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QNET India Code of Ethics in Direct Selling

QNET’s Code of Ethics are part and parcel of professional marketing to ensure fair business practice. 

Find answers to questions about ethics in QNET direct selling below:

1. What does QNET do to ensure ethics in direct selling?

QNET takes active measures to ensure ethics in direct selling. When individuals sign up to become Distributors with QNET, they must read and understand important documents, including a comprehensive Policies & Procedures (P&P) document, before signing the Distributor Application Form to be contractually bound to the company. The P&P provides the guidelines for conducting business in an ethical manner. 

In addition, QNET provides a variety of marketing collateral to help the Distributor promote products with accurate information. QNET also conducts many products and professional marketing training programs to educate its Distributors, while also providing access to mentors for guidance, support and ensuring ethics in business.

2. What happens when individuals do not follow ethics in QNET direct selling?

QNET has a Zero tolerance policy for business or product misrepresentations and any such unethical practices. A well-established Network Compliance Department (NCD) monitors network behaviour. It conducts a thorough investigation of all complaints against individual independent representatives.

The investigation leads to disciplinary actions, and they can include issuing show-cause notices to accused distributors to defend the complaints or charges levelled against them. In the event of a failure to defend the levied charges, it may lead to suspension or termination of the distributor.

3. Is it ethical for a Distributor to consider the QNET direct selling opportunity as “get-rich-quick” or an investment scheme?

QNET direct selling opportunity is not a “get-rich-quick” or an investment scheme. It is an opportunity for enterprising individuals to start a direct selling business by promoting QNET products. It requires individuals to dedicate time and effort to establish their businesses.

So, it is unethical, and QNET admonishes individuals for associating it with “get-rich-quick” or promoting QNET business as an investment scheme.

4. Are QNET Distributors obliged to pay taxes?

QNET ensures compliance with local laws and regulations. All QNET India Distributors are bound by the laws, rules and regulations of India. It is their obligation to pay any taxes or levies, as required by local laws.

5. How does QNET control the activities of the sales representatives?

It is important to note that QNET Distributors are not “sales representatives” or employees of the company. They are individual representatives responsible for running their own businesses.

While QNET provides individuals with the freedom to be their own boss, it also ensures that the Distributors comply with local laws and regulations. A strong code of ethics governs all network behaviour to ensure that Distributors conduct their business in an ethical manner.

6. What are the most important prerequisites for an individual before filling the QNET distributor application form?

According to Clause 4 of QNET’s Policies and Procedures, for an individual to become a QNET Distributor, they must be 21 years old or above. The second prerequisite is that they must have a referrer. The referrer is usually the individual responsible for introducing the business to them.

A QNET Distributor ethically presenting the QNET direct selling opportunity

7. How can a QNET Distributor ensure that there is no misinformation conveyed while explaining the Compensation Plan?

When Distributors explain QNET’s Compensation Plan, they need to ensure that they do not make false claims. The Distributors need to clearly mention the annual expenditures and gross income the individual can earn through product sales. In addition, they have to ensure that the prospect understands the method used for calculating the commissions on a weekly, monthly basis, etc.

QNET Distributors must ensure that the prospects are aware of the time and effort the business would require. They further need to explain the risks involved in the business. These basic practices are essential to convey relevant information about the compensation plan in an ethical manner.

8. How can a Distributor promote QNET products ethically?

QNET provides comprehensive information and multiple marketing materials to educate Distributors. The Distributors need to be thorough in understanding features and all the relevant information about the products.

While a hard sell is beneficial for the business, making false statements about the products is condemnable. So, the Distributors need to ensure that they provide accurate information to prevent misinformation or misselling.

QNET Distributors are further advised not to pressurise anybody to buy the products. As a ground rule, the Distributor should share the business orientation presentation and also allow the prospect breathing time to go through the QNET India corporate website and official blog, so that s/he can ask relevant questions and clear his doubts, if any.

9. Are QNET Distributors free to determine the price of the products?

No, QNET Distributors are not free to determine the price of QNET India products.

QNET customers buy the products directly from the company’s portal. Distributors do not “sell” the products in the traditional manner. They promote products and their benefits before the final purchase is made. Distributors receive sales incentives (Commissions) in accordance with the compensation plan.

To reiterate, Distributors cannot influence the pricing of the products in any manner.

10. Who is responsible for resolving customer issues when there are problems, QNET or the Distributors?

QNET takes responsibility for any product or service-related grievances. It has a multilingual customer contact centre that deals with customer grievances through phone and email.

QNET Global Support Centre (GSC) is an accredited world-class contact centre tasked with the priority of living up to the promise of providing consistent first-class customer support and quality services to all QNET customers.

For grievances, a Distributor can write an email to [email protected]

11. What happens when a customer purchases a product without being educated about its value and wants to return it?

QNET has a product refund policy (Money Buy-back guarantee) that enables a customer to return the products within a period of 30 days. So, any customer who is unsatisfied with the product purchase, with justified reasons, can contact QNET with the refund request.

12. Can an individual have more than one Distributor account?

No, an individual can have only one Distributor account. According to Clause 4.04 or Multiple Online Distributor Application Forms in QNET’s Policies and Procedures – individuals with more than one account are accountable to appropriate penalties. This includes termination of the second and/or subsequent accounts without prior notice.

13. What happens when a Distributor makes publicly adverse or abusive statements against QNET?

QNET welcomes feedback and acknowledges its power to bring change. It has proper channels to enable Distributors to report any dubious situations where they have been mistreated or cheated in the business.

However, publicly humiliating an entity for unresolved issues without the right intentions and breaking P&P Clause 6.14 Obligation to the Company is condemnable. Additionally, it also violates QNET’s social media policy.

QNET advises Distributors to use their professional judgment before making negative or abusive statements to prevent penalties and strict action.

14. What to do when an individual is mistreated or comes across a dubious situation in the business?

Under such circumstances, Distributors must immediately report the situation. They can call or email, as per the following details:

A young woman answering a call at QNET’s Global Support Centre

India Support Centre: +91 888 063 2532

India Support Centre Email: [email protected]

Grievance Email: [email protected]

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