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QNET India – Diverse Product Portfolio

With the world of high-end premium products evolving constantly, the focus is more than ever on the consumer experience. At QNET India, we are always asking ourselves How can our products go above and beyond what’s just expected of them? It is exactly with this approach that we strive to offer a range of world-class products that have an aura of exclusivity and sophistication about them 

From exotic rose petals sourced from Germany for the Celesteal Rose Tea to the intricate gold and platinum prints on the Oritsu range of exquisite porcelain tableware, we source only the finest materials. Combine them with time-tested production processes executed by skilled craftsmen with an eye for the minutest of the details and you get products that are among the best the money can buy.  

Here, we showcase our diverse portfolio of premium lifestyle products categorised under: 

  • Home and Living 
  • Health and Wellness 
  • Personal Care and Beauty 
  • Watches 


QNET India Home and Living range of products pure drinking water and fresh air

SHARP-QNET ZENsational Air Purifier

SHARP QNET Zensational Air Purifier with built-in humidifier

QNET India has partnered with SHARP, a world leader in consumer durables, to bring you the SHARP-QNET ZENsational Air Purifier. Equipped with the patented Plasmacluster Ion technology, this first-in-class air purifier comes with 7 smart detection modes and an integrated humidifier. Sothe air you breathe is not just pure but also humidity-regulated for enhanced comfort.  

  • Plasmacluster Ion technology kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens 
  • Integrated humidifier controls humidity for a comfortable living space 
  • HEPA filter captures all types of suspended particles, as small as 0.3 microns 
  • Dual action PANDAA filter traps harmful gases and renders them safe 
  • Effective even at 530 sqft of room space 
  • 10-year filter life and 2-year on-site warranty 

KENT-QNET SMART Alkaline Mineral RO Water purifier 

KENT-QNET SMART Alkaline Mineral RO Water purifier  retains all the natural minerals

Enjoy all the goodness of pure drinking water with Kent QNET Alkaline-Mineral RO Water Purifier. QNET India brings this product  to you in partnership with Kent, a leading brand in water purifying,  and this water purifier has a 3-stage purification process with Reverse Osmosis (RO), UV, and UF technologies. What’s more, this purifier retains all the essential natural minerals while removing dissolved impurities such as salts, lead, and arsenic.  

  • Triple purification process with RO, UV, and UF  
  • Tamper-proof RO membrane with capillaries as tiny as 0.0001 microns 
  • Unique alkaline cartridge that renders water with a pH level 8+ 
  • Convenient touch-screen display for real-time monitoring of purity and performance 
  • Fully automatic operation with service history reminder 

QNET India Presents ORITSU- Luxurious Tableware is Here to Stay 

QNET India brings you ORITSU premium porcelain tableware is intricately designed that illustrate floral, platinum and gold infused patterns for a regal dining experience. Made in Sri Lanka by DankotuwaORITSU has put Sri Lankan craftsmanship on the map. Adhering to the highest quality standards, ORITSU offers the best in terms of style, texture, attention to detail and versatility. This premium tableware has the following features   

  • Made by the finest of raw materials that are subjected through a detailed process for the best outcome and experience.  
  • 24 karat gold and pure platinum decorations (based on the specific model designs) 
  • Designed by the best European designers  
  • Hard chip, scratch-resistant and high thermal shock resistance 
  • The range is free of lead, cadmium and bone ash 

Types of ORITSU Dinnerware & Tea Sets 

ORITSU Sultan Crown:
ORITSU Sultan Crown

Embrace a royal dining experience with ORITSU’s Sultan Crown series of premium porcelain dinnerware. With an exquisite design rich in colours, we take you back in time where dining was no less than an occasion. With 24karat  gold infusion and pigmentcolour decoration, this set will subtly create a magnificent dining ambiance reserved for the elite.   

Available in a 54-piece stylish dinner set with a regal design in 24 karat gold and pigment colours.  

ORITSU Mosaic 
ORITSU Mosaic 

 Living a life filled with utmost luxury and royalty is no more a dream. Be who you are with our regal ORITSU Mosaic dinner & tea set that match your personality, ambitions and resilience. With a unique combination of vibrant pigmented colours infused to precision, you are one step away from dining like a king.  

Available in a 47-piece dinner & tea set with a vintage contemporary design.  

ORITSU Rhaya Red
Oritsu Rhaya Red

True luxury is personified with passionHandcrafted to precision, ORITSU Rhaya Red emanates elegance with undisputed class. The platinum decoration with a rich red hue expresses true craftmanship with a burst of regal touch. Designed by prominent European designers, our Rhaya Red dinner & tea set is extraordinary in every sense. 

