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QNET India Launches MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym

Fitness is the key to a happier and healthier life. Staying fit requires individuals to moderate their diet by consuming the right food items and adding supplements to ensure they get all essential nutrients. They may need to rest adequately to recover and facilitate muscle growth. In addition, perhaps one of the most crucial things is to follow a workout routine. It is unavoidable for anyone looking to become fit. 

The pandemic posed a major challenge by confining individuals to their homes. Due to the lockdown, they couldn’t go to the gym, go on long runs, or play outside. During this time, individuals resorted to working out at home. Home workout routines became a common norm. 

However, individuals found it hard to stay consistent without a fixed routine or equipment that could provide a convenient solution to stay fit. QNET India introduced the perfect solution for its customers to stay fit with advanced home gym equipment, MyHomePlus HomeGym!

Now, QNET provides a turn-key solution to stay fit with its new launch of MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym! A state-of-the-art equipment specially designed to keep us fit right from our homes.

But before we delve into the amazing features of this product, let’s understand why individuals must start working out! 

Advantages of working out

An individual can come up with several reasons to work out along with contriving multiple excuses for not being able to work out. With MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym, there are no more excuses. While the following advantages might be common knowledge, we’ll list them down to emphasise the importance of starting a workout routine –

1) Staying healthy

A person’s health is directly linked to their fitness levels. If certain individuals are obese, chances are that they might have medical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, digestive problems etc.

Working out regularly ensures that the individual can manage weight and keep diabetes under check. By working out regularly, we release toxins from the body. Most of us may even experience more energy during the day. Moreover, it improves our cardiovascular health. It also helps boost our metabolism and prevents digestive issues.

If an individual is looking to take active steps towards improving health, then there is no better way than starting a workout routine! 

Gym essentials

2) Weight management and better flexibility

It is well known that an effective workout routine coupled with a good diet plan can do wonders for our health. In fact, most individuals who want to get fit or lose weight start going to the gym. However, the key here is consistency. Individuals must make it a part of their lifestyle if they aspire to have a healthier body. 

Now, most individuals who aren’t fit may complain about not being able to perform certain movements. They may even have lesser energy to perform regular tasks. Working out regularly enables individuals to perform with improved energy and fitness levels. Moreover, individuals who exercise regularly are less likely to experience untimely fatigue.

So, individuals must start working out to get in shape and stay active.

3) Improving confidence and making a better impression

People judge us by our appearance. This includes the type of clothes and watches we wear and also our physicality. Being fit goes a long way in making a great first impression. It makes the individual look shaper and prepared for the situation. 

Fitness plays a key role in making an impression by improving our confidence. Individuals who workout regularly often report feeling better about themselves. Moreover, with a fitter body, they can carry themselves better and fit into their favourite clothes. In addition, they can express themselves without being conscious of their body. 

Furthermore, there are many psychological benefits of working out. Most often, individuals tend to experience a release of endorphins (happy hormone) when they work out regularly. In hindsight, individuals must start working out to improve health, manage weight and enhance their confidence levels. 

QNET India has the perfect solution for individuals who want to experience all these benefits from their homes –

MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym

MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym

A world-class home workout equipment, MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym was designed to enable effective gym workouts at home. Mini HomeGym allows individuals to perform 7 classic muscles building exercises. The exercises include –

1. Bent over row – An exercise that targets the upper and medial parts of the back. Individuals must bend forward and pull the handles of the Mini HomeGym towards their abdomen to complete the motion.

2. Shoulder Press – This variation is performed to target frontal and medial deltoids (shoulder muscles). The users sit on the Mini HomeGym bench and then lift the handles over their head.

3. Shrug – Shoulders shrugs are yet another effective exercise to target the shoulders. The user must only move the shoulders in slight shrugs while holding weights in their hands. This exercise targets trapezius muscles or the shoulder blades.

4. Abs Crunch – Mini HomeGym also allows the user to target abs. Individuals must crunch forward while taking a position on their knees with the help of a cable/ chain available at the back of the machine.

5. Flat Bench Press – This is one of the most common exercises that target chest muscles. Individuals lie on the flat bench of the Mini HomeGym facing upwards. From this position, they must push the handles upwards while contracting their chest muscles. 

6. Incline Bench Press – The inclinechest press is a variation where the user lies on an inclined bench and performs a similar motion to that of the flat bench press. However, this variation specifically targets the upper chest muscles.

7. Decline Bench Press – This is yet another variation of the chest press. The user declines the bench of the Mini HomeGym. Then he/she reclines into a declined bench and pushes the handles up while contracting chest muscles. This variation targets the lower chest muscles.

Overall, Mini HomeGym is a highly effective equipment for performing half-body workouts. Here are some of its salient features – 

Mini HomeGym: Features

Features of MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym
  • Half Body Training – Over 7 of the best and most classic strength training exercises are built into this mini gym to work on a muscle group. 
  • Fully Adjustable Bench Design – The workbench’s new design provides additional stability and allows users to adjust the setting area and backrest pads at different settings with ease, thanks to its unique ball bearing driven carriage.
  • Improved Safety – Standard footplate increases its rigidity both while in use or at rest.
  • Build Your Workbench with Accessories – An access tube and knob–lock pin has been incorporated into the lever gym providing the new workbench machine accessories to be added to your gym.
  • Frame Design – The compact, user-friendly frame design allows greater utilisation of floor space. Rugged 2” x 2” main frame of 2.75mmthick MS steel tubing construction assures maximum strength, functionality, durability, and stability.
  • Adjustments, Pull Pins and Locks – All adjustments and handles are chromed for smooth operation and elegant styling. Movement is made easy using spring-loaded pull pins. Stabilisation locks are used to eliminate seat wobble and increase user confidence.
  • Hand Grips – Special closed cell foam handle grips are extremely comfortable and virtually wear-proof, providing comfort and user confidence.
  • Sealed Roller Bearings – Low friction self-alignment and long-lasting smooth lifts.
  • Upholstery – High-density, fire-retardant foam covered with superior quality perspire-resistant vinyl.
  • Finish – Metal frames electrostatic powder coating finish. Extremely durable, scratch and chip resistant.
  • Rubber Mounting – Heavy rubber mountings are provided for equipment to stabilise and keep secured on the floor.
  • Ten (10) Kg Plates – Provided with the machine.

Get fit with MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym

A young woman getting fit by using MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym by QNET India

Mini HomeGym by QNET India is one of the best solutions for individuals looking to get fit while managing a busy schedule. It is easy to use, highly convenient and durable. It enables an effective half-body workout right at the convenience of our homes. Overall, this advanced fitness machine is what an individual needs to get on track to achieve fitness goals and become healthy! 

Want to learn more about getting fit with HomeGym’s 15 exercise equipment? Read – 5 Ways to Follow an Active Lifestyle with MyHomePlus HomeGym by QNET.

Get fit and healthy today with MyHomePlus Mini HomeGym. Available now in your QNET India eStore!

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