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QNET India Introduces Kinnari Mira and Kinnari Daisy | The Royal Collection

Nothing puts a smile on a woman’s face like a beautiful piece of jewellery. It is one of the most important elements adorned by women. A fine collection of jewellery that is truly exquisite and unique can ultimately help a woman feel more confident and resonate with their one-of-a-kind personality.  

Kinnari produces some of the grandest collections of jewellery to provide a timeless experience. The contemporary jewellery sets are specially designed to reflect the persona of a modern woman. The collections accentuate the features of a woman while giving her the confidence to carry herself with panache and pride. 

Kinnari is the personification of grandeur and elegance. Over the years, it has been QNET India customers’ preferred choice of luxury jewellery sets. The jewellery sets are a celebration of women and their significance in our lives. Kinnari – the Royal Collection introduces two new jewellery sets to its collection. Kinnari Mira and Kinnari Daisy are a representation of every woman’s dream jewellery set. 

On the special occasion of QNET’s 24th anniversary, let’s cast our eyes towards the allure of Kinnari’s newest additions! We will also look at the existing jewellery sets of the amazing Royal Collection. It’s time now for us to look at the new offerings from QNET India. Kinnari presents a superior and marvellous collection of jewellery sets – 

Kinnari – The Royal Collection

Luxury and royalty are brought to life by the Royal Collection. It is a manifestation of the finest things in life cherished by the modern woman. In partnership with some of the most trusted and efficient diamond jewellery manufacturers, QNET India brings us a regal range of diamond studded jewellery sets under the banner of Kinnari. 

Kinnari produces the finest jewellery sets with close attention to detail, craftsmanship and superior quality designs. Each collection is carefully crafted with the highest manufacturing standards and world-class artistry. Here are some of its current jewellery collections – 

Embrace Kinnari – the Royal Collection’s new additions Mira and Daisy

Kinnari – the Royal Collection is an exquisite collection of jewellery designed to make a woman look and feel special. The resplendent jewellery sets are a testament to the bond we share with the special women in our family. It is the perfect jewellery collection to celebrate a special occasion. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary present, Kinnari is every woman’s dream and crown jewel. It is a timeless gift that she would cherish for a long time.

Kinnari Mira and Daisy feature contemporary designs, especially for the modern woman. The jewellery sets complement a woman’s personality and make her stand out from the rest. In essence, Kinnari jewellery sets are made for women of style, grace and timeless elegance!

Kinnari Mira

(Pure Love)

Kinnari Mira by QNET India

Mira is the newest addition to the resplendent collection of jewellery from Kinnari. It has an innovative design featuring heart shaped out of 14 K gold. The hearts are intricately arranged in the shape of an eye-catching blossom. The beautiful design makes a style statement and allows an individual to bring out their radiant inner beauty. In addition, this jewellery set has Hallmark and IGI certifications which makes it 100% authentic.

Kinnari Mira is one of the best jewellery sets for a woman not afraid to express herself while creating a lasting impression! 

Here are the specifications of Kinnari Mira –

  • Unique design with flower pattern
  • 14 Karat Gold (Rose Gold) and GH/SI1 grade diamond Jewellery
  • Hallmark and IGI certification
  • Gold weight – 2.1 g
  • No. of diamonds – 9
  • Diamond weight – 0.19 CT

Kinnari Daisy


Kinnari Daisy by QNET India

Daisy from Kinnari is a true work of art. It has a contemporary design in the shape of a heart with an arrangement of diamonds on the borders. The polished diamonds add a sense of luxury and finesse to the jewellery set. A unique flower at the tip of the pendant and the earrings provides an aesthetic appeal to the jewellery set. 

Kinnari Mira is crafted with 14K gold and the best quality diamonds. Overall, this special jewellery set is sure to win our hearts! 

Here are the specifications of Kinnari Daisy –

  • Pendant and earring set
  • Unique design with single flower and heart pattern
  • 14 Karat Yellow Gold and GH/SI1 grade diamond jewellery
  • Hallmark and IGI certification
  • Gold weight – 2.7 g
  • No. of diamonds – 11
  • Diamond weight – 0.17CT
Facebook launch post of Kinnari Mira and Kinnari Daisy

Kinnari Mihika

(Dew Drops)

Kinnari Mihika by QNET India

Mihika is a special jewellery set that represents magical dew drops. It is the ideal jewellery set to bring out the best in you, allowing you to leave an unforgettable first impression in every room you walk into. This collection transcends our imagination with its imperial design. 

Kinnari Nila 


Kinnari Nila by QNET India

Nila is an innovative representation of the beauty and allure of the moon. This jewellery doesn’t cease to provide a dazzling experience with its special design. It is set crafted with world-class polished diamonds in special arrangements. The diamonds are encased in a 14k gold casing. Nila is the expression of beauty and grace at its finest! 

Kinnari Ayana 

(Beautiful Blossom)

Kinnari Ayana by QNET India

Ayana personifies a queenly sense of beauty. It has a glorious floral design that accentuates its appeal. The stately structure of this wonderful adornment exudes class and sets a woman apart. The beautiful blossoms consist of a finely crafted set of earrings along with a pendant. It is made with a unique arrangement of diamonds encased in a 14K gold casing. Overall, Ayana is a unique jewellery set that makes a woman look gorgeous in any setting.

Kinnari Utara 


Kinnari Utara by QNET India

Utara raises the bar and establishes true elegance with its brilliant design. This jewellery set features an array of mingling diamonds set on the side of hearts made of gold. It is made of the finest polished diamonds along with 14K gold encasing. Its unique design creates an indisputable essence of royalty.

Cherish your life’s milestones and beautify your being with Kinnari Mira and Kinnari Daisy – Exclusively available now from your QNET India eStore!

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