Available in a 71-piece regal dinner & tea set with a perfect blend of platinum and bright red pigment colours.  

ORITSU Blossom 
ORITSU Blossom

Our elegant ORITSU Blossom dinner set is sure to uplift your dining experience and make it extremely memorable, every single time. With royal 24 karat gold infusions and attractive floral patterns, you are in for a treat. Brilliantly designed with vibrant pigment colours, ORITSU Blossom is incredibly stylish and exudes profound beauty.  

Available in a gorgeous 30-piece dinner set.  




Being minimalistic never felt this comfortable. Elevate your mood and style to a whole another dimension with ORITSU Glitz. With intricate 24 karat gold infusion, this stunning dinner set gives style and beauty a whole new meaning. Ideal for a royal setting, ORITSU Glitz celebrates passion with class.  

Available in a 30-piece dining set with a stylish 24 karat gold finish. 

ORITSU Platina 
ORITSU Platina

A luxurious dining experience is right around the corner. ORITSU Platina is a gorgeous dinner & tea set that spread an aura of magnificent grandeur. Highlighted platinum lines make ORITSU Platina ideal for the minimalistic mind. Be the real you with our most contemporary dining setting, ORITSU Platina.  

Available in a 47-piece dinner & tea set.  

ORITSU Mystique 
ORITSU Mystique 

With a mystical touch, ORITSU Mystique is intricately designed to ensure the best dining experience possible. With a bright palette of gold on a vibrant white porcelain body, ORITSU Mystique takes you on a journey filled with style, finesse and precision.  

Available in a 54-piece grand dinner set with 24 karat gold and exciting pigment colours.  

ORITSU Grandeur:  
ORITSU Grandeur

 ORITSU Grandeur defines glamour in the most stylish way. Offering a luxurious dining experience, ORITSU Grandeur lives up to its name. Decorated with precision-like 24 karat gold lines, this dinning set emanates luxury.  

Available in a 71-piece dinner set.   

ORITSU Euphoria:  
ORITSU Euphoria

Keeping up with name, the impeccable gold design of ORITSU Euphoria is highlighted by a rich royal blue texture to give you the dining experience of a lifetimeMade with utmost care by renowned European designers, ORITSU Euphoria celebrates triumph and style.  

Available in a 71-piece dining & tea set with 24 karat Gold infusion with vibrant Blue pigment colour.  


QNET India Health and Wellness

QNET India has a wide range of products under its health and welness category that use both cuting-edge technology and ingredients used in ayurveda.

 Nutriplus DiabaHealth – Manage Diabetes, naturally

Manage blood sugar levels naturally with Nutriplus DiabaHealth
A unique of blend of select herbs and organic ingredients that are clinically proven to help manage healthy blood sugar levels, Nutriplus DiabaHealth ensures you stay active and energetic all day while avoiding harmful effects of diabetes. Prepared with the latest Bioplantex technology for effective absorption, DiabaHealth contains active ingredients such as Kino, Gurmari, and Karela that are used extensively in Ayurveda to control blood sugar levels.  
Key ingredients in Nutriplus DiabaHealth and their benefits: 
  • KinoAn essential ingredient, it contains Epicatechin that stimulates and mimics insulin and helps reduce  sugar levels. 
  • KarelaAids cells to absorb sugar from the blood stream for enhanced metabolism.   
  • Gurmari: Enhances the production of insulin, minimizes the urge to consume sweets and manages healthy blood cholesterol levels. 
  • TulsiThis medicinal plant is known to have hypoglycaemic properties to lower blood sugar levels. 

Nutriplus DiabaHealth is 100% vegetarian with no known side effects. 

Nutriplus EDG3 – Guard your cells and boost your immunity 

EDG3, an ideal combination of essential Amino Acids

Nutriplus EDG3  is a perfect blend of amino acids that contributes to optimum health and wellness. It contains three essential amino acids – L-Cystine, Glycine and L-Glutamine that detoxify and boost your overall immunity. This combination triggers the production of Glutathione which is the master antioxidant in the body. 

