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QNET India Promotes Global Handwashing Day With BioSilver 22 Gel

We assume a lot of things and take so many things for granted. A thing so simple as washing hands can seem so facile for us, however, it is not so common throughout the world. The year 2020 has revealed to us how inadequate people’s general knowledge is regarding basic health and hygiene. Health experts and medical doctors have earned the title ‘Corona Warriors’ because of their contributions and sacrifices during the pandemic that we are facing. Videos and brand campaigns have all shown us how effective social distancing, wearing masks and simply washing out hands can be. It is safe to make the assumption that millions of people learnt the right way to wash hands only this year. Tough times do teach us tough lessons. Global Handwashing does have a day dedicated to it and this year is ever so crucial in propagating and creating more awareness about the simple practice of handwashing.

Why Global Handwashing Day?

2008 is when the United Nations Organisation backed and advocated the washing of hands with soap throughout the world. The 15th of October of every year was earmarked for the awareness of this exact idea and it came to be known as Global Handwashing Day. It is estimated that over 200 million participate in the Global Handwashing Day campaign each year with 3 main objectives:

  1. Promoting handwashing as a general part of societal culture globally,
  2. Shed light on the effectiveness of handwashing in different countries and
  3. Create more awareness about the benefits of washing one’s hands with the use of soap.

Global Handwashing Day QNET

With such simple and achievable goals, with a keen eye of disease prevention, Global Handwashing Day has now become a phenomenon in economic and political discourse. Each year, a theme is assigned for Global Handwashing Day and the theme of 2020 is ‘Hand Hygiene for All’.

Governments, organisations, colleges, schools, hospitals, corporates, civil societies and other bodies of association are all in this together taking a stand. Our lives are in our hands and hand hygiene is an exercise for all. While some countries face a severe shortage of water, it is the aim of the UNO to ensure that a basic resource such as water is conserved and used more sparingly. With hundreds of countries participating, the onus is on the educated folks to propagate the idea of staying safe and ensuring Hand Hygiene for All.

BioSilver Gel QNET

QNET India Leads the Way

We can all come together and make a difference and possibly save lives. QNET India supports the exact same notion, which is why it has stirred up the right product – BioSilver 22 Gel. It is the perfect weapon against the COVID-19 virus with its sanitising properties and cleansing agents. Made with the patented SilverSol Technology®, BioSilver 22 Gel is an alcohol-free product that makes use of zero preservatives. This clear, odourless gel is non-greasy and feels delightfully soft on the skin. It contains Silver Oxide and 22 PPM Nano-Silver to fight harmful bacteria and viruses. BioSIlver 22 Gel is the ultimate hand sanitiser that you will need in this pandemic. The significance of sanitising your hands, face and body has become oft-repeated rhetoric in today’s times, so we trust that consumers know what is best for them and that is why QNET India delivers the best. So, advanced skincare with BioSilver 22 Gel is exactly what you need.

QNET BioSilver 22 Gel

Join the Fight for Hygiene

While handwashing is the primary focus, we must not forget that it is the ideal front for the key objective – ensuring hygiene. Hygiene can be maintained in many ways and handwashing happens to be the safest and easiest way. This year, Global Handwashing Day shall enjoy the biggest limelight since its inception and rightly so. The UNO in partnership with UN-Water, UNICEF and WHO is hosting a virtual event titled ‘Global Handwashing Day – Accelerating Toward Hand Hygiene for All’ which can be streamed globally on Thursday, the 15th of October between 10:30 PM and 12:00 AM IST. Hand hygiene will receive the proper recognition that it deserves this year. It will be the appropriate response in our fight against the coronavirus.

QNET India is fully committed in this long battle against the COVID-19 virus and we strive to make the lives of our countrymen easier. We believe that the world has a right to the best products and access to proper hygiene. Every QNET product is made keeping the health and wellness of the consumers in mind. QNET India has forged its way into the lifestyle market in India and promotes the idea of safe and healthy living. In our diverse product portfolio, you can find lifestyle products and healthy alternatives to wellness products. We, at QNET India, are proud of the work culture we have created and we aim to come up with solutions for the problems that we face every day.

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