s Kinnari Jewellery With Unique ‘CarbonLokd’ Technology

Why do women love jewellery? Have you ever wondered why diamonds are easily the best gift for women? Jewellery is seen as an extension of a woman’s personality. It makes her feel more complete because it adds to her beauty. Be it a pendant or a pair of dainty earrings, a woman with jewellery on is a sight to behold. This is exactly what QNET India has set out to accomplish – personify beauty for women with elegant jewellery. Kinnari jewellery by QNET India is a tasteful and bold palette of floating gems. Kinnari is truly unique because, unlike other jewellery, it uses the patented ‘Carbonlokd’ Technology.

QNET Kinnari Carbonlokd

What is ‘Carbonlokd’ Technology?

Imagine individual gemstones placed really close to each other in a clear and invisible carbon setting. This gives you a picturesque view of floating gemstones which are crafted to perfection. Instead of enveloping the gems with overwhelming gold support or metal prongs, Kinnari jewellery uses carbon silica gel to deliver the effect of the gemstones floating, almost as though seeing stars in space. Because of the gems packed together in this setting, and creating an illusion of one gemstone, it bears the coveted ‘Carbonlokd’ technology patent. ‘Carbonlokd’ jewellery by QNET India is one of its kind because of the maximum exposure of the gemstones in the designs, paves way for light to pass through the precious stones to create a radiance that makes the jewellery feel uber-premium.

What are your options?

Blue Diamonds Plc, the reputed Sri Lankan jewellery company, together with QNET, forged a partnership to launch the Kinnari range of jewellery exclusively for Indian women. Keeping the Indian audience in mind, the designs have the grace and class that defines the contemporary Indian woman of today. A total of 5 different styles have been launched under the Kinnari range – Amara, Kaira, Aabha, Keya and Inaya.

The heart-shaped masterpiece ‘Amara’, the delectable subtlety of ‘Kaira’ and the classy yet radiant ‘Aabha’ are the ones made of floating diamonds. They are all encased in beautiful 14 karats dazzling gold which complements the diamonds wonderfully. The floral ‘Keya’ is Orange Sapphires in all their glory, striking a chord with the women who dare to go bold. Last on the list is the ever so graceful ‘Inaya’. It is a Pink Sapphire set shaped akin to sparkling dewdrops and literally means ‘Gift from God’.

Amara – Lovely Forever
This diamond pendant paired with earrings will pull on your heartstrings. The Kinnari Amara symbolises love and is aptly presented in a heart-shaped encasement. The Amara set is the paragon of expressing love!

Kaira – Pure & Peaceful
The 14K gold accents complete with the enveloping of the floating diamonds in a tear-drop design is to die for. The Kaira represents the independent woman’s incarnation of style coupled with substance.

Aabha – Sparkle & Shine
Diamonds are forever, and nothing quite captures that emotion like Aabha from the Kinnari range. These oval-shaped earrings and pendant bedazzle the onlooker and enhance your beauty ten times over.

Keya – Monsoon Flower
The monsoon flower design of Keya is flush with crimson inflorescence. The Orange Sapphires held in clear carbon radiate grace and illustrate an unspoken glowing blossom.

Inaya – Gift from God
Pink sapphires presented in a stunning dew-drop design make the Inaya a robust member of the Kinnari brand. Epitomising good fortune and wisdom, the Inaya is one for the ages. A collector’s pièce de résistance this one.

The Kinnari Brand

The Kinnari range is inspired to be minimalistic and elegant. The designs are crafted keeping Indian women in mind, which is why they are contrived in such fanciable sets. Jewellery in the Kinnari range is ideal for the working woman, the homemaker, and even the partygoer in you. The floating gems are fashioned to accentuate any look – from professional to smart casual. Kinnari endeavours to engage you with freedom and fulfillment.

The origins of the word ‘Kinnari’ hail from Hindu and Buddhist mythos. Kinnari is part human and part bird, a demi-god that represents love and devotion. It is believed that she resides in the Himalayas and showers mankind with peace and harmonious living. Kinnari captures the true essence of being a woman – showering love and bringing peace; not to mention the sheer conviction and elegance that makes Kinnari a powerful force of freedom and confidence. In short, Kinnari is the paradigm of nobility and splendour.

Carbonlokd’ Jewellery for the Win

While Kinnari captures the eye with its exquisite designs, it is head and shoulders above the rest because of how it is made. The patented ‘Carbonlokd’ technology brings forward a novel method of innovative design. The jewellery is lightweight – mainly due to the fact that instead of crowding the gems with gold or platinum, carbon is used in its place. When carbon takes centre stage, the diamonds get an ethereal atmosphere and the final outcome is beyond the imaginable.

It is almost ironic. Almost everything around us is made up of carbon atoms. Our body and DNA are basically masses of carbon. Humans produce carbon in millions of tonnes over a lifetime. We live in a carbon-based life and we gorge on more carbon. Diamonds are the most beautifully aligned carbon atoms ever created by man. To encase diamonds in pure, invisible, unadulterated carbon results in opulent showpieces that manage to redefine beauty. I digress, it is almost ironic.

QNET India brings to you these exclusively crafted designs of Kinnari jewellery. Be your most beautiful self, be yourself. Rush to indulge yourself with your favourite ones today.

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