Benefits include: 

  • Boosts production of Glutathione, a natural antioxidant  
  • Protects cells from damage due to free radicals, lipids, and heavy metals 
  • Promotes a strong immune system  
  • Stimulates metabolism for higher energy levels 
  • Improves skin health and vision  
  • Plays a vital role in maintaining healthy joints and flowing hair 

Nutriplus FibreFit – Essential fibres that are 100% natural and organic 

Get natural soulble fibre from Nutriplus FibreFit

Nutriplus FibreFit is an essential supplement that has a rich content of soluble fibres and is 100% natural. It helps in better digestion. The fibre in Nutriplus FibreFit is heat stable and tasteless You can add this product to any beverage or a meal of your choice without compromising on the taste.  

  • Made from Gum Acacia, a natural plant-extract and one of the richest sources of soluble fibre 
  • Acts as a prebiotic and maintains a healthy digestive system 
  • Significantly reduces bad cholesterol 
  • Has a low glycaemic index, ideal for diabetics and generally healthy for everyone 
  • Totally taste and odour less, and heat stable – can be mixed with any beverage or dish  
  • 100% natural and vegetarian 

Nutriplus Natose – natural sweetener 

Nutriplus Natose , a ntaural replacement for refined sugar

Extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant, the Natose Stevia Liquid Concentrate is an ideal replacement for refined sugar. With Natose Stevia, you can enjoy the same sweet taste in all your beverages and sweet dishes while adding zero calories. 

  • 100% natural and vegetarian  
  • No artificial flavours or sweeteners  
  • Low glycaemic index 
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels 
  • Perfect for weight management and diabetes control  

 Revitalize and strengthen your bones with Nutriplus BoneHealth

Nutriplus BoneHealth

The Nutriplus BoneHealth is the health supplement you need to get all the nutrients to maintain healthy bones. It’s full of essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc that are vital for maintaining a healthy bone density and promoting flexible bone joints. So, start taking care of your bones early without waiting for the effects to show at a later stage. 

  • Rich in Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc 
  • Zinc aids in efficient absorption of Calcium 
  • Reduces risk of Osteoporosis and other age-related wear and tear of bones 
  • Suitable for all ages  

 Healthy skin personified with Nutriplus SkinHealth 

Nutriplus SkinHealth

Enjoy the brilliance of bright and radiant skin with Nutriplus SkinHealth, the skin care supplement that repairs, nurtures, and protects your skin from the harmful effects caused by both internal and external factors. Its active ingredients – Lycopene, Wheat Germ Oil, and Vitamin E, provide a variety phytonutrients and antioxidants necessary for regeneration and repair of skin cells. UV rays, pollution, premature aging, no matter the cause, SkinHealth offers a solution for all your skin care needs.  

  • Helps in protecting skin from sunlight and UV rays damage  
  • Helps in providing antioxidants to prevent damage from free radicals  
  • High bioavailability of nutrients 

Nutriplus Celesteal Herbal Infusions – Tea that uplifts your senses

Nutriplus Celesteal

Nutriplus brings you the Celesteal range of exotic tea, a master blend of carefully picked tea, spices, flowers, and a host of aromatics for a delightful and refreshing experience. Darjeeling tea, considered one of the finest in the world, is blend with select natural ingredients such as Rose Petals from Germany, and spices from South India to create a unique herbal infusion for the tea aficionado in you.  

Celesteal tea comes in three variants – Apple Cinnamon, Rose, and Kahwa, in neat tea bags for added convenience.  

Nutriplus Celesteal Apple Cinnamon Tea
Celesteal Apple Cinnamon Tea

A rich blend of German apples, Darjeeling tea, and select Cinnamon from South India, Apple Cinnamon Tea has a soft and sweet taste with bold aroma.  

  • Improves alertness and concentration 
  • Boosts metabolism and digestion 
  • Excellent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory 
  • Instantly induces a sense of wellbeing  
 Nutriplus Celesteal Rose Tea 

Celesteal Rose Tea

Exotic Rose petals from Germany blended with the world-famous Darjeeling tea, Nutriplus Celesteal Rose Tea has a mild and delicious flavour. A subtle and sophisticated tea, Rose tea is one of the oldest flavoured tea. 

  • Excellent mood elevator with instant calming properties 
  • Rich source of Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, alkaloids, and other micronutrients 
  • Improves sleep and regulates insomnia 
  • Builds immunity and slows skin ageing 
Nutriplus Celesteal Kahwa Tea 

Enjoy the traditional Kashmiri tea - Celesteal Kahwa Tea

Inspired by the traditional Kashmiri tea by the same name, Nutriplus Celesteal Kahwa Tea is unique blend of natural green tea and finest spices including green Cardamom, Cinnamon, Bay Leaves, and Rose petals. This blend is known for its magical aroma and numerous health benefits. 

  • Ideal to beat cold weather 
  • Its rich aroma and taste infuse an immediate sense of warmth 
  • Great stress reliever 
  • Improves digestion and boosts immunity 
  • Lowers absorption of unwanted calories  

Nutriplus Celesteal Premium Blend 

A unique combination fine spices and fragrant flowers, the Nutriplus Celesteal Premium Blend comes in two variants – Revive and Renew. It comes in the form of loose tea perfect for traditional tea brewing. 

Nutriplus Celesteal Revive 

A strong blend of Cardamom, Ginger, Clove, Red Pepper, Marigold, and Lavender, Nutriplus Celesteal Revive has a unique rich taste and floral aroma. Ideal for instant revival of energy levels, this tea has many health benefits too! 

  • Helps detoxification of harmful toxins 
  • Boosts appetite  
  • Promotes sleep and aids in relaxation  
  • Instant relief with cold, cough, and flu 
Nutriplus Celesteal Renew 

A mild and subtle tea with a pleasant aroma, Nutriplus Celesteal Renew is a premium blend of green tea with Cardamom, Star Anise, Fennel, and Jasmine. Enjoy its calming effect as you relax after a day’s work.  

  • Instantly renews you with its relaxing effect 
  • Helps in reducing acidity, bloating, and indigestion 
  • Has strong anti-oxidant properties 
  • Soothing for sore throat and other infections of respiratory tract 

 A healthy lifestyle with Nutriplus ImmunHealth 

Boost your immunity naturally with Nutriplus ImmunHealth

 A strong immune system is at the heart of leading a healthy lifestyle and Nutriplus ImmunHealth is designed to give you just that. Made from organic extracts of Papaya Leaf, Aloe Vera, and Guduchi Satwa, all active ingredients in Ayurveda, this formulation naturally contains Magnesium, Copper, and Zinc Gluconate – essential building blocks of a strong immune system. 

  • Strong response to all pathogens 
  • Improves both white blood corpuscles and platelet count 
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory agent 

Nutriplus GutHealth – Build a healthy gut

Having a healthy gut tract is now easy with Nutriplus GutHealth

Your digestive tract is home to a variety of beneficial bacteria that promotes good digestion and proper absorption of vital nutrients. Nutriplus GutHealth ensures a good population such bacteria for a gut that that’s as healthy as the rest of your body.  

  • Helps in right bowel movement 
  • Maintains healthy population of beneficial bacteria 
  • Ideal in combating gas formation and other gastrointestinal conditions 
  • Known to combat everyday blues 

Nutriplus LivHealth

Nutriplus LivHealth by QNET

A healthy liver is key to great immunity and Nutriplus LivHealth is the ideal companion for your you. Choosing liver health is with LivHealth will:

  1. Regulate Blood Pressure
  2. Promote cardiovascular activities
  3. Reduce fatigue and muscle weakness
  4. Lead to better metabolism
  5. Facilitate greater immunity of the body.

Nutriplus DailyHealth

Nutriplus DailyHealth by QNET

Leading an active lifestyle is a prerequisite for a having long and full life. QNET India has brought Nutriplus DailyHealth with exactly that in mind – to give you the chance to lead the best life you want. Made from rare AFA found in Lake Klamath, Oregon, DailyHealth is the dose of wellness you need to:

  1. Stop premature ageing
  2. Reduce oxidative stress
  3. Combat long term fatigue
  4. Fight inflammations

Nutriplus DailyHealth is your single source of energy that will increase the quality of your life.

Nutriplus Qafé – Premium green coffee mix  

Nutriplus Qafé

 Green coffee beans that are unroasted to retain the natural taste is blended with freeze-dried coffee and Nutriose, a scientifically tested soluble fibre. Nutriplus Qafé has a rich aroma that leaves you refreshed and reinvigorated while a wide range of essential nutrients makes this beverage a healthy drink. It contains up to 53% of Chlorogenic acid that helps in weight management in a natural way. 

  • Unique unroasted green coffee beans 
  • Unmatched taste and aroma 
  • Numerous health benefits 
  • Helps weight management in a natural way 

 Imbibe a healthy lifestyle with Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil  

Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil

Made by cold pressing process that’s similar to producing extra virgin olive oil, Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil retains all the natural goodness and flavour of the finest coconuts freshly harvested from the fields of Kerala. No preservatives or other processing agents are added ensuring a natural scent and great taste. It is 100% natural and organic. 

  • Perfect for both skin care and hair care 
  • Stringent quality measures to ensure only the finest coconuts are use
  • Quick packaging ensures maximum freshness is retained without any preservatives 
  • Ideal substitute as a healthy cooking oil 



 Personal care is important for leading a healthy lifestyle. To increase your style quotient, it is imperative that you invest in products that enhance the way you look and present yourself 

BeYouTé Advanced Skincare 

 BeYouTé defines great skin for the modern womanIts newest range of advanced skin care products are specially made to protect your skin while providing the right kind of regime. Let’s take a look at what this range entails: 

Deep Cleansing and Purifying Gel 

Made in Switzerland, BeYouTé’s Deep Cleansing and Purifying Gel is made with patented ingredient CM-Glucan that is used in repairing and regeneration of skin. It helps in the gentle removal of dirt, while leaving the skin hydrated, supple and clean. Restoring skin’s natural balance, it is highly effective in regenerating skin with its calming and healing properties. 

 Micellar Water Soothing and Hydrating Cleanser 

Specially formulated for the face and the eye area, the all-in-one Micellar Water contains ‘micelles’ which are tiny oil particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye. With a single use, all dirt and make-up are trapped and removed, leaving the skin refreshed, gentle and thoroughly cleansed. Micellar water is alcohol-free and does not sting your skin. 

 Fortifying and Rejuvenating Toning lotion

This dual-action Fortifying and Rejuvenating Toning lotion gently cleans make-up and dirt and prepares it for follow-on skin care regime. Using lactic acid to gently exfoliate, shea butter to condition and hyaluronic acid to retain skin’s natural softness, elasticity and tone, this formula has all the properties to pamper your skin every day. 

 Revitalising & Radiant Face Serum 

Our everyday lives are hectic and often, it shows on our skin. The Revitalising & Radiant Face Serum is your go-to serum that nourishes your skin back to health. Airy and light, this serum works on your fatigued skin, restoring the lost radiance. From reducing fine lines and wrinkles to hydrating the skin deeply, this serum revives the skin’s natural plumpness, making it firm and energised, just like you prefer. 

 Lifting & Firming Eye Zone Gel 

The delicate skin around the eye needs more attention and the Lifting & Firming Eye Zone Gel is the perfect solution. Lightweight and uber-hydrating, it is specially made to look after the gentle skin around the eye. From soothing fine lines to restoring the skin’s natural glow, the gel nurtures and protects the area from inflammation, while healing and regenerating the skin. 

 Protective & Age Defence Day Cream 

Every day we expose our skin to the detrimental effects of UV rays and free radicals that create a riot in our skin, leading to damaging skin problems and early signs of ageing. The Protective & Age Defence Day Cream is the perfect antidote that helps you lock in moisture, keeps your skin deeply nourished while also protecting against UV radiation and free radicals. Use it every time before you step out in the sun and enjoy while it works its magic. For best results, use it with Restoring & Nourishing Night Cream and Lifting & Firming Eye Zone Gel. 

 Restoring & Nourishing Night Cream

Fall in love with your skin again with the Restoring & Nourishing Cream that is designed to minimise wrinkles and give back your skin elasticity. The richness and silky-smoothness of the cream has CM-Glucan and unique bio nymph peptide that work together to bolster collagen synthesis, that activates DNA repair, letting the skin revitalize overnight. Mornings will promise a totally nourished skin that is firm and supple. 

 Intense & Deep Moisturising Body Lotion

This lotion gives you gentle and beautiful skin. Laden with CM-Glucan, nurturing kukui oil and a unique hydration complex, the Intense & Deep Moisturising Body Lotion nourishes your skin deeply, elevating it to super softness. The skin soaks in the lightweight lotion easily, hydrating it completely and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

 Moisturising & Nourishing Hand Cream 

Skincare experts have developed a highly intensive care for your hands with its Moisturising & Nourishing Hand Cream. It immediately absorbs into your skin, restoring its natural moisture, leaving them supple, smooth and superbly hydrated. Battling all environmental aggressors, it is a must-have for your hands. 

Refreshing & Radiant Moisturising Mask 

The Refreshing & Radiant Moisturising Mask is a pure, crystal-clear mask that removes all settled dirt and make-up from your skin, lets your skin breathe and is ideal for fatigued skin. Leaving it on for only 10 minutes renders your skin radiant, firmer and glowing. Acting as an energiser, hydrator and toner, it protects your skin and revives skin’s natural functions of circulation, absorption of nutrients, oxygen and cell renewal. 

 QNET’s BeYouTté Argan Care- Premium Hair and Skin Oil 

BeYouTé Argan Care- Premium Hair and Skin Oil


BeYouTé Argan Care consists of 100% pure and organic certified argan oil, which is rich in vitamin E and is non greasy. Known as liquid gold in Morocco, it contains essential fatty acids, carotenoids, polyphenols and phytosterols. BeYouté Argan Care gives you healthy skin and gives your hair a shiny appearance. This also makes your skin soft and supple. 

  • Its natural composition is ideal for skin cell regeneration  
  • Acts as deep moisturiser 
  • 100% non-greasy, perfect for all-day use 
  • Protects skin and hair from UV rays, pollution, and host of external factors 
  • Light formulation for convenient topical application 

 QNET’s BioSilver 22 Gel – Advanced skin care 

QNET BioSilver 22 Gel

 Produced using the patented SilverSol technology, QNET’s BioSilver 22 Gel acts as a thorough cleanser and effective sanitiser, essential during the pandemic. This formulation is not based on alcohol or any other harsh chemical so your hands remain soft without causing skin dryness. 

  • Clean, sanitised hands without skin dryness 
  • Contains silver oxide made from patented SilverSol technology 
  • Convenient packaging for everyday portability  


Kinnari – Jewellery for Women

QNET Kinnari Carbonlokd

            QNET India’s latest addition to its already large portfolio is the Kinnari range of jewellery for women. Made for the Indian women of today, Kinnari is a beautiful collection of 5 splendid designs of necklaces and earrings. It features 14K gold jewellery sets with ‘Carbonlokd’ floating gemstones – QNET India’s out-of-the-world invisible gemstones technology which gives it a fantastic look and feel. Kinnari is quintessentially Indian and it is elegant at every step of the way.

Here are the showpieces under the Kinnari range.

Kinnari Amara

*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

Heart-shaped Amara is Kinnari’s clear carbon bombshell. The Amara is a wonderfully studded ‘floating gems’ masterpiece, fully made up of diamonds on a heart-shaped gold frame. Celebrate your love with the new Kinnari Amara.

(Pendant – 79 diamonds | Earrings – 62 diamonds)

Kinnari Kaira

Kinnari Kaira - QNET
*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

The Kaira comes in a water drop shaped gold-framed enveloping stunning diamonds which look like they are floating stars in the night sky. This one is all class and grace. Bring the Kinnari Kaira to your loved one and watch them swoon, for this is surely a one you need in your collection.

(Pendant – 21 diamonds | Earrings – 26 diamonds)

Kinnari Aabha

Kinnari Aabha - QNET
*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

Be effortlessly beautiful with the Kinnari Aabha. This gold and diamond set makes for a stylish and suave statement that can make heads turn no matter which room you walk into. The Aabha is the one you need to make you feel confident and become the go-getter.

(Pendant – 73 diamonds | Earrings – 82 diamonds)

Kinnari Keya

Kinnari Keya - QNET
*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

Oh, to be a stunning flower in a sea of leaves! The Kinnari Keya is the symbolisation of a graceful monsoon flower with its Orange sapphire floral design that can make a woman look dashing with the right hint of charm. Delve into timeless womanly beauty with the Kinnari Keya.

(Pendant – 31 Orange Sapphires | Earrings – 62 Orange Sapphires)

Kinnari Inaya

Kinnari Inaya - QNET
*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

Pink and dew drops go hand in hand as much as the Kinnari Inaya and a bonny woman. The Kinnari Inaya is a glittering set of pink coloured jewellery that can make a woman look exquisite. The Inaya is made of Pink sapphire stones neatly encased in 14K gold frames. It is a sheer thing of wondrous enchantment.

(Pendant – 224 Pink Sapphires | Earrings – 320 Pink Sapphires)



QNET’s CHAIROS Watches Conquer Your World 

 CHAIROS Signature Opus Couple  

Eternally yours 

Chairos Opus

The Opus couple watches from the CHAIROS signature series is a perfect blend of style, uncompromised design and attention to detail. Decorated by the brilliant diamond hour markers, the Opus collection is the one of undeniable beauty and elegance. Presented in a classic gold plated and stainless-steel case, get ready to be mesmerized.  

The Opus collection is water resistant up to 50 meters and comes with durable, scratch proof sapphire crystal glass. Powered by Swiss-made quartz and quality components, you are in for a treat. Make a style statement with your own CHAIROS Opus Couple watches.  

 CHAIROS Signature Cardinal  

The principle of excellence 

Chairos Cardinal

The CHAIROS Signature Cardinal watch features a Swiss made automatic movement which operates by the continuous motion of the wearer’s wrist, so that no battery nor winding is needed if worn regularly. These movements are typically more aesthetically designed compared to other movements. Adorned with the brilliance of diamond hour markers, the Cardinal timepiece is a combination of elegance and functional superiority. 

The Cardinal is shielded by a 49 mm stainless steel case and is water resistant up to 50 metres. A scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass, an intriguing black dial and stainless-steel bracelet options, add to its unrivalled class. CHAIROS Cardinal – an elegant choice for the connoisseur who believes in the cardinal principle of excellence. 


Treasure your time together 

Chairos Amore

Celebrate a sense of togetherness and love with our exclusive CHAIROS Amore couple watches. Made for the extravagant couple, our Amore series establishes style, intimacy and beauty in the highest form. Dark blue leather straps with a silver stainless steel body contribute to impeccable contrast. Featuring a Blue dial with roman numerals along with a sapphire crystal glassCHAIROS Amore is for every couple, embracing love. 

CHAIROS Florette 

Time to blossom 

Chairos Florette

   The CHAIROS Florette brings out the delicate beauty in you. Available as two variants, these watches flaunt a floral 3D printed, mother-of-pearl dial, bringing in a fresh vibe that can never go wrong. The classy slim genuine leather straps give it a polished feel and they are ideal for parties where you can brandish the beauty of it in all its glory. CHAIROS Florette celebrates the feminine side of you, while you celebrate yourself.  

CHAIROS Essenza 

Time redefined 

Chairos Essenza

Luxuriously designed, this watch is out to set your hearts on fire! Adorned by a black colour plated stainless steel bracelet and a bezel set with stunning purple stones, it is easy to lose your heart to this extravagant affair. Powered by Swiss movement with micro pushers, the CHAIROS Essenza is an accessory essential that will never go out of style.  


Make a deep impression 

Chairos Azzure

Classy is the first word that comes to your mind when you see this. A perfect watch for business meets, this one is sure to grab some serious attention. The CHAIROS Azure oozes confidence in its elegant blue dial supported by a durable stainless-steel case and classic chronograph movements.  With a two-tone, rose gold and blue plated strap, it strikes an interesting balance and is ready for office wear or an evening after work. Trust the CHAIROS Azure to let you stand out from the crowd in all its blue charm. Available both for men and women. 


Statement of beauty and grace 

Chairos Diva

The modern woman does not settle; she demands the best and gets it. The CHAIROS Diva is a fantastic watch for all those amazing women in your life. Bring in the dazzle with its suave black-grey dial that has the right balance of grace and power. The sharp stainlesssteel case with IPG yellow gold plating has its new-age charm while the alternative black premium quality genuine leather strap gives it the edge that sets it apart. The additional leather straps that come with it are handy as well. 

 CHAIROS Starlet 

Crafted for the rising star 

Chairos Starlet

You cannot ignore this watch no matter how hard you try. The circular white dial with gold plating is an absolute stunner and is sure to turn heads. The scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass complements the style quotient by adding durability. The premium quality genuine leather strap completes the look and unquestionably, this is a watch that any woman will be proud to wear. Go starlet!

CHAIROS Crusader 

Awaken the warrior in you 

Chairos Crusader

 The Crusader series by CHAIROS is for the warrior in you. Powered by automatic Japanese movement, it is designed by the very best and showcases intricate craftsmanship. The rose gold ridged bezel gives the watch its class and gives you the confidence to flaunt it. The durable and scratch proof Sapphire Crystal Glass is water-resistant up to 50 metres. It comes with the choice of a stainless steel and genuine leather strap. Wear it, own it.

CHAIROS Aquatica 

Ahead of the wave 

Chairos Aquatica

The ocean is dark and deep, just like the fabulous CHAIROS Aquatica that is well-equipped to match your active lifestyle. The dual-tone blue and rose gold plated body with an embellished dial consisting of three unique contrasting eyes is a feast for all watch lovers. All set with chronograph functionality, 50 m water resistance and a scratch-proof sapphire crystal, the CHAIROS Aquatica is a bold and progressive fashion choice that is sure to turn heads. Available in leather strap and metal bracelet.  


Time has a new style 

Chairos Exagon

 This one is for the adventurer in you. Your perfect companion, CHAIROS Exagon is for the wanderer who is up for any challenge. Curated to perfection, it makes a style statement with its rich and rugged appearance. Ideal for a man of spontaneity and class, CHAIROS Exagon brings true class to your style, every time 

Available in leather straps and metal bracelets.  

CHAIROS Alpine Neo 

Rise above the ordinary  

Chairos Alpine Neo

 Move from the traditional to the extraordinary with our new CHAIROS Alpine Neo series. With a stylish yet subtle design, it instils a sense of versatility and individuality. Inspired by the grandeur of the Swiss Alps, the CHAIROS Alpine Neo series celebrates freedom for the adventurous soul. Sporting a dual tone steel and rose gold stainless steel bracelet as well as Leather strap, our premium watches are water resistant up to 50 meters that protects its Swiss-influenced design.  

Available in leather strap and metal bracelet.  

 CHAIROS Vector 

Your classic moment 

Chairos Vector Metal Bracelet

 CHAIROS Vector gives you the power to value time and relive your classic moments. A unique, smart and stylish watch for men, it’s water proof up to 50 meters and lightweight, which makes it accessible and comfortable. With a dual tone bracelet, CHAIROS Vector watches are durable and promotes long-lasting endurance. With a strong scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass, you can exude style like no other.  

Available in attractive metal bracelet.  

 CHAIROS Latitude 

Make a big impression 

Chairos Latitude

The CHAIROS Latitude is for the man who knows to do it all – work hard and play harder. Its luxurious black stainless-steel case is ideal for formal wear, which also works like magic in everyday life. It is at once beautiful, strong and highly functional, powered by Swiss quartz movement with chronograph function. Equipped with Big Date feature and Retrograde Day movement functions, CHAIROS Latitude looks the part and plays the part too. Available in leather strap and metal bracelet. 

 CHAIROS Wizard 

Rediscover the magic in you 

Chairos Wizard

If you are looking for a watch that you can be smitten with, the CHAIROS Wizard fits the bill. It is an incredible watch with beautiful design patterns featuring a black and white dial options with applied index in Roman characters. Built to last, Wizard’s sturdy construction includes a stainless-steel case and a stainless-steel bracelet, that give it an unmatched feel of royalty. Also available with premium-quality, genuine leather strap, its durable and scratch proof sapphire crystal glass gives it a water-resistant cover up to 50 meters. 

 CHAIROS Silver Mist 

Make your time precious 

Chairos Silver Mist

Designed for the motivated men and women who aspire to lead and transform, CHAIROS Silver Mist is an instant attention-grabber. The watch is a powerhouse of efficiency and beauty – a subtle steel case and attractive blue-tone accents elevate the watch to the next level. All set with the date function and chronograph dials, this dynamic timepiece is versatile and is suitable for all occasions. It provides water resistance up to 50 metres with the help of its durable and scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass.  



If bold and chic are your thing then you need to look no further than the CHAIROS Chrono+. Available in two awesome colours – yellow and blue, the Chrono+ is not just any garden variety time piece. It gives you an otherworldly look and feel with its multi-step pattern dial and Swiss-made Ronda movement. Made complete with polka dotted straps matching the yellow or blue dials and sub-dials, the CHAIROS Chrono+ is for the bold. If ‘breaking your limits’ had a name then it would be called the Chrono+ indeed. Be bold, be the best, but most importantly, be your best self with the Chrono+ from CHAIROS.

CHAIROS Voyager Time Traveller


The world is indeed your oyster and the endeavour to explore it rightfully yours. Bringing you the CHAIROS Voyager Time Traveller – the watch which gives you more than just the time, it gives you the time of your life. Featuring a dual time zone design, the Voyager Time Traveller lets you choose from 24 different time zones so that you can be anywhere in the world and still feel at home. This rose-gold design featuring a croco-pattern genuine leather strap, bundled with Ronda movement, is exactly what you need on your worldly adventures. Live it up with the CHAIROS Voyager Time Traveller and never look back.

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At QNET India, we are passionate about coming up with world-class products in the lifestyle segment that will enhance the overall quality of life of our patrons. We believe that only those products that are among the finest and best can deliever this vision and we are constantly looking to expand our portfolio with this in a meaningful way.ndeavour. We hope that you will find many more premium products in the years to come as we seek to strengthen our relationship with our patrons in a meaningful way. We look forward to make our motto ‘Absolute Living’ a part of everyone associated with the brand QNET.

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